Monday, October 31, 2011


Hold your horses.......!!!!

I'm still alive and kicking.

Back from East Malaysia and a little bummed out that my one week hiatus from week had finally come to an end yesterday.
But I am glad to report that I'm 100% refreshed and ready to take on work and studies.....well, sort of.

Anyway, will be posting about the Climbathon, the tri and the what-nots in between......soon.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Putrajaya Night Marathon - 15th October 2011

Do you like hills?!?!?!
And what do you do when faced with one?!?!?!

Are the sort of runner who salivates and falls in love each time you see a daunting, steep inclined hill right in front of you......?
Or are you the sort who shivers and involuntarily tail goes between legs sort of runner when you face with one.......?
Or....are you the odd few who when face with a daunting task of getting oneself up the hill, smiles with glee and joy and proclaims, "YES!!!! A hill!!! Time to walk!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!"...??

Well.....if you have yet to discover yourself about how you feel in regards to hills, you should definitely run the Putrajaya Night Marathon.
6 hours of pure hill-intervention to let you discover your inner strength/disability/oddity when it comes to the dreaded "H" word.

Anyway.....this was the race that I was suppose to run with Hazel and Amelia, and rock a 7 hour 42km.
Yes I know the cut off is 6 hours.
Did I also mention before that my colleagues from the Sports Med unit were the medical coverage for this race?
They made me solemnly promise that I'd return before 6 hours so that they could go home on time.
I also solemnly pledged to hitch a ride on the ambulance if anything were to happen and I could not finish within 6 hours....(God forbid that would EVER happen!)

So.....there weren't a lot of people doing the full marathon.
Felt just like in BIM.
The numbers were small. It's usually the who's who in our local running scene (or rather people on my Facebook who were hardcore runners) that were gathering in the holding pen for full category. Everyone else was running a half or a 10k.

My nose was still blocked.
I had popped a non-sedative antihistamine prior to departure to Putrajaya.
So far it was only semi-effective.

Disclaimer: All photos are taken from the albums of Tey-da-man, Ah Weng, Hazel, Bobby, CP Tan, Daryl, ChooiWan and Foo's wife.

* Weng Woo and I pre race.

* EeWey, Amelia, Hazel, James and yours truly

* Self pose as thought by Mo-maniac....Amelia, Uncle Gary and Hazel....with Hazel's camera!

* Group photo

* Maybel and I in our bright yellow Nike shirt. Congratulations on Maybel's 3rd placing!

* Karen, Amelia, Yimmy, Foo and ME!

I started way behind.
With Hazel and Uncle Oliver.
We were the last few.

Then Jeff showed up. He had just ran the TNF100 duo with Frank earlier today and decided to join forces with the crazy duo Yimmy and Karen who did the same race, to run another marathon within 24 hours.
(they were doing it for a good cause.....but despite that, they didn't manage to win the prize for their charity. It was kinda a huge bummer for all of us)

Jeff was having a slight fever just before the race started and was going slower than his usual self.
I guess he was also feeling the effects of running too much in a day.

Anyway Hazel and I had fun while it lasted.....for like.....3km.....then I felt very bad, and Hazel told me not to feel bad...and told me to zoom off and do my usual pace.....which I did, and the feeling bad kinda went away after 5km or so......
Finally caught up with the mid pack of the full marathoners.

Water station was every 3km, which was almost to the dot in distance...(according to my Garmin).
First water station with isotonic, the next without....and repeat.

Caught up with Choi and Weng Woo.....ran with them for most of the first half of the race.
Chatted and laughed about absolute nonsense which made the distance go by a lot faster than say, by myself.

I sorta tore away after the half way distance........well, I can't remember why.
I guess I needed to fill my hydration bag and they ran off ahead.
(btw, I carried the hydration bag as an emergency kit. In it, aside from water, I had my phone to call in case I had bronchoconstriction and needed to be wheeled off in an ambulance for an emergency whatever.....and vaseline for terrible chafing.....and power gels/GU chomps/ camera/iPod and some deep heat rub. You never know....)

Then hills started...well.....I can't remember when there wasn't much of an incline anywhere throughout the race.
So it was present throughout.
It was up...and down....and up....and down.....repeated repeatedly....for 42km.

Somewhere in between 21km and the finishing line, I ran/walked with Karen....Chin Ann.....EeWey.....James.....Michelle (first marathon ever!!!!).

