Thursday, November 22, 2012

Updates!!!! (coz I can't really think of a better title for a blog post)

4 days post Penang Bridge Marathon and here I am...supposedly going through my packing last minute in hopes of not forgetting some essential stuff that I should have already packed.

My flight to Osaka is approximately 4.5 hours from now.
Ideally...I should be moving my lazy arse out the door soon.

But then who said life was ideal!?!?!

You know what I hate the most about oversea travel?
The fact that I can't seem to shake off the feeling that I have forgotten to pack something...something crucial....something that I would remember what it is by the time I step foot at the airport.

Perhaps its just me....but I get this feeling every single time just prior to leaving for the airport.

I'm not exactly ready to run Osaka Marathon....but then neither was I ready for Penang Bridge Marathon or for Powerman.
So....guess its the usual scraping it though again for me!

But on the good side....I'm kinda looking forward to being in Japan.
First time is always the charm.
And it has been quite a while since I last ran an out of Malaysia marathon......(mind you, Singapore does not count...neither does East Malaysia)

My aim for this entire trip!?
To not get a cold (coz as always, I underpacked) sufficient Japanese cuisine to make me sick of it for the next couple of months (I'm sure Daryl will be happy if that ever happens) injury free (bloody patello-femoral joint syndrome!!)....camwhore at every opportunity (but not to exceed the limit as to break some camera's lens)....not to overspend (I still have yet to purchase a new camera which I am hoping to get prior to HK100).....and most importantly....not gain weight when I return (must remain at "ultra" weight)!!!

Alright alright....
Promise to blog about Penang Bridge Marathon when I return.....but in the mean time....lazy arse needs to get herself moving out the door!!!

* A little self prep in the self-confidence department.....


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Powerman 2012 - 4th November 2012

* Before I start....I'd like to thank all the photogs that day and from whom I leeched the below photos from.....thank you, Tey-da-man, Mac, Vivian, Nurina, Kahwai, Stupe, Joe and Nik!!!! I INSTAGRAM-ed it...coz y''s kinda my obsession at the moment......

I swore to myself I was gonna do whatever it takes to not cramp again on the bike leg.

But here I was, not even 10km into my first round in the cycle leg and I was perched at the side of the road stretching out my cramped right gastrocnemius.
A barrage of profanities flooded every functioning brain cells but no matter how much I cursed audibly, I was stuck and I could not get my right foot out of the momentarily fixed plantarflexed position.
Damn you, contracted muscle fibres....damn you!!!!!

As I stretched....plenty of familiar faces whizzed past me and my bike.....and I can't help but reflect on Powerman 2011.
This was getting slightly too familiar for comfort.
....and I knew exactly what I did wrong...again!!!!!

Yes...I started the run too fast.

I did the same shit last year.
Well...can't exactly blame myself on that.
I was desperate to meet the cut off timing of 5 hours last year.
And I knew Tobias ain't the sprinting sort of a I needed to amped it up in the first run.
Then I cramped.

This year....same shit, different location.

But the whole damn thing boiled down to one fact....that I feared not making the new 5:30 cut off timing.

The race began with a lot of anxiety....and not to mentioned that I was working until 10pm the night before....(let's just say I'm thankful SUKIPT and all those game coverages are over for now)

The first loop of the first run leg started with both my lower limbs feeling very heavy and depressed.
I was tired and the negative side of me kept on bugging me that I did not put in enough training.

* My cycling coach.....and we are NOT gonna address him as Mr. Anonymous anymore....

Slogged on and told myself to stick those negative thoughts up somewhere else and just focus on getting my arse on my bike.

So I ran.
* First loop of first run...thanks Mac for this awesome pic!

And completed that bloody 11km (more or less) in 1:05.

I was not even on my bike and I was already tired from running.
Fucked up!!! I had 64km cycling on the hell could I be tired!?!?! The race was not even half way done!!!

But I needed to have some sort of insurance on my timing by doing the first run leg fast and at least the first round of the cycle leg fast....(or at least in my mind, fast enough)

I got on Dylan (my new-found love, by the way) and started pedaling away.
(funny story being that I couldn't really locate him initially.....but prolly for a different blog post sorta funny story)

I felt slight twitching at my right calve at the beginning but ignored and continued..... was exactly like last year.....

And then I cramped!!!!!
I swore...I really wanted to cry at that point.

