Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ms. Elsa does burlesque......

Ms. Elsa is getting hitch soon!!!!!

Well....I've known her since I was 14.....and although that was 16 years still feels like it was just yesterday.
Yea yea yea....I'm not that young anymore, but of course feel free to indulge in my delusional state of (young) mind! Thank you.

Anyway...Sheokee organized a burlesque dance Hen's Night (actually more like Hen's Evening).....somewhere along Heritage Row.

So at 4.30pm...I found myself in the middle of the city center, illegally parked and frantically calling people for direction to this place.

It's called 'Red Ribbon Days'....and we were booked for a burlesque dance session for an hour-ish.
I'm sure it'll come in pretty handy on someone's honeymoon!!!

The instructor (I kinda forgot her name), all dressed up in fishnets, hotpants, sports bra and super-duper high heels that will intimidate any straight man within a 50 meter radius, made me feel extremely over-dressed.

We were taught the dance moves to half a never-heard-before Christina Aguilera song.....(we only got to just before the chorus....) which was less Dita Von Teese and more lap-dance-for-dummies.

So it was move shoulders....swing neck....arch back....straight leg up....arse in the air.....y'know, that sorta thing.

Anyway if sexy was my thing, then I'd say I've just found my new calling.
Unfortunately the nearest thing to sexy I'd ever get is singing along to Britney Spears, circa "I'm a Slave 4u" era...prior to the head shaving, pubic hair exposing, dangerous driving Britney.
I kinda miss that Britney.

I have a lot more photos (a tad bit blur on iPhone) but I don't think I'm allowed to post them on this blog.
So here are the more reader friendly ones.


* Ms. Elsa doing her pose.....

* Acrobatic acts, perhaps?!?

* Fun with the boa feathers...

* Class in session

* Yours truly....Unaizah.....Elsa.....16 freakin years!!!!!

* Those years of yoga practice paying off!?!?!?! I better go work on my core now....

Anyway it was good fun.....we had a good laugh.....and I discovered that I was still kinda flexible....which reminds me I have to go work on my tight hamstrings!!

Thanks again to Sheokee for organizing the whole shindig.

Congratulations Elsa on the upcoming wedding.
See ya at the reception!!!!!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kenyir Lake Triathlon - 25th March 2012

What a weekend!!!!

This year....I didn't have to drive all the way up North by myself.....well, at least not all the way.
Thankfully....Mr. Anonymous drove most of it....especially since he deemed my driving as "dangerous" and very "female".

Oh least " dangerous female" gets to enjoy the view while someone else frets about overtaking the really slow tanker in the front.

We took the coastal road up...which took us a whole lot longer than the alternative trunk road.
The whole journey took us almost 8 hours.
It is amazing I didn't incur any sacral sores at the end of the trip.

* Thanks to Yap for the picture of my dirty car. Gosh I LOVE this car....the memories of all the adventures I've had with 'em.

I was still praying for rain on race day......but I bet someone else prayed a whole lot harder than I did...coz it was bright and sunny that morning.

Photo-log, before the race started....

* Tobias all set at transition....

* Photo thanks to Tey-da-man......
At body marking......yay to participant 610!!!

* With Eldred.....first OD....totally kicked my perky behind!!!!

* With Yimmy (first tri!!!!) and Henry....

* With super-gal Hsing Ling.....

* With Mr. Anonymous......who's competing in the Terengganu Closed Category.....

* Ready to test out the water.....and to pee....but pretend you didn't read the micturition part.
* Photo by TK and A-bou.....camwhoring at the lake

The race started right on time...8am.
Stayed at the back.....(coz I always do and I figured better not to break tradition)
Breaststroked all the way.
(I'm sorry to all those I've kicked......and I forgive those who kicked me back.....)
I really like swimming in the lake as compared to the sea.
The lingering taste of sea water on my tongue....erm, well....I just don't like it despite having many trials of open water swimming.

The swim was 2 loops of 750m (or less....most likely less) in the lake.

I got blocked many I guess next time, I'd swim more to the edge of all the other swimmers....
The second loop was easier.....I guess that's because everyone was more spaced out and the faster swimmers were already on their bikes.

Got out of water....glanced at my watch...39 minutes. Slower than last year.
Oh well....

Got to always most bikes around me were already gone.

This time around, took my time with the socks and the sunnies, helmut and gloves....stuff the energy gels into back pocket of tri suit.
Honestly, no point trying to rush through transition at this race.....especially since I already planned to be pushing Tobias up the steep hills.

Pushed Tobias out from T1.....rode for about 500m.....and then pushed up first steep slope.
(thankfully I wasn't the only idiot who pushed!!!!)

After that....was a steep downhill....and rode up the second hill with the momentum I gained downhill.

