Monday, January 14, 2013

Who doesn't love tapering!?

I kinda have this love-hate relationship with tapering.

Oh don't get me wrong.
I love the fact that I NEED to workout less, eat and rest more.
It's like for once, I'm "normal" and mirror the majority of the Malaysian population......(the population that made us the fattest nation in this continent...good job, people!)
But couple the fact of less calorie deficit with relatively higher calorie intake (relativity, people....relativity!!!), it doesn't really take a genius to figure that the scale ain't gonna show results in your favour.

And I hate seeing the scale budge upwards.
(Me and every other female out there....with real or perceived extra blubber)

So that basically describes me at the moment.
I know I need to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of all my workouts (starting from last week) because I'm starting to develop signs and symptoms of overtraining (damn the higher resting heart rate, the irritability, the excessive fatigue and the crappy sleep.....well, you have been warned!) and I don't want to get to HK100's starting line, feeling like the truck just ran over me and dragged me across town.
I've been cross training with swim and bike.....(although I'm not too sure if that was a wise move considering the people I cycle with constantly crave hills and speed), trying to rest more.....cut down the  stair climbing and work a little more with strength and core (I still hate planks)....and to stretch out my freakin tight gastrocnemius to prevent issues with the plantar fascia.

Mostly....I don't wanna feel like how I felt before Sundown 100 couple of years back....worn out and tired.
And frankly, I'd like to be able to sleep well for the next couple of days....but seeing how I've been sleeping (or not sleeping) for the past 3 weeks, I'm kinda worried.

Anyway....I honestly can't believe that race day is so close at hand.

It is like...THIS bloody weekend!!!!!

Part of me is like...OMG, FINALLY!!....and another part of me is like...OMG, this is so F*@KED UP!!!! (yeah...ambivalence...theme of my freakin life)
I'm trying hard to prep myself up with loads of overtly perky and positive vibes.....which I'm damn hoping will pull me through this weekend.

In terms of preparedness.....well, I'm still the procrastination queen and I've yet to get my shit together.
Mentally...I have the list of things that I should be packing and bringing.
But physically....the clothes are still in the closet....somewhere..... shoes are still being hung outside after wash since MR25....
.....I'm sure I have some disposable raincoats....somewhere.....and I must remember that the walking stick is at the back of my car.
(I swear I have to get everything packed and done with by Wednesday....not that I have a choice since I'm flying off Thursday)

Sigh....GAWD.....I need a freakin personal assistant to assist in these sorta shit!!!!!

Oh....on a more happy's my birthday week next week!!!! (yes I'm that special I need a whole bloody week)
Here's hoping I survive HK100 and return for shit loads of cakes, partying and calories!!!!

Ok. I've said my shit.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Omigod...izzit 2013 already!?!?!?!

I remembered a couple of weeks ago, someone was telling me that I didn't really need to update my blog anymore coz as of the last week of December 2012, the world would end and therefore there will be no one left post apocalypse to read my blog postings.

Good point.

After all.....I've been staring at the template for my write up about Penang Bridge Marathon for quite a while without knowing exactly what to write....except for the fact that I was hugely regretting for agreeing to run that race and swearing profanities that I'd never do it again in 2013.

......of course it also dawned on me that I've completed that race on the basis that I paid for it and I will bloody hell get my finisher's T on my own credit.

Then I figured that I should at least blog about my Osaka race before some  catastrophe wipes out the entire human race so someone somewhere would have read it before heading off to meet the Maker.

Of course that didn't quite happen either as I also sat staring at the computer screen while the words to describe the euphoria that is running in Japan failed to come forth. Damn you, writer's block!!!!

My last attempt to spruce up the blog with one last posting before the world voids itself of computers and technology (coz I'm sure post-apocalypse, there won't be actual electricity to run any computers....unless the great powers of the world have been secretly prepping for such a day and have a secret underground lab somewhere fully functional to revive the great homosapien species) by attempting to blog about my Broga ride event.....which my quads till this very day have yet to fully recover from.....but I'm sure you'd know how that blogging attempt went down....

And now I wake up.....its about a week into 2013....and I'm half certain for sure that the Doomsday preppers were sorta wrong....and I figured that I better post my 2 cents worth.....

......and reflect back on the year that was 2012.

I didn't exactly have any significant enlightenment in 2012.....besides the fact that I still crave endorphins and I still don't like the numbers on the scale budging upwards.
(don't bother asking me what my 2013 resolutions are.....I haven't gotten the time to get that done yet...aside from losing weight, which by the way since its a yearly goal which never transpire, making it less of a resolution but more of a reminder)

I'll always remember 2012 as the year I discovered Bikram Yoga.....and the fact that I can withstand quite a fair amount of heat.
After some con-job shit that happened with True Fitness/Bikram Yoga.....I was left in a lurch and found myself crawling back to my old haunt that was endurance sport.
Yea sure I can't run or bike any faster than I did a year ago.....but the fact that I still crave it amazes me to no end....coz I was the sort of person that falls in and out of love with these sorta novelties.

2012 was also the year I discovered trail running.
And I'd like to attribute this to the fact that I signed up for TMBT 50km.
(which somehow led me to believe that I could conquer any hill or mountain and that led me to signing up for HK100 which, by the way is 2 weeks from today)
I'm....erm....also signed up for TMBT 100km for 2013.....perhaps the Mayans were wrong and the world would end in December THIS year instead....I'd like to go meet my Maker with another 100km race under the belt.

I figured it would be a great conversation starter (not to mention bragging rights) when I find myself in heaven/purgatory/hell (pick one that is appropriate when the world ends). Eternity is a very long time, after all......

Oooh.....I almost forgot....2012 was the year that I finally upgraded Tobias for Dylan!!!!
Don't get me wrong...I still am very much in love with Tobias. They say it's something you'd always feel for your first love. But Dylan.....*palpitation*......he's all carbon and Ultegra group set that makes you wanna go faster for longer.....even though my legs aren't built for faster or longer on bike.

Y'know....I'm sure there were a lot more things that happened in 2012 that were rather significant but on this lazy Sunday is just not coming to mind....(kinda like me and my blog postings about Penang Bridge/Osaka/Broga events)

.....but on the upside, when it does pop up in my fickle least then I'd have something to blog about.

In the meantime....happy new year (albeit a bit late...but better late then never!) and happy birthday month to me!!!!!! (yes...I'm that "special" that I need a whole month and not just a freakin day)