Every time I'm faced with the prospect of climbing another dreaded hill....I go into power walking mode.
And after every uphill there is an expected pleasant drop of a downhill which I gladly run.
So the entire race was like the downhills and flats.....walk the uphills....repeat.

At around 26-28km, running was becoming a chore.
I discovered that my iPod battery is flat....(totally my fault....but let's not delve in my own mistakes any longer).....and thankfully I still had the brains to fully charge my iPhone which became my source of music, comfort and company through the lonely, dark stretches of the highways of Putrajaya.
Honestly, I wasn't sleepy at all through the entire 42km.
Either I'm now crap at having spontaneous sleep....or that 2x caffeine from my GU gel was really really strong!!!!!

We finally have a turnaround at 31km.......and that was the only stretch where you can see the runners running back.
This really was a one-loop route.....I kinda like routes like that as compared to out-and-back sort.
Paul was there cheering us on at 33th kilometer....where he offered me half a can of Coke. Bless that man's soul!!!!

At around 36km, I started having cramps at my gastronemius...bilaterally.
Thankfully it was pretty mild that walking made it go away.
By that time, I was running 3 lamp posts and walking 2.
(it keeps me focus and gives me something to count)

By 38km, I have blisters at both balls of my feet.
It was such reminiscence of my Sundown 100km where I had blisters at the same spot.
Each step was a painful memory of the ultra.
Except it wasn't that annoying when there weren't any of those park goers looking all happy and cheery at East Coast Park when you're suffering and drawing everything you've got from an empty tank inside.
This was better.

The last 2km......I wanted so much to run.
But the blisters were so painful.
I wanted to walk faster.
But the pain was limiting.
I trudged on.
Occasionally so, a runner overtakes me.......running from what I'd say, would be the coming of the second wind.
I just wish my blisters would popped so I could start running.
I felt like I still had it in me to run.
After was only 2km left.

But trudged on I did.
1km more to go.
I'm gonna run.....
Damn it hurts so much!!! Damn you blisters!!!!! Damn you!!!!!!
Ok...I'll walk.
I'm already getting there.
I can't yet see the crowd....but I can hear the music.
I'm still very wide awake.
I'm still very much in pain.
Trudge on.

I can now see the crowd.
Probably about 500m more to go.
I can't let a photo of myself be taken while walking.
I have to run.
My epidermis may be thick....but my ego liked being its original size.
I forced myself to shuffle.
Slow jog.....tell myself the pain is least for photo-op.
Shuffling progressed into a slow jog.

The music became louder.
The cheers became more vivid.
The runners around are running faster.
Everyone wants to cross the finishing line faster and get this stupid race done and over with.

I pick up pace.
I promise my feet that I'll popped the bloody blisters once I get home.
Flashes of lights from cameras all around.
I cross the finish line.
Pressed the Garmin.....recorded 5:51.

I made it!!!!
Big pat on the back.......woohoo!!!!

* Not even 10km in....still smiley!

* Last few hundred meters to go....

* Completed!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

* With ChooiWan....she got 17th placing and I was 20th!!!!

* With Maybel.....3rd placing, female veteran!

So finally....I've answered the question regarding my hill-question.
I walk it!!!!!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

I survived!!!!!

Good news: I survived the 42km at Putrajaya Night Marathon!!!!!!!
Bad news: I'm stuck with chafings at the usual suspected areas and two huge blisters on the balls of both feet. Sigh.

Good news: I brought my camera for camwhoring and my iPod to keep me company through the lonely stretches after a certain kilometer.
Bad news: Camera battery died (despite charging it today!!!!) and so did my iPod battery (ok I deserved this coz I last charged it last week....but thankfully my iPhone was fully charged and songs aplenty)

Good news: I made it in 5:51 (self timed) and got 20th position, which I was told would receive some cash prize.
Bad news: When I made my way to the tent to collect my prize, they had already close shop and there was no one to be found!!!! (luckily I met someone who told me to email him and get this sorted out)

Good news: I didn't feel sleepy thanks to my already existing sleep problems, during the entire race!
Bad news: I'm still very wide awake.

Good news...bad news....whatever.

BTW.....congratulations to Yimmy and Karen aka 'the running momma' for completing TNF 100 duo earlier today and completing this marathon in pretty decent timing as well!!!!! You made us all inspired and proud......(and probably marked you two off as a little nutty)


Friday, October 14, 2011

Brain seriously going AWOL!!!!

After several listless nights and many more early awakenings in the mornings, I seriously reckon that I am either extremely stressed out......or I need more meds.
Or it really needs to rain. LIke drizzle-the-whole-day-kinda-resemble-gloomy-England-sorta rain....coz it's so warm that I wake up soaked in own sweat!!!

