Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shape & Men's Health Night Run - 30th July 2011

I realized it's been already another year considering I'm doing this race again...exactly one week after PD tri.....exactly like the year before.....

Anyway, out of habit...I found myself registered for this race again.

However no one else thought it was of any point to be running this race because of the usual issues......too pricey a registration fee, too far away (Putrajaya as always), limited finisher's medal, worthless goodie cetera, et cetera.
(I could go on.....but honestly I feel it is rather pointless to list the perceived faults one by one)

Well....considering that I've already did my 10km run earlier that Saturday....I'd consider the race as a fun run....take loads of photos....and just have fun!!!!
I figured that if I run it easy enough, I could still wake up the next morning for a slow 20km with the usual suspects.

Got there....and bumped into the usuals as well......

Honestly, after a'll keep seeing the same runners popping up at the same races that you've signed for.
There's no escaping that fact.
(kinda like...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em sorta mentality....)

* Carol who is suppose to be still rehabbing her injured ankle.....and Yimmy all dolled up in pink.....which by the way was the colour of the moment, if you didn't already know.

* With KA-in-skirt.....and after having lost quite a substantial amount of weight that made me so green with envy that I was kinda resembling spinach, announced that his size 2 running skirt was a tad too loose for him now!!!!
Oh the envy......

* Karen with her 'Run for Orang Asli' charity. She was selling the 'Run for Orang Asli' bib for Rm15. All proceeds goes to her Orang Asli Fund.....
(I'm sensing another Orang Asli trail run brewing in the near future.....)

* ......and since I missed out on the last trail run with the indigenous, the least I could do was support her cause by purchasing the bib.

* Yusran and Nik.......sometimes I feel chatting with Nik fuels both our crazy antics. Currently she's talking me into going for Miri Triathlon.....not that I needed much convincing......
Oh well....let's just say THAT plan in the works at the moment.

* Gotta love the MJ girls....Marlin and Shanaz

* I absolutely LOVED the outfits!!! Nana and I!

* Uncle Oliver made an appearance.

* Carol and Lydia at the start of the run.

The run started at 8.20pm.
Very odd timing if you ask me.

We got ourselves at the back of the crowd.
Carol coming back from injury......Lawrence, who came back from Vancouver sporting a new injury....(and NO souvenirs!!)
Running related injuries were the talk of the night.

We ran slow...which gave me lots of opportunities to snap random pictures.

* Yours truly and Lydia. Gosh seeing her made me miss Ipoh so so much!!!!
I miss the pork pizza.....I miss my favourite Japanese restaurant with the BESTEST Agedashi Tofu.....I miss my favourite vegetarian sushi....I miss the green tea ice cream.....
Oh...of course I miss the people as well!!!!

* Finally...water at the second water station!!!!

There were a total of 3 water stations throughout the 12.5km route.

The first water station was right after PICC. However it was absolute chaos that I've decided to forego hydration.
The weather was more forgiving.....humid, regardless.....but not as bad as the years before.

We continued running.

Lawrence saw a half filled water bottle on the side of the road.
We looked at each other.....then decided we weren't that desperate for fluid....and continued running.

At the second water station, volunteers just handed out the whole entire 500ml of water still in the bottle.
I guess it made their job easier......and I get to carry with me my own hydration.

....and we lost Lydia after that second less chaotic hydration station.

I felt that Lawrence was picking up the pace.
Of course, Lawrence and Carol were always super fast and I was absolutely honoured (!!!!) to be running at their pace despite them being injured!!!!!

Came to the third water station with about 3-4km left until the finish line.

This time around, the volunteers were more 'organized' and REFUSED to hand over the bottle to me. They insisted that I was only allowed a cup of water.
I pouted, drank the water...then continued running...only to have Lawrence suddenly turned up next to me carrying a whole water bottle in his hand.

I'm starting to think that the volunteers (mostly adolescent girls) were being very sexist....
That or they really like the bald-runner-look.......

The last 3km.....Lawrence kicked up in ante.

Carol decided not to follow....but I wanted to see how fast I could go for the last few kilometers.

Lawrence was going fast. We were overtaking a lot of people.
But I couldn't keep up.
He was within sight still.....

Brain told legs to hurry up and keep pace.
Legs protested saying that they had already run earlier that morning.
Brain told legs to stop being such a sissy.
Legs gave brain the one finger salute.
They never were much in agreements most of the time anyway......

Anyway, once the finishing line was in sight, decided to just sprint it all the way.

Finished in 1:22 (the gossip pace we held for the first 6-7km definitely contributed to the timing) and didn't get a finisher's medal.

But I was thrilled.
Not because of the timing.....
But because I've finally found back my running mojo that mysteriously disappeared after the ultra!!!!

Oh gosh, I miss you loads.......running mojo of mine.

* Caught up with Sarah (Shanaz's sister and my ex-colleague back in GH Ipoh). It's been a long time, dear!!! camera decided to die on me as soon as I crossed the finish line.
Wasted my entire afternoon making sure the battery was being charged properly.
(I should stop relying on hand me down cameras.....but I'm SO cheap to get my own!!!!)

Btw...the goodie bag sucked......and Lawrence had his car broken into.
Not just him...but several other cars parked in the vicinity behind the Palace of Justice.
(Yup...the irony is so obvious I'm not even sure if its funny anymore)

No wonder he's keen to leave the country....sigh

Next week.....Hatyai Nature Run.

...and I overslept for my 20km run this morning. Sigh.....


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Randomness of the week!

After I posted on the blog regarding my supposed "near death" brush while cycling in Putrajaya, Jamie Pang texted me with an idea of his, guaranteed of solving my poor peripheral vision issue.

He was going on and on about installing side rear-view mirrors of sort which I thought the entire point was to pull at my leg.

I rolled my eyes, texted back something along the lines of "shoo!", and conversation about it ended.

Then one day, he Whatsapp me post-PD tri and said he was gonna show me the semi-actualized vision of his idea......


His 2 dimension!!!!!

Side rear-view mirrors for the bike, and just in case I'm THAT much of a klutz and unfortunate-event-magnet, side rear-view mirrors for the helmut to cover my, figuratively speaking, arse.

I'm thinking it must have been a really slow day at work for him.....

.....oh well, at least I had a good laugh about it.

The title of this blog post is after all, randomness of the week, mind you!!!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Hungry Hog (non-halal ALERT!!!!)

Disclaimer: If you are allergic (physically, emotionally, ethically or religiously) to pork, please kindly ignore this blog post. But...if you (like ME!) adore the very essence that is pork, please read on.
(yes...I still can't believe I use to be vegetarian....sigh)

Few days back, I went over to Subang to meet my old time 'Subang Lake Runners'....well, just a fraction of 'em.

In fact, only two.
(and honestly, they aren't as enthusiastic about running these days.....)

So went to Chubie's to pick him up and since I'm like, the ONLY person amongst us that hasn't been to the Yengzter's new restaurant, the venue of our lunch seemed pretty obvious.

You guys might remember Yengzter from my post about Singapore Marathon 2010.
And since I have a feeling you guys don't, click HERE for that post.

Anyway, here's a little info about Yengzter's foray into the restaurant business.

* My pace-ee......pacing Yengzter from 28th kilomter until the end at Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon last year....his first full marathon!!!