Honestly....I thought the turnaround was a bit too quick.
Perhaps the cycling leg was a tad under-distanced.
(but then someone said it was exactly 40km.....)

It started to get really really warm and sunny during the ride back to transition.

And I knew the worst was beckoning......the long, steep hill climb before entering the resort area.
And lo and behold....the hill loomed into view.
....the never ending steepness......
....the bunch of cyclists pushing their (much lighter) bikes up that hill in front of me.....
Could I cycle up even if I'm on my lightest gears?!?!

Well...I wasn't very keen to find out.
And since misery loves company....I got off Tobias and pushed....along with the 5-6 people ahead of me.

Walking up that steepness was hard work.....let alone walking up and pushing Tobias at the same time.
Definitely no fun.

And out of no where, came Yimmy, pedaling furiously up the hill.
Woah......way to go Pooky!!!!!
Tobias hung his head in shame.....but I pretended not to see it and kept on pushing.

The rest of the way until transition was alright.

I can't wait to start my run leg and get myself outta this sun!!!

At transition, told Tobias to be good....grab the camera....and off I went.

Photo-log for the run leg:

* Ran into Yimmy.....donning his sarong. He was kinda tired from cycling up those hills (don't blame him) so got him to pose for the camera.

* Desperate for cold water.....was thankful to see many water stations.....(but only ONE with isotonic)

* Finally caught up with Malcolm (who overtooked me earlier on on the bike leg)....apparently he fell while climbing one of the many hills towards the later parts of the bike leg. Superficial wounds over the shoulder, elbow and knee.

* Bump into Woon.....met his at this very race, exactly one year ago!!!!
How time flies!!!!!

* The sun was blazing....the heat was unbearable.....but funny enough, the run felt easier than it did last year and I didn't feel that beaten up!
And of course, despite the crappy external factors of race that I can't control....camwhoring is a definitely must!!!!

* Thanks to Yap for this lovely photo as we ran past the with Woon, Yimmy and yours truly.

* With Yimmy and Yap.....

Did the most logical thing during the run the downhills and the non inclines....walk every perceived hill.
Running past the dam was really special. The view was fantastic and it also meant that we were almost done with the race!

* Of course this picture does the view no justice......

* The heat was really slowing us down.

I was still plenty ahead of last year's timing......and I figured I could do with a walk with the boys.....and get them to run every now and then.
Despite the heat and the profuse sweating.....I'm very thankful that I didn't cramp.

Since we ran/walked most of the supposed 10km distance together....we decided we'd finish the race together as well.
So slogged along until we saw the finish line.

I feeling ever running together to the finish line!!!!

* We're done!!!

Crossed the line.....
I forgot to pause my watch.
But according to Yimmy....we completed in 3:38.
Way better than my last year's 3:55!!!!!
....and I still got to push Tobias.

Great job to Yap and Yimmy!!!!
(especially enduring my talking of nonsense part.....)

* Mr. Anonymous ended up with 2nd place in the Terengganu Close category!
(which was actually a mistake...he got 3rd place.....long story)

* Alp and Yvonne....

* Mr. Anonymous and his (initial) prize....
At least I know who'd be buying dinner later that night.....

* Winnie got 7th placing......great job!!!! I'm also expecting a BBQ at her place after Lent!

* My sunscreen absolutely failed at doing its job.....I ended up with a mighty obvious tan line.....
(thankfully it's kinda fading at the time of blogging)

* The view from my room at Kenyir Lake Resort.......
My advice is to go early....and get a really good room before the crowd comes....
Or come really really late....get a crap room....complaint to front, a 101 times.....and get yourself upgraded from Garden View to Lake View room.
Erm....guess which category we fell in?

Anyway since I was kinda stressed out with studying and shit.....decided it would be great to take a day off on Monday to sorta chill.
So....we ended up at Cherating beach....again.
The sea was pretty rough on Monday it was mostly relaxing at the (tiny!!!) pool and killing time lying on the hammock, feeling the sea breeze caressing my super (ouch) sunburnt face.

* No...I wasn't very keen to return to work the next day.....

Now...back to reality....and some skin peeling.

What were you saying about the pathophysiology of tendon healing?!?!?!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Updates and what-nots

Recalling a dinner over free pizza with Daryl (due to vouchers, not because he paid...and I knew you were thinking it!!!!), the discussion about Gen-Y population turned to bloggers, blogging and making some quick buck from it....or at least scoring a freebie or two.

Oh.....Gen-Y, according to anyone below the age of 30 at current time of blogging.
And since I perpetually feel like I'm 18...I guess I'm it as well!

Anyway.....he suggested I should try and make some money outta this blog.
Or at least try to get some freebies.....(coz all my friends know I LOVE free stuff!!!).