Now on to some bad news.....

I honestly don't think I'm ready for this weekend's marathon both physically and mentally, and am prepared to DNF.......
I can't even believe I'm saying this before Saturday even pops around.
But I guess that is to the extend of what my mental state is about this race at the moment.
(although you'd never catch me proclaiming DNF-ing any other time.....not out loud anyway!)

I feel exhausted.
My nose is still blocked.
My fever has since bade farewell and I am no longer coughing.
But malaise never felt this bad until it really hits you.
And gosh it really hit me hard!!!!

And I can barely muster a proper run....not that I really attempted it.
And not since last Sunday's miserable attempt of a 10km.

Feeling sorry for myself?

DNF-ing at Putrajaya Night Marathon?
Most probably.

Gonna attempt 42km anyway?

At least I tried.
At least I started.
At least I've gotten a picture of myself at the race....(I've noticed my camwhoring behaviour is getting a tad out of control these days) least I got to do that I've promise I'd with Hazel and Amelia.
(or rather at this very point, power walk with Hazel and Amelia)

Anyway......I'm gonna rest-in until Saturday rolls in.
At least that is what I say now.

I'm itching to get back to training.....
I'm dying to get back to swim-bike-run.....which ever that is more convenient or that my body and mind is allowing me to do....(at the moment, none of the above)
I'm dying to do something...ANYTHING!!?!?!?!?!
.....and I realized that I just sounded like a crack addict on withdrawal.

Damn the endorphin-addiction.

Brain: C'mon c'mon.....we need endorphins!!!! Get your arse out there!!!!!
Body: No can do. We're tired and we're resting.
Brain: NO!!!!!!! You only rest when it's like......apocalypse is approaching!!!!!
Body: this point, we're pretty much IN apocalypse....
Brain: But we need endorphins!!!!
Body: Try a double fudge sundae instead.......

Sigh.....if only the body and brain could agree for once.

I'm still hoping for good weather for a swim later.
*please please please God, give me good weather!!!!!*


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So I've figured out why my last Sunday's run was such a disappointment.

At least I felt the reason why after returning home from Jeff's wedding dinner.....with a sore throat, impending fever and persistently blocked nose.

Woke up on a glorious Monday (an oxymoron) to find myself in full blown fever, unable to breathe through nose and taste buds not working.
Managed a half day through work with the aid of Paracetamols and plenty of non sedative antihistamines.
At least my taste buds could still identify the Listerine which I consistently gurgle as I truly believe it helps the sore throat.

The malaise feeling was overwhelming.
The same exhaustive feeling when I tried running uphill on Sunday.

Also it was very disappointing to discover that the health care system for staff at the University Hospital sucked.
It made me miss my nuthouse a whole lot more.

Anyway, after loading my immune-challenged system with enough medication, I met up with my 'Subang Lake Runner' buddies (yes......have not used that term in quite a while) for a short swim.
( it was more of a play in the pool for kids sorta swim)

I think I managed like 500m and spent the remaining time doing absolutely nothing and feeling weightless in the pool.
I swear the short swim helped unblocked my nose.
(it's either that or the stupid antihistamines are finally working!!!!) from sampling some weak coffee at this new coffee place at Tropicana City Mall with Sumeet, just before the onset of upper respiratory tract infection.

* Mbuji.....apparently pronounced as "boo-jee". I can't quite remember what it meant in whatever language it was supposed to be.
I noticed it a couple of weeks back when I last visited Runnerz Circle to pick up some Gu Chomps. know me and lattes and I really wanted to try this place out.

* The place was suppose to resemble some African hut......or something along those lines.
Actually it was pretty cosy and I kinda like the set up......however....

* The food was disappointing.
Perhaps I should have ordered something else other than dessert.
The brownie and ice cream was a tad dry and my absolutely brilliant photo taking skills with my iPhone managed to make the topping ice cream looked absolutely humongous!
It made me really miss the brownie at The Hungry Hog.

* With Sumeet. I think she didn't quite like her truffle either.

* My latte smelled brilliant. But it was rather watered down.
Let's put it this way.....if I need to add the sugar into the latte, in my humble point of view, the latte sucks.
And I had to add the sugar in to save it from not being finished.