When I first met him (I think I met the dude back in Standard Chartered KL HALF Marathon back in 2009....yea, I haven't become this insane about running just yet), he was stuck in the usual corporate rat race which was making him extremely miserable.

My friend here has a penchant for cooking.
Dude makes the BEST beef stew EVER!!!!

Anyway somewhere in 2010, he gave up his 9 to 5 job, hung up his coat and tie, and started his own venture online called The Hungry Hog.

It was a made to order meat-based items online store.
(and mostly pork, come to think of it.....)

A couple of months back, Yengzter took the plunge and decided to set up shop. buddy here is a bonafide chef (as far as I am concern) and now, a restaurant owner as well.

If you're wondering, the restaurant is called The Hungry Hog.
(big surprise there....)

* Yengzter @ work....

* I LOVE the pork-related posters hung around the restaurant.

* Deco is clean and simple. Definitely a good place to hang out........(if only they do good coffee/tea)

* My lunch date, Chubie......deciding really hard what he wanted for lunch......

So Chubie and I were at The Hungry Hog for lunch.....

The menu is still being polish and upgraded from time to time.
Chubie, a bit more of a regular considering he lives in that same neighbourhood noted some change in the menu this time around.

The restaurant opens for lunch from 12pm until 3pm, then again for dinner from 6-10pm.
Opens everyday except for Mondays.....(which I must try and remember so I'll know when I can buzz Yengzter for tea in Subang)

* The set lunch menu for weekdays....

* The more elaborate main menu.....

I had the Bacon Pasta (omitted the chilli padi).....while Chubie had the Pork Burger.

I had a bit of Chubie's for tasting and I absolutely LOVED the burger!!!
The bun was self baked (Yengzter is fantastic at these sorta stuff!!!) and went well with the tender pork patty.

The pasta was alright......I actually expected a whole lot better.

At time of blogging, their menu only had ONE dessert which is the Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream.
Yes...Yengzter baked it himself as well!!!!

You know me and desserts....and I just HAD to try it.

I know it looked kinda plain-jane and visually bland...but man, this was one of the BEST chocolate brownies I've ever had!!!!
Very moist....good consistensy.....absolutely delicious in taste......yumz!!
(in fact I enjoyed the brownie more than I did the pasta......)

Ok, perhaps I'm a little bias coz he's my friend.....
So why don't YOU try it out yourself?

Head to......

The Hungry Hog
71, Jalan SS15/4C ,
47500, Subang Jaya

Don't bother telling Yengzter that I sent you. Don't think you'll be getting any special treatment or discount.
(what?! I'm being honest!!!)
But of course if your gastronomical enjoyment was way beyond as initially anticipated, please give kudos to the chef!


Monday, July 25, 2011

PD International Triathlon - 24th July 2011

Yes...better get on with blogging about this while I still have that teeny weeny bit of remaining endorphin left over from yesterday's race, coursing through my blood vessels!

Before I get down and dingy with the details, I'd like to point out that NONE of these pictures that I've posted in this blog post belonged to me.
Not even ONE!!!!
Well, remember the check list from before I left for PD?
Yeah....the camera battery.......sigh
Anyway, the pictures came from a variety of sources, so I'll mention the camera person/source just below each pic.

The Olympic distance race starts on Sunday.

But having nothing better to do (and also because Winnie and Andrew were already planning on heading down earlier), drove down to Port Dickson early Saturday morning...just before the start of the Sprint event.
Matthew (Terence's second fruit of his loin) was participating in the upgrade from the kiddie event of the previous year.

Driving down the highway to Seremban and then to PD brought back tons of memories from uni years......then absolute feelings of dread when it subsequently reflected upon self that I've aged. But that's another story altogether...

* Trixie (Terence's 3rd offspring) and I.....waiting for the flag off for the sprint event, trying to spot Matthew and Terence (who was swimming as personal lifeguard to son).
Photo courtesy of Maybel.....whom I can always count on to bring her camera!!!!

* At the beach waiting for Matthew (and Terence) to return.
Again, picture courtesy of Maybel.

There was a bit of screw-up at the sprint event's cycling leg....where there was no marshall to tell the participants to turn back.
Thus plenty of them actually rode more than the supposed 20km.
(Matthew unfortunately fell into that "cycle-more" category.....and when he didn't emerge at appropriate timing, we went driving around the cycling route in search of the lost boy. Thankfully found him cycling around town aimlessly and alone!!!)

Well, no harm done. Terence reckoned his son is now ready for Powerman since he had already cycled 40km....his longest ride to date!

* Trixie and I posing for the Timex courtesy of Timex...(which I took the liberty of plagiarizing from Facebook....although since I mentioned the source, it cannot exactly be considered plagiarizing!)

Anyway, will skip through all the nonsense that was done on Saturday.
(and thank you Andrew for pumping air into Tobias' tyre...I'll get around to buying a pump soon)

Woke up at 5.30am on Sunday morning.
My roomies went down for the complimentary breakfast. I ate my kiddie brekkie in front of the TV watching Disney channel.

Changed into race outfit...slathered on humongous amount of sunscreen.....waited for roomies to return post-prandial and off we go with our bikes to race site.....which happened to be at right where we stayed.

I already had my pre-race warm up by running back to the hotel room to retrieve my timing chip that I've forgotten to bring down with the bike.......

* Me, Winnie, Leon, and Weng.....thanks to Leon & Weng for the thanks to Tey-da-man!

Participants were released in batches for the swim leg.
All women categories start their swim with all the uncles.
Lots of time to watch those really hot, young triathletes running into the sea and swimming off into oblivion.
Gotta love this sport for the people, really.

Before we started the swim, someone asked me what my target was for this race.
Hmm....I didn't really have enough time to conjure up some thought provoking answer to that question, but replied in plain, "to finish faster than Kenyir would be good..."

Suddenly the blow horn went off and everyone in front of me started running into the sea.
It was low tide and there was a lot of running before any swimming could be done.
Like 100m dash......

I find myself trying to gain rhythm to my swim and trying my darnest to ignore the horrible taste of sea water in my mouth.
Kicked loads of people (I'm sorry.....), touched tons of people (thankfully it was a tri or else I'll be in for molestation!), got hit a few times but not as bad as those I've kicked, and swallowed quite a few gulps of horrid tasting sea water.
Yes...breaststroked it the entire way...(try not to laugh out that loud)

And before I knew it, I was running towards the beach and onto transition.
Glanced down at watch. 33 minutes. Wow...I broke 40 minutes (my usual 1500m swim time at the pool)......which means, high likely under distanced!

* Running out of my swim leg. I actually thought the running in water part was more physically exhausting than the actual swimming part. This picture reminded me that I should really consider going on a diet. Yeah, that word....DIE with a T!!!!
Photo by Tey-da-man.

* At T1, trying to not get confused and to hurry out for my cycling leg. Photo by Stupe-in-skirt!

At the first transition, I was really tired. I really hated the running after the swim and I could feel my heart pounding so rapidly that I felt like I've just completed a sub-5 marathon! (yea yea, I'm slow....have a good laugh!)

Drank my isotonic-redbull concoction to rid the sea water taste in mouth......put on my bib number, gloves, helmut, favourite yellow shirt.....tell Tobias he better behave or else....and off I went!