I reckon I don't do enough product review about running shoes (Jamie Pang...this means YOU!) or any other running related/unrelated products or services (Tri Stupe...this means YOU!), so ain't no jack ass with sufficiently developed cerebral matter will pick me to review products....or throw over a freebie or two for review.

I did do some personal review on items such as the yonkers ago.....but I bought it out of curiosity and just wanted people to know how I truly feel about it.
Nope...didn't even get a discount.
(I LOVE it....but if you'd really need to give the zipper area a wash after every run to prevent dried sweat salt from clogging up the me on that!)

I also blogged about running skirts in hopes that it'll bump up sales for Choi....and hopefully making the trend go viral (almost there!!!) so I won't be the only idiot in them at any event!!

But to make proper money......
Hmm....thats a thought.

Daryl mentioned about some website for some company based in the States that pays bloggers to do some product review write up....
Sounds good.....except the fact that if I dislike a product....I take it like God-given mission to spread the word AGAINST it. Not quite what the company was hoping for.

How about Google ads?
Well....I know I have one un-strategically places somewhere on this blog.....and I honestly (swear to God) believe no one with half a functioning mind would ever click on it.
And don't even get me started on nuffnang.

Daryl concluded that I need to start doing some product review of sorts on this blog on a more regular basis if I ever want to score any freebies for review in the near future.
And spruce up the entire concept of the blog....
And update all my pictures since it was quite a while back that my hair was short.
And try to be more focus in blog postings....
And try to cut down on the nonsense....
And get a better camera to produce better quality photos....

Gosh that sounds like such hard labour.

I concluded that I was quite happy being blissfully ignorant that my blog will not at this moment....or any time in the near future (or forever, come to think of it), will ever be a source of pocket money.
This was not that sort of blog.
(this is a blog that talks about nonsense and it does so very consistently!!!)
Unfortunate but I guess I can accept this cruel fate of the blogosphere world.

Photo-log from Tuesday's ride in Putrajaya:

* I wanted to go look at the monument that has the Malaysian history printed on it....
(I kinda forgot what exactly it was called)

* The guards didn't let me cycle up the monument....I managed to sneak Tobias in anyway...

* Oh that happens to be Mini-uncle's new Kuota.....I can't quite remember what is that bike's current name....seems to be changing time to time...

* Mini-uncle aka Warren......he was thankful that I didn't get both of us killed during the ride.
I doubt he's gonna ride with me any time soon.....
And I bet the uncles are snickering at the thought of me riding......
And I do not want anyone mentioning about the police car incident either!!!!!

* Ooh...the monument!

* I tried searching for the most monumental and historical year in Malaysian history......
Nope...could not find the year that I was born....sigh.

* Erm.....better view?!?!?

* Bear with me...but I figured the view would be a whole lot better if I was in it!!!!!

Anyhoo....finally finish packing for Kenyir tri and will be heading up North tomorrow with Tobias.
Kinda dreading the 6 hour car drive.
And still praying for rain.

Oh....and Daryl...I did do as you suggested...and update some of the pictures on the blog.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dang I got sunburnt...again!!!!

Kenyir Tri is exactly one week away.

Yeah I should be an absolute recluse and studying away in my locked room but honestly, that'll only make me miserable, depressed and I'll prolly sleep the entire weekend away.

Therefore I'm heading up to for the tri.

Heck, I ain't looking forward to the 6-7 hour drive up North.
But I am looking forward to a weekend away from my books.

And I'm probably the ONLY person out there praying very hard for a repeat continuous rainfall during the event.
(coz I LOVE rain!!!!! And because I'm too prone to sunburn despite the excessive slathering of SPF130 suncreen!!!!)

Anyway I did get sunburn again during yesterday's cycling around Putrajaya.
I blame the Retin-A which I am currently using in my perpetual battle against acne (and you'd think it was a teenage problem, right?!) causing photosensitivity.
And it was a hot day!!!!

On the good side, manage to catch the 4th Annual Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta as we cycled through.

So enjoy the pics as I go slather on more aloe vera gel to sooth my burnt skin......sigh.
(please please please let it pour at Kenyir next Sunday!!!!)

* The 4th Annual Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012!

* Colourful balloons....

* Mr. Anonymous.....

* Too many people....we had to get down and push our bikes....or risk running into some stray children running amok.

* Loads of people milling around......

* We weren't the only cyclists there....plenty stop by for picture taking and enjoying the festivities.

* I wanna be UP THERE!!!!

* The coolest hot air balloon so far!

* That looks amazingly fun......(and less tiring than cycling up hills!)

* Didn't know there was a river cruise at Putrajaya.....

* finger....

* Many others stopped at the was a good view for photo taking, I guess....

* I guess ain't no bugger gonna steal Tobias or the Ex-wife.


I better get back to studying.
Exam tomorrow.

And dammit it better rain!!!!