* Sumeet had the hot chocolate. Being a friend of hers for the past 10 years, I helped myself to it. It was weak and I honestly felt that a strong version of mamak Milo would have tasted so much better (and cheaper).
For good hot chocolate at a decent price, I absolutely recommend The Departure Lounge at Updown Damansara or Coffee Ritual at Section 14.

What I would give to be able to taste good coffee and some moist brownies at this very moment.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Desaru Tri - 24th September 2011


I know I procrastinate a lot but 2 weeks post race for the write up is a definite first for me.

Anyway we'll do it photo-log style coz I can hardly remember much of anything, let alone the pain and the sunburn. All I have as memories now are the photos....and pesky multi-tone tan lines.

Here it goes:

Travelled down with Rupert and David.
Terence, Bryan and Winnie were running late due to plane delays and car issues. Very long story and I'd rather not talk about it.
(I think they'd rather not talk about it either coz I'm sure it was rather trying at that very moment)

Bumped into like....EVERYBODY!!!!!!
After a while, races are kinda like weddings and funerals. You met anyone and everyone at the same venue.

I wasn't really paying attention to Uncle Chan's briefing.
I gathered that if something happens on race day.....then......oh well, it was God's plan to begin with and no point arguing with Him.
Besides......if I get lost on the bike route, I can always pray I took the shorter distance route so save my lady bits from more unnecessary torture.

* Ellya and Syerol......whom by the way promised me that I'd get one of those shirts they are sporting. I may be feather-brained at times....but I remember things like 'the shirt'!!!

* Pictures courtesy of Cyn.
At the briefing, totally not paying attention to what Uncle Chan was saying.
I think he mentioned something about no drafting.
But then again, I ain't fast enough to draft ANYBODY!!!!!!
Again...pointless information.

The Friday also turned out to be Nik's birthday.
(I rather not reveal her age but if you really wanna guess, I guess there's always the age group category since she was top 10 in hers.......*hint*)

By the way, she had like...the coolest birthday cake ever!!!!
No one was in the mood for cake so it was extra carbo-loading for me.

* The gang finally arrived!!!!! With Winnie.

* Agnes and Terence.......we're all singing a rather off-tune birthday song.

* Agnes, Bryan, Winnie, Nik (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!) and yours truly.

Terence was fantastic in letting me bunk with the gang.
I know....I'm pathetic. I'm gonna be 30 in 3 months and I still enjoy asking for favours such as free accommodations.

* Heading for body marking early in the morning.
Picture courtesy of Winnie.

I was told that my number didn't hit the jackpot for the next day's lottery.
How disappointing. Thankfully no money was wasted in trying.

* Terence, yours truly and Bryan posting with the huge-arse poster before breakfast, post body marking.
Picture courtesy of Winnie.

* Obligatory picture with a very anxious Tobias. Picture courtesy of Agnes.
I'm super pasty white due to extra sunscreen all over.
I'm too young to look like vintage leather handbag.....even if its Prada.
* Picture courtesy of Henry Wong. Everyone's ready for the swim leg.

* Picture courtesy of Grace.

The swim was pretty cool!!!
The waves were more suitable for body surfing than it was for swimming.
It really felt like being in a washing machine.
It was UP.....then DOWN.....then UP....then DOWN......then my breakfast regurgitated up my oesophagus. Thankfully no vomitus was produced in the process.
Swim one round of 1000m.....head to the down a stretch and back into the sea for another 1000m.
The run on the beach was the worst part of the whole entire swim.

* Picture courtesy of KeyPower International.

After the swim, I could barely run.
I walked into transition, took a leak at the showers and headed off to find an eager but yet fearful Tobias (yes I'm transferring my feelings onto my bike....but please be reminded this is my blog after all).
Half the bikes were off from T1.
Oh least Tobias ain't the ONLY bike left on the rack.
For that, I'm very grateful.

The bike route wasn't as hilly as I'd anticipated.
But it was on and on and on and on........

I'm glad to report that I didn't stop (aside from the turnaround to fill my water bottles) to drink. Yup...I can finally drink on the fly now!!!!!
(it is a huge achievement for me, mind you)

The first loop I felt fine.
That was 46km.

The second loop.......I kinda fell apart.
I just wanted it to finish.
I just wanted to get off my bike.
My lower back started to hurt.
My lady bits...well, it was hurting since goodness knows when but I was just aiming to see the turnaround so I could get off the bike and stretch a little.

And the sun.....gosh who the hell turn up the thermostat!?!?!
The heat and the glare was unrelenting.
Each turnaround I poured water all over my head to cool down.
I really needed that.
No race is worth frying my brain cells for.