* Photo from Stupe-in-skirt.

Cycling went off without any hitch.
Very happy that Tobias behaved.
The hills didn't seem to daunting.....the distance felt alright.....legs felt great.....but tummy felt empty and was playing some gaseous symphony in there. I was very hungry, y'see.

Overall I'm very glad I actually put in some cycling work prior to this race.....unlike at Kenyir (or any other race that needed me to cycle, for that matter)

And since I lack the balance to drink and ride at the same time, I did stop once after the 20km turn around to chug water down throat...but that's about it.
Everything else went really really well.

* Completed my cycling......and thanking my common sense to put on tons of sunscreen!!!
Photo thanks to Maybel!!!

At T2, quickly stash Tobias on the rack.....downed more isotonic-redbull, offed with the helmut and gloves, donned my running cap and off I went.

* Just out of transition......photographed here with Khoo (who was doing a relay).
Photo courtesy of Maybel...again!

The running part....was hot.....and tiring.
My legs felt fine in terms of no-jelly-leg-issues....but I was tired, my tummy was still gurgling (should have downed a powergel....sigh), and I was still hungry.
I tried to run as much as I could.

The running route led us to the path beside the beach, away from the main road.
It was kinda funny running on the sandy beach.
In a nutshell, I don't like it.....
But it was a great excuse to walk!!!!!

The route led us to some park next to the beach.
It was beautiful and I wished I had a camera with me to capture the view....the moment....and some obligatory camwhored self portraits!

As we exited the park, there was a water station but it had ran out of water.
Very disappointing but there was nothing much we could have done.
The volunteers looked very embarassed but it wasn't exactly their fault.

The participants returning told us to keep running as there will be another water station at the final turn around.

With that, kept on running. I really wanted some water.
I rephrase myself....I really NEEDED some water!!!!!
It was mouth was dry.....and I'd really like to have some ice cold fluid dunked on my head!

As we were approaching the turn around, returning runners signaled that the water station had run dry as well!!!!
My heart sank.
I saw Terence returning. He said there was no water at the next water station. Told me to run there and back and he'll try and get some water for me.

But I had to keep going...with or without water.
As I approached the turn around, a pick up truck came carrying bottled water to that station.
They were back in business!!!!!
Downed more water....thanked the volunteers profusely and went on my way.
(silently thanked God for His good timing)

Caught up with Terence and he handed me a bottled water.
Gotta love friends like that!!!!!

Together we ran back.
David, whom I've passed by cycling finally caught up with me and Terence.
And we headed back to finish line together.

* Me, Terence and David. Photo by Maybel!!

I told David jokingly that I needed to finish before him coz I overtook him on the cycling leg.
He said he'd give chase coz he didn't want to finish behind me.
For the last 100m, he literally gave me chase!!!!!

* Running ahead.....with David right behind me.....argh!!!! Photo by Reza Ali.

The last 50m was like an absolute dash!!!!
I really didn't want David to overtake me.....(yea I know, totally petty....but I'm oestrogen-powered and therefore is totally normal!)

Finished in 3:09:42.
Totally PB-ed considering my timing for Kenyir OD tri 3:55!!!!!
(ok ok so I didn't train for Kenyir at all and there was a reason why I decided to do Kenyir last minute....please refer previous post on reason)

* Almost crossing the finish line!!!
Photo by Tey-da-man.

* Me, Andrew and Lee Yong who came all the way to PD to support us.
Remaining photos by Maybel.

* Me, Andrew, Terence, Chee Kee and Winnie Thor.

Anyway.....since I'm still in the competitive spirit, here's the breakdown of my timing:
Swim: 33:11
Bike: 1:31:22
Run: 1:01:07

Compared to my Kenyir tri timing:
Swim: 37:46
Bike: 2:08:34 (yea yea...I see hill, I push bike)
Run: 1:09:33
Overall timing: 3:55:53

After reviewing the differences in the two events.....I've decided to give myself (and Tobias) and huge pat on the back!!!!!

Anyway I mentioned my timing to Mr. Anonymous and he reckoned that he did contribute to my "success" in achieving PB thus promoting himself to being my cycling-sifu.
Alright then...if it makes you happy......
He also reckoned that I should stop cam-whoring that much to improve my timing.......
(totally unacceptable!!!!)

By the way....I sorta agreed (tempted/coerced/however-you-wanna-put-it) for Desaru tri in 2 months time. I guess Tobias better buck up for the tumultuous journey that lies ahead of him...
And I better get back to training!!!


Woohoo...almost famous!!!!!

No, not talking about yesterday's PD tri....
(I'll blog about that erm...soon.....or whenever some ignition of inspiration kicks in)

Instead...I got myself onto Jamie Pang's blog again!!!!

Click HERE for blog......

The first time he approached me regarding an online interview about runners, I thought he was a little behind in taking his medication to wanna interview regular runners (like ME!!!!) for an inspirational/motivational/whatever article.

He gave his reasons....although due to the chronic sleep deprivation over the past 2 weeks thus causing the permanent death of several neurons, I can no longer remember the reasoning that was given.
....something along the lines of "if this crazy girl can do it....ANYONE can as well!"
Hmm....that sounds about right.

Anyway after I've completed my 100km race in Singapore just one month ago, I was surprised that he (sorta) spammed my Facebook inbox with another request for a follow up interview.
Hmm...maybe I wouldn't use the word request.....since he had already sent me the questions that he had wanted to ask for his blog posting.

Now I'll backtrack a little (actually a whole lot) why I feel it's a big deal to sorta appear on Jamie's blog.
Back in early 2008 when I just started running.....and literally a "nobody" (nope...not even a 'nobody-athlete' yet!), with little contact or interaction with the then running community (the Ipoh running uncles does not count), I've been a regular follower of Jamie's blog.

I've read about his "rise" to his current fitness, his training for New York Marathon, his races with his running get the drift.
And to me, then.....Jamie was HUGELY FAMOUS!!!!!!
Almost like a celebrity!!!!!
(dude, I'm not saying you're not famous's just that the fame-mystery-whatever thing kinda went down the drain after we became friends.....)

I met him for the first time EVER at the River Jungle marathon 2010, and subsequently at many more God-only-knows-what-else-races around.

Before I go off tangent again.....I'm super excited (kinda like when I was 14 and going absolutely gaga over BackstreetBoys) to appear in my friend's blog again!!!!!'s the direct link to the follow up HERE!!!!
(I'm a tad lazy to copy-paste the entire article onto this blog)

So go exercise those metacarpophalyngeal joints (ain't too sure about you guys, but I click the optical mouse using this finger joint) and start clicking!!!

Oh....and a minute update about the tri yesterday....I completed it in 3:09 (self timed) and am overly ecstatic about my timing....considering Kenyir tri was completed in 3:55........
In fact so ecstatic I'm gonna rush out and buy that bikini that I've set my fancies on ASAP as a reward!!!!!!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Where's that freakin check list?!

Every successful runner/triathlete has a check list for the stuff he or she should pack before heading off to some far off (or extremely near by) race.

