Sunday, May 11, 2014

Getting back to square one

Training has been a little iffy since the 70.3 incident.

How iffy exactly?
Well it has been a perpetual cycling of sick--> get better --> resume training --> sick (repeat!)

Here's a brief run through my week by week account:

First week post DNF

I took 5 days totally off on a stronger antibiotics and as I was getting a bit too intimate with the Ventolin inhaler, was simultaneously put on Prednisolone as well.
The day I completed those 5 days of medication, I felt awesome enough to head out for a moderately distanced ride.
But unfortunately the very next day I was sick again....(and somewhat stupidly forced myself to go for a 5km run still. Yes I can be "smart" that way)

Second week post DNF

2 days later felt better and tried getting in some training time on the bike trainer. 30 minutes was definitely better than zero.
As I didn't feel any worse than yesterday, sneaked in another hour on the trainer the next day.
Yeah...I figured I was on my way to recovery this time around. doubt about it.

I fell ill the next day.

It was really starting to test my patience.
And for someone who has very little to begin with....that wasn't such good news.

Took a couple of days of just work-eat-sleep-repeat-throw-in-a-MC-day-in-between.

I was worried to return to training.
Going through the cycle again was very frustrating.
Then again, it's not like I have a choice.
So back on the trainer I went.

Third week post DNF

Initially got myself pedaling not more than an hour per session on the trainer and forcing myself to get to bed by 9pm.
3 consecutive days of such.
Didn't fall sick.
Decided to throw in a 5.30am pre-work morning run. nose was blocked for the entire 8km but it felt alright.

I figured it was time to get outdoors for a ride again.
This time around, 93km to Cyberjaya and Sepang through MEX highway.
The next day...a 2000m swim then later that day a short 6km run.
I think I'm getting back on track. I felt like I was on a roll!!!!
But to be sure, I took the following day off to rest.

Then ta-daa....I woke up feverish that Sunday and had to call off the pre-planned long ride. But towards the evening I was feeling better and extremely guilty for not being able to do my long it was 2 hours on the trainer pedaling to no where fast.

Fourth week post DNF

....and THIS past far (I'm trying my darnest not to jinx it) things have been going well for me.
I managed to do what I had planned to do (minus the swim as every time I planned a swim sesh, that evening itself there would be a heavy downpour. I figured God must not want me to swim much) and I was religiously getting myself to sleep before 10pm on most days (I got to bed as early as 8pm twice).

And by Sunday (as in RIGHT NOW), I managed a feeble (but considering the shit I've been through, then this IS pretty EPIC!) 9.5 hours of accumulated training this week.

Best of fever, no sorethroat, no blocked airways, no nothing....!

Of course I'm hoping for more EPIC training weeks to come and fingers are perpetually kept crossed to ensure no more sick days.

I'm going to be a little ambitious and try to get my training hours to 13 this coming week.
Despite my mini bold statement I just made above, my real main aim is to stay ill-free and injury-free as long as I can.

But to be on the safe side....I restocked my paracetamols, just in case.



Sue's Ramblings said...

Aiyah why neber say you wanna run in morning?!?! Could have join ya :)

Cornelius said...

I must have missed a couple of your posts, but why the near-obsession rush for such bulk training? Is there a gigantic race for you on the horizon? Are you going for another one of those ultra trail races?