* Almost wanted to keel over from climbing all those steep courtesy of Mac!

All those days of training this exact same Powerman Putrajaya loop, all those days of upping my risk of developing melanoma and hastening the turning of my skin into resembling some vintage leather handbag......and in the end, here I the side of the road....cramping.

(side note, I would like to thank Pat for stopping and holding Dylan while I silently scream in agony trying to stretch out my right calve....)

I stretched. And stretched.
And then a little bit more stretching for good measure.
The pain lessened.

I got back on Dylan.....shifted to lighter gears......and kept on spinning.
Exactly like last year.....

I kept on pedaling.
It was not like I was gonna give up.
I can't.
I won't.
I overcame the cramps last'll be exactly the same THIS year around as well.
I am the master of my own freakin destiny!!!!!!

Kept on pedaling.

Kept on with the lighter gears.

And next thing I know.....first cycling round done....2nd round to go.....and I just needed to complete the 2nd loop of cycling before 11am.
I'd have enough time for the 11km run before the cut off time of 5:30 at 12.30pm.

2nd loop sucked big time......I was tired....I was hungry.....and I regretted not chugging down another energy gel earlier on.
The only saving grace at that time was that the weather was very mild and merciful.
Yes...God did have mercy on me and every other person who forgot their sunscreen.

The hills never get easier no matter how many times I've done that same loop.
In fact they seemed more menacing when you're tired and hungry and dying for it to be over.

Kept on pedaling.

Glanced on my watch and had the best news of the day thus far!!!!!
I was 10km away from transition and it was only 10.10am!!!!
I was gonna have ample amount of time for the 2nd run leg.
So happy I could almost (ALMOST!!!) do a wheelie on Dylan....
So happy that I could totally ignore the stupid inclination at PICC.
So happy that I could totally ignore my lower back discomfort.
So happy that I could totally ignore the fact that I really could do with some solid food....and THAT (considering this is after all, ME!) was really saying something!!!

You get the point.

Got back to transition and out of it by 10.40am.


I could walk the entire 11km and still finish within cut off time.

Of course, with that sort of mind set, the body kinda tricked itself into not actually running.
Yes...I cramped again.
*shakes head in resignation*

Yes...flashback of last year's event again.
This whole reminiscent business was getting kinda annoying.

* 2nd loop of 2nd run.....pic courtesy of Kahwai!

So walk-run the entire way instead.
I was glad I was able to walk-run the entire 11km with KC.
I always reckon the company was the deal breaker of how fun your race was gonna be.
And with KC.....I had a great run!!!!

* Thanks KC for the run!!!! I thought this pic was absolutely EPIC!!!!! Thanks Vivian for this shot!

We finished in 5:10.
Not too shabby, I reckoned.

But just for comparison sake....I'd like to state that I PREFER RACING IN MANJUNG!!!!
For one....I loved the road trip.
And another...the cycling route really was flat....aside the really tiny incline that was 2 bridges.

* Yes....pic leeched off!!! :)

* Picture from Nik's iPhone.....brilliant job guys!!!!

Which totally justified the increment in qualifying time for this year's race in Putrajaya....coz it was serious tough-shit this year around.

And for those who drafted and skipped a loop here and there.....well, shame on you and time to brush up on your English and also time to preserve the limited amount of functioning brain cells left between your ears. The brochure did say no drafting and 2 loops each of run-bike-run.
All together now....OH MY ENGLISH!!!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have finally arrived at the end of the tunnel...and I have indeed found LIGHT!!!!!!

Yup....finally finished my 2 months duration slogging it out on shift system at Casualty Department.
Gosh...the sleep deprivation was horrible!!!
Add on the constraints of the fact that I usually do have a sleep issue....I was shit tired....all the freakin time!!!!

Anyway....I'm extremely thankful that no one died while under my least not that I'm aware of.

And since the last time I blogged, I had since....zombied my way through Putrajaya Night Marathon....dwelled too much on Powerman way too sunburnt (and probably developed a few carcinogenic cells somewhere in my epidermis/dermis)....gotten too active on Instagram....gotten too lazy on Facebook....upgraded my bike (and subsequently fell in love).....and ultimately decided that I have afterall made the right decision by doing Sports Medicine instead of something more life Emergency Medicine.

Anyway.....will be updating more on everything that have been happening....once I get over the remaining sleep debt.