......which could perhaps explain why I'm still a 'nobody-athlete' (please take note that I've plagiarized this term from Sofian Triathlete....whom I'm sure HAS a check list if not TWO!!!!) just because I don't have a habit of writing important things down, does not mean that I suck at packing for races.
Or do you think so....?
(don't answer....I had episodes where Bryan repeated reminded me to remember to bring my BIKE for a tri!!!!)

I'm the type of person who does a mental notation of things.....and then hope for the best that nothing gets left behind.
(despite the optimism....something always gets left behind)

So here's my mental quickie check list which I just had made while running around the house frantically trying to gather as many important stuff.
(in retrospect....I think I've made HUGE progress from only starting my packing the morning of push how I used to be)

1. Tobias....check
- quite sure of this as I had accidentally hit my shin against some metal part of him and shin still hurts like crazy.

2. Helmut & gloves.....check.....and check.

3. Race clothings......check

4. Clothings that cover my nakedness aside from race clothings.....check (although I hope I brought enough. I'm kinda naturally gifted for underpacking for all my trips!)

5. Running shoes......check (in fact I brought an extra!!!!)

6. Goggles.....check (must remember to find an extra pair....just in case!!!)

7. Race kit.....check (Terence collected it for me in advance!!!)

8. Toiletries.....check (including sunscreen coz mom says if I get any shade darker, it would be almost unbelievable that we're related......)

9. Phone charger.....check (very important considering Whatsapp-ing zaps the battery life)

10. Painkillers....check (coz you never know!!)

11. Extra swim suit for the pool.....check (since I found out that I will be bunking at the Avillion, I just had to bring!!!!)

12. A verbal apology to ChinYin for misplacing her last year's PD tri cert that I've collected on her behalf a year ago.......erm, will play by ear.

13. Camera with charged batteries.....kinda check (charging batteries now....I hope I remember to bring it along tomorrow.....but worse case scenario, pretty definite Maybel will be totting hers!!!)

14. Physiology book to study......sigh, check (already in car)

15. Nonsense book to prevent myself from study......check!

Hmm....I swear I'm missing out something of utmost importance.

Oh well.....I'll figure it out once I remembered what I've forgotten to bring.

Good luck to all you out there heading for the many races being held this weekend!!!!!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011


I swear....I always have the funniest misadventures when it comes to Tobias.
On our own....we get by just great.

But put one and one in near vicinity.......oh boy!!!!
It's like together, we're a misadventure magnet or something.

Anyway attended a mini tri simulation yesterday evening with some dudes.
But if you must know, it's Andrew, Yoshi & Ellya (whom I've met for the first time) and of course, Mr. Anonymous.
(yes, still anonymous considering no one has made any attempt of guessing the identity just yet and he's trying to preserve that male ego of his)

So we started at the Putrajaya swimming pool which entrance fees caught my by surprise...the good sort.
It's only 2 freakin bucks to enter!!!!!
And I thought the one at Kelana Jaya was giving me a pretty good deal at RM3.
(well...the best deal would be the one at my university coz I swim for free...but it is practicing a "foreign" culture which I feel obliged to follow but annoys the hell outta me!)

Anyway Andrew and I swam for 700m while waiting for the rest to arrive.....and then another 300m to round it up.
I know it's kinda petty....but I'm so happy I beat his freestyle with my breaststroke!!!
(before you go pointing fingers at me being pathetic....please take note that on most days my mental age doesn't go beyond 12 years of age)

We got outta pool before the rest of the guys coz I wanted Andrew to have a look at Tobias, post popped cherry.

The cycling route was actually the huge round about that connects the different precincts of Putrajaya.
(btw...I still find it extremely odd and at times, laughable that the town planner had decided to use the term 'precinct' to identify different sections of this town.....what happened to the good old fashion way of naming roads, areas, whatever using flower names, morale values, small fuzzy animals and some dead dudes that you read about in history books?!)

So we'd cycle from our parked cars beside the pool.....head towards the huge round about......3 loops of that....and then return.
Apparently we'd get around 20km from that.'s another peculiar thing that I just discovered about myself.

I have crap peripheral vision.
Ok that was kind of a lie. I always knew I had crap peripheral vision.
Denial does serve some purpose in life.
Well...anyway.......yesterday proved to be almost lethal.....
(Erm, if lethal is too nightmare inducing......these terms can also be of a substitute: bone crushing/ MC-requiring/ massive hemorrhagic/ brain matter out of skull/ intracranial bleed/ PR of mortuary......oh just take a pick!)

The massive round about was actually a 4 lane highway.
We were cycling out onto the left most lane and upon getting on, hustled our arses over to the right most lane.
Well every one of those dudes crossed without a hitch.

I turned back to have a quick, a super quick one coz I have a tendency to lose balance if my gaze is not of the direction the bike is heading.
(yea...more peculiar things about self)

So anyway I turned back and caught a glimpse of a car on the right most lane.
I figured I'd cycle onto the third lane...hopefully by then, car would have passed and I could continue snail pacing it to the right most lane.

.....except that wasn't the case.
Coz when I next turned around, the car was right behind me.
Life flash before eyes, by the way....doesn't quite happen. Trust me on that.

I vaguely hear the dudes yelling.......

Well....since I'm posting this.....obviously I didn't die.
I did get to the right most lane in one piece......minus an evil stare from the driver of the car that was behind me.
.....minor detail.

Long story short......completed ride of 25km (according to Andrew) a lecture from him about road safety (and subsequent lecturing about my disregard about road safety on Whatsapp after I got home).....and most importantly.....DIDN'T DIE!

We then polished off the night's adventure with a 5km run.
Same route as last Saturday's.....except we didn't get lost and we didn't need to run after a random cab.

So in a nutshell.....that was a pretty fun training for an otherwise mundane Wednesday evening.

Anyway....can't wait for the weekend.
Will be meeting up KD who is back for the weekend for a 10km run and post-run brunch on Saturday before heading down to Port Dickson for the tri on Sunday.

I think I'd be pretty aimless again once tri is over.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Did we go THAT far off???

Since PD tri is like....THIS weekend......everything for the past 2 weeks were tri-related.
(I was gonna type in 'trelated' but then I just realized that that was pure neologism and highly related to mental illness.......ahhh, I do miss the nuthouse at times....sigh)

So with this in mind, Tobias is getting a bit of a workout and I've been visiting the local swimming pool a tad too often.

And since last weekend was the Pattaya Marathon weekend (tremendously green with envy that I couldn't follow Terence, Maybel and Winnie for the race) and nobody who was around in KL wanted to run a 20km with me on Saturday, I joined Cyn and Mr. Anonymous for a Saturday morning ride and possibly a swim or run session after.

Well...Mr. Anonymous refused to let me reveal his true identity to safeguard whatever that is left of his male ego.
And mind you, a rather big one too!!!!
(I still find it rather amazing how huge some male egos can get)

But of course, this is a (more or less) free country (at least on cyberspace, I'd like to assume so), you are very welcome to guess his identity...
(although I'm a little sad to inform you that there will be no prize for guessing correctly. The economy ain't treating me that well....)

So I met up with the two at Putrajaya, parked near the swimming pool which is located just behind Pullman Hotel.....and off we go.
The route we were taking was more or less the same one we cycled last Tuesday night.
Before heading off, Cyn was darling enough to pump some much needed air into Tobias' tyres.
Everything seemed about right.

