Thursday, July 19, 2012


About 2 weeks since the last blog post.


I swear I was busy.
I'm just not too sure what about.
But seriously I was so caught up with some shit and other related nonsense.

Anyway I think since the last post, I've had:

- raced Ipoh International Half Marathon
- raced PD sprint tri...then the OD edition the very next day
- sprained right ankle (again) and now hopping around in funky patterned Rocktape
- supported my very first race at Shape and Men's Health Night Run (which I swear was way better than actually running it!)
- ran Bukit Kiara a couple of times and decided that I needed to either increase training or lose weight to actually making it through at TMBT alive....(make a random guess where I sprained the ankle)
- had a few episodes of hypomania which were under control and several bouts of fury at absolutely everything and then nothing at all
- ostracized a few people who for some unknown reason even to myself, was starting to annoy the hell outta me...
- suddenly decided that I needed a holiday and booked air tix on a whim to Indonesia to hike a mountain and then to supposedly sunbathe at the seaside
- bought a 50% off trail shoe of an unknown brand (at least to me) and fell in love with it
- bought a pair of Brooks Pure Flow and hated every single step in fact I hated it so much it deserves a whole 'hate-post' followed by a 'here-please-take-it-and-get-it-far-far-away-as-possible-from-me-and-yes-I-am-giving-it-away-for-free' thing.

See....I did tell you that I was busy (I'm sure there would be a more appropriate word for whatever shit that I'm going through but at this very moment, 'life' was as accurate as it can get!)

Anyway...I better get back to packing.
I'm flying off tomorrow.
So don't expect to be hearing from me until next month!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

EFS (Electrolyte Fuel System) Liquid Shot by First Endurance

I'm not sure about you....but has anyone heard of this sports supplementation brand by the name of First Endurance?

If me....would probably have not heard about it until very recently.
How recent?

Well.....say, Standard Chartered KL Marathon.
And all because it was being promoted via Tadonamo Tri group on Facebook.

You can actually skip all the reading of whatever I have to say to check it out for yourself by clicking HERE....

.....or bear with me and read on.

Before going any further....let us just begin with some minor introductions.

First Endurance was started by 2 racing fanatics (you gotta love the sport that much!), a cyclist and a triathlete who had quite a healthy dosage of obsession for sports nutrition.
Their idea was a simple one indeed. Give endurance athletes an access to a formulas that was developed for maximizing endurance performance.
In a nutshell, they aim to provide you with an ergogenic aid that you'd be 100% satisfied with.
(although not much mention about money-back guarantee.....I'm just saying....)

So...what are their product line-up!?

Click HERE for all the stuff available to get you up one notch above your competition.

What I'm actually interested to talk about today is actually their product called the EFS Liquid Shot.
(frankly I only like doing product reviews that I've actually had a chance to be given a go at)

I had a chance to try it during the 42km at SCKLM.

EFS Liquid Shot is like your regular energy gels....except it comes in an easy-to-hold bottle (130ml size) and its roughly equivalent to 4 packets of your regular-run-of-the-mill gels.

It contains 400 calories in total and provide about 1500mg of electrolytes (which I'm sure comes in pretty damn handy on a freakishly hot race day).....and it boasts 1000mg worth of muscle-aiding amino acids (a blend of Glutamine, Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine).

If you wonder how it fares compared to your usual energy gels...

1 bottle of EFS Liquid Shot.....(keep in mind, a whole bottle is equivalent to 4 packets of gels!)
- 400 calories
- 100g total carbohydrate
- 150mg calcium
- 120mg magnesium
- 400mg sodium
- 290mg potassium
- 600mg chloride

And...wait for is CAFFEINE-FREE!
(very important for those who are unable to tolerate caffeine on race day...unless they plan to spent the race being at the porta-potty having a tummy upset)

How about the other gels!?
Click HERE for a fantastic comparison review by

How much do I like it?


First things first.....aesthetic wise....I LOVE the bottle.
It's cute and it fits great in your palm.
I like the squirt cap.
I also like the fact that its 4 gels in a bottle.....which eliminates my need to stuff packets and packets of whatever-gels into my running skirt or SPI belt.
And I like that I can take small mouthfuls of it at regular intervals (ie whenever I want an excuse to walk) as oppose to a whole packet of gel at one go.

What I don't like?
Erm...I don't like the taste of it.
Actually not really....the taste is fine....
I got the Vanilla flavour for testing and it actually taste like muted peanut butter.
It is the AFTERTASTE that I don't quite fancy.
Ok...maybe it's just me.
But the aftertaste was like minty cough mixture.
In fact it left a rather peculiar feel in my mouth after taking it.

But I realized that a squirt of it with a gulp of plain water was the way to go.
Once I settled the weird after taste's kinda alright.

Oh...and I don't like the fact that it gave me gas.
(I should think that using it with your regular long distance training should get your GI system accustomed to the opposed to using it for the first time on race day...ahem)

Does it work?
Well....I didn't get cramps.....(even without my salt tablets)
I wasn't hungry......and if you've run long distances with me before, you'd know hunger is my major downfall! did give me the energy I needed to tough it out the last 12km.....the dreaded end....despite no caffeine in it.
(ok...I admit that I did have a gulp or two of Coke during the last 6km of the race)

Would I give it another go next race?


I did say that I LOVE the bottle....and the fact that I wasn't hungry throughout the 5 hours 13 minutes that I was on my feet.
Perhaps next time around, I'd try another flavour.

Ok....cost wise...a bottle (like the one I tried) cost rm24.
And considering that it is 4 packets of is kinda worth it.

Where to get it?
Click HERE for more info.
Or HERE for their Facebook page.

I know leave you with a cam-whoring picture of me and the cute EFS bottle.....