Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have finally arrived at the end of the tunnel...and I have indeed found LIGHT!!!!!!

Yup....finally finished my 2 months duration slogging it out on shift system at Casualty Department.
Gosh...the sleep deprivation was horrible!!!
Add on the constraints of the fact that I usually do have a sleep issue....I was shit tired....all the freakin time!!!!

Anyway....I'm extremely thankful that no one died while under my least not that I'm aware of.

And since the last time I blogged, I had since....zombied my way through Putrajaya Night Marathon....dwelled too much on Powerman way too sunburnt (and probably developed a few carcinogenic cells somewhere in my epidermis/dermis)....gotten too active on Instagram....gotten too lazy on Facebook....upgraded my bike (and subsequently fell in love).....and ultimately decided that I have afterall made the right decision by doing Sports Medicine instead of something more life Emergency Medicine.

Anyway.....will be updating more on everything that have been happening....once I get over the remaining sleep debt.




Sue's Ramblings said...

Welcome back!

Grace Lim-Clark said...


Anonymous said...

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