Mr. Anonymous sped off and only waited for us slow pokes at junctions that needed turning off at.
Otherwise, his instructions were.....KEEP CYCLING STRAIGHT ON!
Apparently simple enough.

Halfway in, Tobias started to feel a little wonky.
I know my relationship with Tobias has been pretty superficial right until after the ultra....and despite us only having minimum amount of together time, I still know him well enough to know that this wonkiness ain't normal.

I got off Tobias and lo and behold, back tyre totally flat.

It was such a bittersweet moment.
My baby just got his cherry popped.

Well.....if you know anything about'd know that I was stranded in the middle of some Putrajaya highway....with absolutely NOTHING on me.
No spare hand nothing.

Thankfully for me....Cyn came along and loaned me her spare tube.
She asked if I knew how to change a flat.
Glances exchanged.....conclusion was neither of us did.
At that moment, Yip who was cycling along the same route saw us.....and stopped to help me with my unfortunate predicament.

I like to think that God sent Yip!!!! (hurray!!!)

Anyway......Tobias was quite a champ for continuing on the ride until the 51km was up.
I'm starting to fall slightly more in love with my obese bike.

After stashing our bikes into our cars, Mr. Anonymous quickly changed into his running shoes and guilted me into running a short 5km post-biking.
I was more hoping we'd go swim instead....but Cyn pointed out that the pool was closed until 1pm....and we had another 3 hours to wait around.

So off I went with Mr. Anonymous (Cyn was injured...sitting out on the run) for our supposedly short run.
Our running route was the nicely paved circumference of the huge-arse lake in Putrajaya.
It goes one HUGE circle all around.

Mr. Anonymous said that we should just run half the circumference......meaning we'd walking up the overhead bridge to the other side, thus cutting the distance in half. sorta made sense....then......

He wanted to do some intervals while running....I wanted throw in some walk.

We finally reached to the first overhead bridge.
There was a flight of stairs going up to the bridge....cross over....down the stairs.....and then we were on the other side of the lake.

Except.....we weren't exactly on the other side.
The other side didn't have connecting pavements back to where we came from.

Mr. Anonymous suggested we keep on running straight ahead...and probably at the next overhead bridge, we'd get back on the right track.
I had half a mind to just turn around and back track our way to our parked cars.
But no....Mr. Anonymous wanted to see where the current pavement will take us.

Kept on running.
Well...ok, so he kept on running....I kept on shuffling....and walking when he wasn't looking.

The pavement kept taking us further and further away from our parked cars.
I looked back.....and where we've started seemed so very far away!!!!
Perhaps now it would be an amazing time to back track.

Mr. Anonymous was in favour to keep moving forward. We apparently will reach back in no time.

We kept on moving......and the pavement we were on lead us until we had to walk onto the highway.

This is getting a tad odd.
I really don't think this should be the way to go.....
But he said we'd get back regardless.

So kept on moving.

The highway that we were running on (ok, HE was running...I was already walking. I was tired , hungry, thirsty........everything!!!!!) kept on expanding into another highway.....
And after a while.....the road seemed to look very familiar......coz we've rode out bikes on this exact route!!!!!

Now it was really far to back track.....and to get back to where we came from, the distance uncertain. In fact, my gut feeling said it was too far away to run back to!!!!!

Mr. Anonymous hurried me to keep on running.
I felt like throwing the first huge stone I could find on the highway at his head!!!
Control yourself, Puisan........violence never solved anything.

Continued moving on.
He was WAY in front....and I was WAY behind.

Suddenly he stopped and waited for me to shuffle by.
He said we should hail a cab.

A cab????!!!!!
In the middle of a freakin 4 lane highway!?!?!?!?!?!
Maybe I should have just gone with gut feeling and thrown that stone......

We tried hailing down a cab.
None of them stopped.
.....which honestly would have surprised me if any one of them actually did.

We kept on walking and waving our hands frantically at any approaching cab....until we were going to cross this typically-Putrajaya-ish decorated highway bridge...and saw an old lady climbed up from between the shrubs and the edge of the bridge.
Then Mr. Anonymous had a grand idea crossed his dehydrated mind.
Perhaps there was a road leading down that would be nearer to where we came from.
(I highly doubted it.....but perhaps it would bring us closer to hailing a cab)

So we climbed down...only to find ourselves on another highway, albeit a smaller one.

Where we came from was still a very far far away place!!!!!
(so far that perhaps unicorns were now standing guard in front of my car and fairies were sprinkling fairy dust all around......sorry, I was starting to get hypoglycaemic)

On our right, there seemed to be some sort of civilized aggregation of buildings....and I thought maybe (big big MAYBE) we'd be able to get a cab.

We walked on.......and Mr. Anonymous recounted his past racing experience, where he proclaimed he ALMOST died at almost ALL his past races.
His previous Ironman.....his previous marathons......his last ultra at Sundown......
(I was highly of the opinion that I was in the company of a real drama queen...well, king...if you're gonna be so sexist about it)

We suddenly saw a cab in front of us with NO passengers.....and we ran towards it hoping it'll take us back!!!!

Cabby was very taken aback from the look of his facial expression.
Saw us extremely grubby and yuckified.....and wanted to charge us RM20 for a very short journey back to our car.
(I was under the naive impression that all cabs in this country were metered! Very naive indeed)

We haggled and finally cabby settled for RM15.
(which reminds me, Mr. Anonymous still owes me half of that!!!!)

Anyway.....while in the cab, Mr. Anonymous said never to recount this entire story on my blog as it was pretty embarrassing and bad news to the male ego.
Also he didn't want a particular someone to know that he didn't finish his run, but instead chose to cab it back.
I was of the opinion that this would make a great blog entry.
We haggled....and settled for his anonymity while I get to tell the story however I want.
(of course I retained much of the truth in it and kept the extra flavouring down to a bare

By the time I got to my car....I was tired.....and ravenously hungry.......that I could devour a unicorn if there really was one guarding my car.

So.....any guesses for the identity of Mr. Anonymous!?!?!?!?!?!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Definitely the post-race blues....

Something ain't right.

Can't quite put a finger on it...but definitely something is amiss.

Well...something just HAD to be wrong.

If I'm more psyched up about a cycling date with Tobias as oppose to hitting the pavement, then of course something ain't right with the picture.

I've anticipated it.....I've prepared for it......but still, I'm taken by surprised by how I'd feel when I'm experiencing it.

Yup folks......this is DEFINITELY a case of post-race blues.

A feeling of hollowness, emptiness, aimlessness.......that ensued after the completion of the ultra.
I knew it would come.
I've experienced it late 2009 and early 2010 after the completion of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.....and suddenly facing a prospect of NOT having any race lined up for the early parts of 2010.
And that time, it was bad.
(coupled with several other issues I was having at that moment, why was I so surprised that I was depress?!?!?! Well.....moving on......)

This time.......I anticipated it.
I thought it wouldn't be that bad.....

Every single race I've signed up and ran earlier this year was all done in the name of ultra preparation. it was also for personal fulfillment, whatever, holiday, whatever, AirAsia promotion, whatever......but ultimately it was all for the need of more mileage.

I would have lined up several more marathons right after the ultra.....but held back when I handed in my application for my Sports Medicine Masters program.
(and thankfully I did....coz I'm really short of annual leave compared to my time at the nuthouse!)