I was ecstatic when I found out I only had 5 more kilometers until I can chuck Tobias and hit the road.

T2 was fast for me.
I didn't have clip shoes and I was already in my runners.
Just pop off my helmut, the gloves and don my cap and off I go!

....except, I just could not quite run.
I was tired....exhausted......and terribly hot!!!!!
(not physically but temperature wise, although I'd like to think physically I was kinda hot too. Again, it's my blog and I can be as delusional as I want to!)

* Picture courtesy of A-bou. Just started my run and felt as empty physically as a crushed can of Diet Coke.

Bumped into Cynthia and started walking/running with her.
In the end it was more walking than running.....which then I shoo-ed Cynthia off coz I was merely walking ONLY!

* Picture again courtesy of A-bou. I have loads of pictures thanks to her!

After Cynthia ran off, I continued to walk.
I was tired, my hands were started to swell......probably body on the hyponatraemic side as water stations only gave out plain H2O, my feet hurts and morality was on the low end.

Thankfully......Rupert came around post-race and give support on his bike.....and I had Eugene and Sky Tung for company.
In the end, completed crossed the finish line with the 2 boys.
Happiest moment ever!!!!!! (at least until I showered where I screamed like a little girl when the chafing got the better of me.....oh hang on, I AM a little girl!)

* Cross finish line with Eugene and Sky. Picture thanks to Agnes.

* With Rupert. Picture courtesy of Agnes.
My cycling sifu had been of great help! Thanks for the isotonic drink and the humour.

* With Sofian...his last local race before being shipped off to Qatar (did I get the correct middle east country?!?!?!)
Picture courtesy of Tip.

* Picture courtesy of Cyn.

* Very tired and exhausted.
Picture courtesy of Agnes......with my ultra training buddy, David!!!! Good job dude!!!!
We were trying to draft each other during the ride but failed miserably........

* Winnie had issues with her bike and Terence followed her the entire way.
Picture from Winnie's album.
Thanks to Winnie and Terence for the tri support (in fact, any race support) as always.

* Picture from Winnie's album. With Eliza....who's scaling back on her tri races.

* With Bryan, Sofian, Terence, Nik and Winnie. Picture from Winnie's album.

* I LOVE this picture. A finisher congratulating another finisher. Nik and I gathering our bikes.
And Tobias looks really good here!!! Picture courtesy of Nik.

In a nutshell, I WOULD do this all over again.

I WOULD endure the pain, the exhaustion, the sunburn, the annoyance, the emotional lability and mostly the camaraderie all over again.
It has been a great experience and I would not give it up for anything in the world......except maybe several trillion USDs in the bank account.
( can always dream)

It is done.
I've blogged about it.
One more thing off my to-do list.


Dejected & Deflated

Thankfully it's not my upper body protrusions that the deflation is about.
(although come to think of it, they are kinda getting there....)

....but it's my run, most unfortunately.


After yesterday's super short tri simulation with Cyn and Rupert, I was keen to run a 20km this get my long run for the past 2 weeks, and also to break in the Launch just a little bit before the marathon next Saturday night.

I was amazed that I was able to spring out of bed at 5am this morning but true to yours truly fashion, I arrived at Bukit Aman car park just in the nick of time before the group left without me.
I do have a thing for being just on time....(or in my dad's opinion, perpetually unpunctual and LATE!)

I felt good. I felt ready. I felt itching to run.

....that is until I started running.

My legs felt quads felt mind, already in mutiny.

Unlike in the words of Charice, "My heart beats louder, speaks louder than my head" (btw, I LOVE that song), this just wasn't the case.

My heart wants the legs to keep moving.
It wants to feel the rhythm.
It wants to pump hard, with passion, with vigor, with life!!

My body however wants to go for brunch and my head was all in agreement for some good coffee and a nap.

I told Lawrence and Carol that I could not go on.
I was gonna turn back.
It was the most self-disappointing thing I've ever done.
To give up.

But I didn't want to walk all the way to Hartamas. Mostly I didn't want to hold back the two of them as they were waiting for me.
I reached 5km, in run walk (still mostly run) fashion.....told them I'd be fine, turn around and headed back to the car park in run walk (mostly walk) fashion, trying my best to not feel like shit.

* Dear Jamie Pang....I'm still better at the scrunchy face look! :)

Unfortunately in these kinda situation, feeling like shit is a given.
And to see more runners heading in opposite direction towards Hartamas was so heartbreaking.
I could feel my eyes welling up with warm tears.
Tried my freakin darnest to hold 'em back.
Turned to the usual technique of feeling greeting other runners with a smile.