In retrospect, I wished I've had several more traveling marathons lined up in the weeks post-ultra.
That would have helped...tremendously!! it would not have helped recovery (or my pace, come to think of it).....but at least I wouldn't have such avoidant feelings about running now!!!!!

Anyway what I've been craving most these days is going for swims.

Perhaps its because PD Tri is coming up......or because I am just really starting to enjoy the feeling of floating and gliding through water.

And....I swear......I'm pretty taken aback as well......I am really starting to enjoy Tobias' company.
Yea sure my lady bits still hurt.
But perhaps post-ultra, my pain threshold for the self-inflicted misery has become pretty top notched!!!! blues does funny weird things to ya!

Anyway....I really need to get my running mojo back.
I really want to feel that desire....the need.....the excitement....the exhiliration.....the feeling of being so ALIVE....
Y'know.....emotions that I usually relate to when I'm running!!!
Also.....I really want to get my weight down and running is the exact remedy that the doctor ordered.
(figuratively speaking, obviously)

Perhaps purchasing a new pair of running shoes should do the trick.
And feel good about helping our ailing economy!!!!!
(just try not to remind me how my bank balance would feel at that moment.......)

Now I'll get back to reassuring Tobias that his currently required obligation to excite me is only temporary.


p/s: thanks Yimmy for the article on post-race blues!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

First LSD post-ultra

Felt like forever since we last did a long run.......
It feels very odd not to be doing the crazy mileage back to back on a weekend like how we were doing before the ultra.
Very odd indeed.
Kinda like mild withdrawals.

I think I may be mentally prepared for more upcoming long runs...but the legs seem to be a tad hesitant about that prospect.
They were never as optimistic as I hope for them to be anyway......
Such a pity....really.

Honestly, part of me really looked forward to putting in the mileage again...for whatever upcoming road races.
But the other part of me really crave some time off from pounding the pavement.
And frankly, the ENTIRE part of me would like to NOT wake up so bloody early in the morning to hit high mileage.

Anyway, Mo-maniac came down last weekend and we just HAVE to have a long run session with the dude.
After all...he made the effort of collecting our Sundown Ultramarathon finisher's cert for us lot!!

Running together with these guys was a bit bitter sweet for me.
I think I'm having a bit of post-race blues...the effect of the anticlimax of the completion of the big race!
I should have lined up more races to keep me on the go.
(will discuss more about the post-race blues later on.....if it ever turns into full blown post-race depression) below courtesy of Winnie Wong.
Jolene had bought her a new camera for.....not too sure if it's Mother's Day, or just an appreciative token for the heck of it.....and Winnie was keen to test it out!!!!

* If you're not keen to run up a steep hill....stop and use the excuse of taking photos. Always works!!!!!
Winnie, Alexis and yours truly.....

* What would a long run with Mo-maniac be without some monkeying around?!

* Me, Amelia (still super fast) and the owner of the camera whose pictures you are now viewing!

* Richard and Ironman Korea one week ago and still running faster than I would have at my peaked pre-marathon pace!!!! Oh the envy.......

* Thanks Mo-maniac for collecting our certs for us!!!! You're da man!!!!

* Post-run brunch at Blossom Deli @ SS2

* KK and Chin Ann testing the new camera....

* My Oreo icecream cake would also like to test out the new seems to be working just fine!!!!

Now will get back to focusing on swimming and being best friends with Tobias for the upcoming PD triathlon.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whatever day

I finally got Tobias out of hibernation.
Yes, folks.....go on and make fun of my under-utilized bike....but today, we have relit out fire!!!!
(corny....but excuse me for it as I've just gotten up from my nap)

Terence and Andrew decided that it was due time for tri training especially with PD tri just around the corner....2 weeks from now to be exact.
Well...Andrew has already been training hard....since cycling was his second love (after Jesus) and he has the century ride to head to next Sunday.
Terence....well, I think he had been pretty consistent with the cycling bit.
So I guess they just had to drag me and the homely Tobias at least make sure that he still functions like any other bike on race day.
Y' with all things associated with me......Tobias can sometimes be pretty temperamental and things between us can get awry pretty quickly.

But good news would be.....he still functions the way he was supposed to.....and.....I think I'm starting to really like this cycling thing....*gasp*

Yea I know.....big news!

The weather was pain threshold at my lady bits had increased exponentially (I'm attributing it to the ultra training....even if it makes me sound delusional) quads feel strong today.....and for once, I actually feel that I could possibly be mistaken as being speedy!!!!! (I did say, could be mistaken)

Yup....I might be falling in love!!!!!! (you're gonna get extra-occular muscle spasm if you keep rolling your eyes like that)

And with Terence heading to Pattaya Marathon next week (since the government does not pay me enough, my bank balance was not in agreement with me heading for that race), today might be the only day I get to cycle before the tri.
I'm hoping to get adopted into some other cycling group while awaiting for the return of those two uncles.

Anyway.....some bad news to cloud up the iPhone drowned.
Mostly my fault (I like to reserve some of the blame for the manufacturer of the water bottle) as I left the phone in the bag with the water bottles I've prepared for this morning's ride.
And the bottle leaked.
(I was tightly capped before I chucked it into the bag!!!)
I tried air drying it....blow drying it.....shaking it.....praying over it.......this close to defibrilizing it.......but all attempts of resuscitation had proved to be futile.

I've sent it into service.....currently back on Nokia......and crossing my fingers for some sort of miracle.
I'm starting to think that I'm cursed with all my Mac products.
They always drown on me.....ALWAYS!!!!!
(not sure if I mentioned about the Macbook drowning Well....let's keep it that way!)

Today was also the day the police had a lock down on all major roads and highways leading to the city center in conjunction with the Bersih 2.0 peaceful march.
In other will always be a day remembered as the day EVERYONE get stuck in a freakin traffic jam.
(of course there was the political irony behind it....but I'll refrain from dabbling into that topic. Y'know....government servant kinda thing)

Anyway.....if you still have my number and wish to stay in some sort of contact with me, could you guys just text me and tell me who you are?!
That would really be helpful.

First group run post-ultra tomorrow.
I do miss the long runs......


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sundown Ultramarathon - 25th June 2011

I figured I better get down to writing this race write up before I lose all memory of the pain, the sleepiness, the extraordinary experience.

Ok...maybe mostly just the pain.

It's been over a week since the race and I'm happy to report that my legs are back to ALMOST normal.....the blisters have fully healed.....I'm one pair of running shoes down.....and am physically (and mentally) this much readier to get back into training......(not sure if I'm actually training for anything in particular, but I really miss training for something!!)

So the ultramarathon was scheduled to start at 6pm Saturday, 25th June 2011 (feels like yonkers ago!!!).

I prayed hard.
For clouds.....for less humidity.....for good weather......and a drizzle here and there.

But I guess more people prayed for nice and sunny.....and therefore, nice and sunny it was at 6pm race day.
Yea...nice, sunny, terribly humid and this close to a heat stroke episode.

Race started at the Marina Barrage.

* At 5.30pm, trying my best to get that last bit of fuel into my system.

* Terence and I....

* Mo-maniac and his tribute to the late Andrew Voon, organizer of the Borneo International Marathon whose untimely passing, a week before this race, will be truly missed!

* Gary, Alexis, Yee Choi

* Winnie and I...

* Uncle Oliver and Amelia.

* Yimmy pretending to be an escapee from my previous work place.

* Ray, yours truly and Clifford.

* Andrew all ready for the race.

* Karen and I in our running skirts doing our best bit at promoting the label.

* With birthday girl, Charlotte and recovering Fia.

Standing in the waiting corral, one can feel the excitement...the dread....the fear....the energy.....
And maybe a wee bit of body odour.
(I highly recommend for deodorant to be in the race goodie pack, aside from analgesic topical cream)

I was already sweating like I've run 10km!
The heat was crazy!!!!!!
Kinda like us lining up to run a 100 kilometers....more or less....the crazy bit.

I vaguely remembered a bang sound of sort but suddenly the crowd began to move forward.
I guess the race had already begun.

And now the journey begins!

The first 100m of the route head downhill.
Yea it was nice starting the race running down...but at the back of my mind, this was gonna be some shit-arse last-bit stretch to the finish line.

Ran with Winnie, Terence, Chooi Wan and Agnes at the beginning.

I was still praying hard for some relieve from the heat and the sun.

The first few kilometers of the race route passes through the back of some apartments and along side the river.
Eventually it took us to the underpass that connected us to the East Coast Park (ECP).

Have I ever mentioned that I have a love-hate relationship with the ECP?

Mostly hate. I only kinda love it when I'm drafting off someone with an exceptionally perky masculine behind.

* Terence, Agnes and ChooiWan....

Hydration stations were at every 10km.

I was hungry before I reached the first station.
I know.....super fast gastric emptying time.
Dreaded quick peristalsis!!!

Grab a peanut butter sandwich at the first station.
Felt like chewing on sandpaper.....figuratively.
(I didn't lose my sanity that much to actually try chewing on the real thing)

Drank some cordial-like 100plus and off I went.
Sun was taking a dip and the weather was getting better.

Continued running with Winnie, Terence, Agnes, Chooi Wan and Mo-maniac appearing and disappearing (like Chipsmore!) on occasions.

I've realized that running with Mo-maniac around means you'll get loads of photo opportunities. The dude is a superstar!!!!!
(What..??!!! You didn't get him to autograph your dirty smelly running shoes yet?!?!?!?!
You don't know what you're missing!!!!!)

As I was saying....running the ECP.....mostly hate.
It was dark....boring.....nothing interesting to look at.
(point to take note, there weren't that many cute ultra runners to ogle at. was also kinda dark to want to ogle at anything worth ogling at)

At around 16-17km, we could hear some distant thunder.
Then the occasional gust of cool wind. Which became rather strong.
And the first rain drop felt against my face.
Which progressed into a steady pour.
Thank you GOD for the relief from the heat!!!!

I bet there were tons of people praying for the rain to stop....coz before I got around to the 2nd hydration station at 20km mark, the rain had already stopped.

Threw a mini chocolate cupcake into mouth, chew chew chew and downed it with more cordial 100plus......then off I went to take on the annoying airport road.
I was getting nauseated....and very sleepy.
I looked at my Garmin.
About 9.30pm.
Time to get ready for bed, usually....but here I was trying to beat the bloody sunrise!

I started to feel very woozy.
I told Winnie that I don't think I could continue running like the first 10km.
I needed to walk.
I needed to wake up.
Terence told me to chew gum.
Didn't help.
Terence tried telling some peculiar story which authenticity I seriously doubt.
Didn't help.
I really wanted to close my eyes and crawl into the nearest bed.

Finally....finished running the zombified park connector which was the airport road.
And ironically onto another park connector.

I've finally decided I was not gonna follow Terence's pace.
I really wanted to walk.
I was feeling nauseated and sleepy. Can't quite figure out which was worse.
Winnie was having some URTI symptoms and not feeling too well, and walked with me.

Then Mo-maniac showed up out of nowhere (now you see him, now you don't) and urged us to run.
So we ran....walked.....took pictures.....ran.....walked......repeat.

Finally got to Changi Village.
3rd hydration station.
Still feeling very nauseated.
Would love to eat but could not stomach anything.
Refilled my hydration bag with that icky cordial 100plus.
(I'm officially mentally allergic to that drink!!!!)

Off we went.

Ran/walked past Loyang (SengChin...I spotted the junction leading to your house!!!!), then into some Pasir Ris park (where Mo-maniac pointed out the Tebrau Strait and Johor Bahru right across) and then the 4th hydration station.

From the 4th station to the midway point, I powerwalked a lot.
Mostly because it helped with the nausea.....and part of it, because I felt walking was a lot easier and faster than I would be running.

Ironically, it was nearing midnight and I felt very awake then.
In fact, the 35-50th km was the only stretch that I didn't feel tired, sleepy, like shit!

We ran towards Bedok Reservoir, which was the 5th station and also the halfway point.

I was very happy to have made it there.
Got there in 7.5 hours.
Not too bad!!!!

Changed my shirt and skirt (had chaffings as always at the usual hot spots), pull on my compression shorts (mostly to ease the abrasions and chaffings), and put on my compression socks (I find it helps with calve muscle cramps).
Looking back, I think I should have changed shoes as well....(long story)
Slather on loads of anti-chaffing ointments and pep talked myself for the next 50km!!!!

And the funny thing was...when I got to the halfway point, I was ravenous!!!!
All I wanted was food, food and more food!!!!!
It was amazing considering just a couple of hours ago, I was so nauseated that the sight of food would have made me have projectile vomiting.

From 50 to stomach felt insatiable.
Thankfully there were loads of supporters along the way.
Hazel, Nancy and Sandy were some of them.
I LOVE these people coz they fed me well!!!!!!
Without your palatable contributions, I would have fainted from hypoglycaemia.

* Me minus food in tummy.....absolutely hypoglycaemic and looking like shit!!!!!

* Me...with Milos in hand, normoglycaemic and looking absolutely ravishing!!! I was too zombified to noticed that I still looked like shit.
Thanks Hazel and Nancy giving me my much desired Milo!!!

60 to was a total blur.
And bloody lonely as well.
There were scarcely any runners around me...and I was really really tired.
I was power walking it with iPod blasting Top 40 hits to keep me wide awake.
Ray over took me a couple of times and tried to strike conversation.
But unfortunately I think I either didn't hear him (killing my own tympanic membrane with loud music) or I was too zombified to reply.
Sorry dude.

70-80km.....the sky began to light up.
I was now walking back through the airport road.
I hated this stretch.
I was getting really tired.
And I could feel my front of my legs starting to tighten up.
The balls of my feet started to hurt. I knew that blisters were just waiting to erupt.
Kept on walking.
Kept on singing.
Kept on getting weird looks from other zombified runners.
(it is not weird to like listening to James Morrison by powerwalking!!!)
But I don't care.
I just want to get on with it.

At the 8th station, it dawned on me that I was so so tired that I questioned my ability to complete this race...for the first time during the entire stretch of the race.

I wanted to sit at the station and rest and go back home.
I don't want to continue walking.
I don't want to drink another drop of that cordial 100plus.
I don't want to see anymore chocolate muffin.
I don't want to carry my hydration bag anymore.
I just want to go home, take a shower and go to sleep.