I hated having to walk while others run past me in the opposite direction.
I hated having t0 tell others why I'm walking back alone (which reminds me I should also stop asking that question myself).
I hated myself for walking, to be honest.
But the body just would not cooperate.
The legs and the mind had already decided that today was gonna be a rest day.
.....which then got me really pissed off coz they could have decided that the night before so I could have slept in this morning instead!!!!!!!

But no......they had me fooled when I got up at 5am, all pumped up mentally and ready to hit the pavement, only for them to decide so 1km into the run.

Ok....fine......maybe I do need another week more of rest.
I've been resting since Desaru ended.
My tan lines are gradually starting to fade, which usually I take as a point in which I start training again. a nutshell, I've been punked by my own body and mind.
(sucks even more when there was no Ashton Kutcher in the picture)

Oh well....but on the good side, I found out that my favourite brunch place in Uptown Damansara opens really really early (8am).

* The world's BEST latte.....and they (The Departure Lounge) have all the travel books you could ever want. I'm already thinking and pseudo-planning my end of the month holiday to Kota Kinabalu and Miri!!!!

Oh yea.....before I forget....I have committed myself to racing Miri Triathlon.
Thankfully it's only an OD distance and since it's part of my holiday (like how the Climbathon is), I don't have to worry about doing crap timing....(everyone is allowed to do crap timing during holidays)

And I'll get around to blogging about Desaru after my nap.


Friday, October 7, 2011

A little late for TGIT....

Good news!!!

Exam is postponed!!!!

Which means I can bum around a little bit longer and procrastinate a wee bit more before getting into deep shit situation again.
(I's a terrible cycle to be stuck in...but for some reason, I'm not that keen to escape)

Anyway.....realized rather late last night that today marks the start of the Putrajaya Night Marathon race kit collection which ends this Sunday.
So thank goodness for Friday super long lunch break!!!

Bump into a few familiar faces, collected race kit for myself and 3 others....donated my complimentary Powerbar to some dude hanging around the Powerbar stall hoping for free sample......and bought myself a new pair of Brooks Launch.

Yes I LOVE Brooks shoes.

My last Launch keeled over just in the nick of time of crossing the finishing line at Desaru.

My Green Silence was an absolute we'll not talk about it.

My NB Trail Minimus....well, I'm not used to it for a 42km yet.

And I was ensured (pacified, actually...since I really really wanted a pair of Pure Connect which they couldn't sell to me) that this Launch was the same exact one like my deceased yellow pair (R.I.P.) and thus I would have no issues (I hope) getting it ready for Putrajaya Night Marathon. be honest, my colleagues from work were the ones who reminded me that the race is next week.
(btw.....our sports medicine unit is covering this race. I'm constantly reminded to finish running by 6 hours which is the official cut off time so that the team can go home sooner)

I am not prepared for it.
(or at least I'm not prepared for the 6 hour and less finishing)

Furthermore, none of my running shoes are prepared for a full marathon distance.
So that somewhat justified my buying the Launch.

Really pretty colour too, although I really miss that striking yellow of my old pair.

Anyway......this is pretty much a photo-log sorta posting.

* Pretty empty when I got to the OCM building. The staff were very eager to get me my race kits and three of them working on it stat! I am liking the efficiency.

* I gather that I'm one of the first few people who has collected. There were still piles and piles of race kits all over.

* The boys were all too happy for a photo op!!!! Love that sorta attitude!!!!

* See what I mean?!?!?!?! Empty.......
Probably can even hear the pin drop. Ok that is a little exaggerating.

* There were quite a lot of stuff to see compared to the usual race kit collection at OCM.

* Collected for Alexis, Maybel and Terence...

* Bumped into the all famous Jamie Pang, showing me (all green with envy) his new Brooks Pure Connect shoes.......I am this close to hating this dude.

* Pinn......who works for Brooks.

* Don't mind me...I'm in my work clothes.

* Bumped into Yen Erl as well!!! This is becoming quite a gathering!!!!

* Managed to persuade her to buy a pair of Brooks Launch as well. I should have considered a job in sales marketing......

* Our brand new shoes!!!! Love the smell right outta the brand new shoe box.

* Please.......don't call out my name on race day. I'm officially Ms BrainGoneAWOL!!!!

Can't wait to get some action in my brand new shoes tomorrow.
Yes yes...Desaru tri write up. Soon soon!!!!!