20km more.
That was all I had standing in front of me and my finisher's T-shirt.
20km more.
Or else the last 80km was a waste of my Saturday night!!!!
Just 20km more.

Reluctantly, I got up onto my feet.
And I realized that the time it took for me to actually contemplate giving up, the blisters grew to ginornimous proportions on both balls of feet.....and the anterior tibialis cramped up!!!!

20km more to my finisher's T!!!!!

I had to get moving.

From power walking.....I was reduced to shuffling.

And it was honestly NO FUN that everyone around you was overtaking you and although your brain says to go faster.....your legs goes on mutiny and give the brain the one finger salute.
Seriously no fun.
I wanted to power walk. I wanted to run.
But I can't.
My legs weren't cooperating.
They were in pain.
I was in pain!
Even the shuffling was painful.
But that was all the forward movement that I could do at that time.

Step by step.
Try to ignore the pain. Try to push on. Try to go faster.
I wanted to but at that point, I felt like my body was no longer willing to listen to higher center instructions.

I needed to get to the 90km mark before the cut off time.
I knew I was going to make it.
But I wanted to get there faster.
I was sick and tired of being in pain.
I was sick and tired of walking.
I was sick and tired of being at the ECP.
I was just sick in the head and tired everywhere else.

I saw Jennifer and a bunch of other Singaporean supporters 6km from the 90km mark.
She was just so cheerful and manic, that it was kinda funny.
I can't remember what I've said to her but all I remember was of her telling me that I have 6 clicks left and I'd definitely make the cut off time.
I think I mentioned something about impending death and her mentioning something about me being a doctor and therefore nothing will happen to me.
(but the last I checked, doctors were still mere mortals!)

Shuffled off the remaining 6 clicks.
It was was getting sunny and warm....and the happy weekenders around the ECP were annoying the crap outta me.
Yea...definitely sick in the freakin head.

I was ecstatic when I saw the 90km sign!!!!
I've made it to the last station.
I only have 10 more kilometers to crawl through.
Dreadful dreadful crawling.......

Chewed another slice of sandpaper...oh wait, was that peanut butter sandwich?! Oops.
But yea...had a slice of that....down more water.....took a deep breath......exhale.....then another deeper breath.....probably should have muttered a Hail Mary right about here......and with the will of every single muscle fiber I have in me, got myself up onto my aching feet, cursing the very existence of the bilateral blisters that by that time were twice the size of a Malaysian 50 cent coin......and started hobbling along the ECP.

I hated the ECP. If there was a stronger word than hate, I would have used it.
But in my zombified state, the only simple vocabulary I had access to, to express the amount of dislike for the place, was hate.
Yes...hated it.

Hobbled, hobbled, hobbled.
Cursed cursed cursed.
Snapped a random picture or two.
Hobbled, hobbled, hobbled.

And finally....
The underpass that would lead me AWAY from the ECP!!!!
Rejoice rejoice, Praise the Lord!!!!!
I finally see the sunlight at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!

Continued hobbling.
It was an endearing moment when I looked around and saw many others hobbling around me.
Misery definitely loved the company at that very moment.

The sun was high in the sky and mercilessly roasting my very being.
Thankfully the only thing that took my mind off my flesh being slowly cooked was the pain radiating from both the blisters on the sole of my feet.
Good to know those blisters had some form of usefulness.

The troubling bit about the last 2km was.....that it felt terribly long and every painful step I took did not seem to get me any nearer than I was with the step before.
Also it was very troubling to think about the uphill that I'd be walking up to at the finish line.

When I was finally at the bridge leading to the Marina Barrage....I had very mixed emotions.
I felt happy to be this close to finishing.
I was also extremely pissed that the architects and the engineers that designed and built this place made the bloody bridge so freakin long.

Hobbled, hobbled, hobbled.

Just as I was about to step into the barrage, 2 well-meaning volunteers ran up to me and urged me to run.
I mustered some form of a smile and told them that I couldn't.
Deep down, I wanted to grab my running shoe and threw at the first person who mentioned the word RUN!
But of course, they meant well. So I continued to hobble to the finish line.

Hazel and Sandy were both there cheering everyone on.
Thankfully they didn't use the word RUN in the encouraging comments they threw at me.

The last climb up to the finish line........woah......
That.....wasn't as emotional as I thought I'd be.
I thought I would cry.
I thought I would bawl my eyeballs out at the sight of the finish line.

But as the finish line came into view....all I could think about was how hungry I was, how close I was to food.....and that I'm gonna get my swollen hands on a finisher's T!!!!!
And those thought made me so so happy!!!!!!!
( have no idea how happy I was when I found a chair to sit my arse down on and when they handed me my finisher's T-shirt!!!!!)

It was OVER!!!!!
Thank goodness I survived!!!!!
Thank goodness I was given another chance to live another day to be stupid again and sign on for another ultra!!!!

I'm SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
So happy coz I'm done!!!!!!!
So happy coz I've completed what I've set out to do!!!!!!
So happy coz the organizers extended the cut off time to 18 hours!!!!!!
So happy coz I completed in 17 hours and 20 minutes!!!!!!!
So happy that there was a buffet spread in front of me!!!!!!!

* Happy happy happy........God had given me strength and some wisdom to (hopefully) at least think twice when next year's race opens for registration.

* Food!!!!! My body calls out for FOOD!!!!!!

* Good job everyone!!!! Especially to first timer Melanie Koo!!!!

* My good 'ol Brooks Ghost 3. You have served me well. We have had many races and many training miles together.
And now....I have to bid you farewell!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!! *sob sob*

In retrospect.....especially now when the pain and the suffering seemed like a whole lifetime ago, the race wasn't that bad.
But then again, it's me......and I always forget how bad a race was and how I vowed never ever again to run a certain race right after I've completed only to find myself at the starting line the very next year.
So I'm NOT going to say that I'm never ever gonna run the 100km again.
But hopefully.....hopefully, I'd have a bit more sense to really really REALLY think it through before clicking AGREE when registration opens early next year.

I'd like to thank quite a few people in the journey towards my 100km race. KL training group.......*deep breath*.....Terence, Maybel, Winnie, Alexis, Uncle Vincent, Uncle Gary, 811, Agnes, David & ChooiWan, Chin Ann, Andrew, Bryan.....and if I forgot your name....then you must have not been turning up regularly!!!!
I'm a little sad to know that Uncle Gary didn't make the 100km.....but I'm proud of him for showing up and starting.
Other than that...I'm very proud of every single one of you!!!!!! my SG peeps.......Mo-maniac, Hazel, Sandy, Nancy, Jennifer......and all of you supporters on race day who were willing to give up sleep to cheer along a bunch of crazy people running a 100km. all my running buddies in KL and in Ipoh.....who we've shared laughters and running stories, ran races with, training with.....(there's too many to mention)......thank you for somehow being part of this crazy experience. YOU (yes YOU!!!!!), my loyal blog readers (I'm really surprise that you are still following my blog, by the way).....thank you for taking time off from your precious time table to read the ramblings of a crazy doctor.

p/s: Please take note that the photos above were plagiarized from winniewong......vincent....terence....jennifer....hazel......mohan.....ah weng.....

And now....I'll start my pseudo diet for PD tri!!!!