Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fresh out of the oven....

...or rather several days out of the oven that is the Newton 25km run.

I went back limping and in pain.
But nothing can't be solved with a little R&R and some popping of painkillers...(I LOVE Diclofenac!)

Actually...that was the least the R&R part anyway.
I'm a habitual pill popper so THAT is expected of me.

I wasn't keen to rest...I figured "active-rest-day" was more of my thing...but after nicely baked from the oven, I found myself extremely nauseated with a killer headache on Monday.

I was so nauseated I couldn't really eat much on Monday.
Was probably hypoglycaemia to a point that the headache transformed into dizziness.
Had to cancel evening walk....*boo hoo*
(but luckily it I could at least blame something else other than myself!!)

Monday afternoon.....the loose bowels started......until my stomach finally turned itself out and vomited whatever content that was in it that night.
Went to bed feeling as horrible as ever....even more horrible than running the 25km again in the same route and condition!!!!

Tuesday.....not taking anything orally.
I couldn't.
It was a water/Milo/water diet.
In the back of my mind, I was hoping I'd lost some weight by the time this gastrointestinal upset completes it tyranny.
More loose stools......another vomit session that night......and cancelled bike session as well!!! *sob sob*

Today.....much better!!!
Still more or less the liquid diet of water/Milo/water....but threw in some fruits, tofu and minimal amount of meat.
Still some abdominal colic and bloating-ness.....but at least I don't feel like I'm gonna collapse any time soon.
In fact I feel good enough to hop on the bike.

....which I did.....for bout 10km or less as the sky suddenly decided it was gonna release all the heavenly-stored-rain any moment soon.
And also I was having some "gear problems"!
I swear...Tobias is currently having a hissy fit because I'm not riding it as often as I should be...
Bloody emo-bike!!!!

Anyway.....hopefully will get it fixed during lunch time tomorrow since heading back after work.

Will be following Maybel and 'the-extremely-dashing-youthful-looking-and handsome' Terence (I'm hoping for some free lunch for our road trip on Friday!!!) down to Johor for the Desaru tri.
Well...actually, they'll be going at 6am on Friday morning as they have some work to settle in our Southern state and I'm being a helper of sort.
Oh well....anything for free transport!!!!

Alright then...


Monday, September 27, 2010

Newton 25km - 26/9/2010

As I am typing this...I am in pain, limping and extremely annoyed.

But mind is after all my REST day and I'm usually fidgety and irritable when not engaged in any physical activity.
Well....I can't, honestly.
I'm in PAIN!!

And let me explain why I'm in such dire state....ok, maybe not dire but not "up to par"!

Yesterday was the Newton 25km run.

I knew it was gonna be hilly.
I knew it was gonna be painful.
I knew I did not train on hills enough to finish with some fantastic timing.
I knew (after Saturday's 13km run with the left foot pain) that it was a mistake doing the pre-race-run.
But of course this all dawned on me as I was driving from my house to the meeting site of the pre-race run at 3.30am!!
Oh well...too late to be turning back.
I'm already there...I might as well attempt to run!

So gathered in front of me at an ungodly time of 4am were three other lunatic mileage-masochist (Jamie, Frank, Yimster) and one super-hyper photographer (we salute you, Mr Tey!).
Plan was to run twice an 8km loop to make it 16km before the start of the race at 6.30am.

With hydration bags fasten onto our backs, we headed off into the night....(early morning.....night.....not much difference at that point, really)

The left foot (mostly at the ankle area) was accommodating initially.
We were climbing up a mild inclined slope and the left foot cooperated.
Once we started the second mild slope, the left foot decided to stage a mutiny.
In fact, it recruited the left knee to rebel against the caption (ie ME)!!!!

I had to walk more or less back to the start at the end of the first loop.
I told Yimster that I better not push it.....I only have one cooperative side of a leg!
So the other three went off on their second loop, leaving me to wallow to self pity.

Therefore, completed 8km in 1:04:17. I really hate not achieving a goal that I've set out to do.
(yea yea...Type-A personality is widely known to be linked to cardiovascular disease and what-nots.....that's why I'm running like crazy to out-run my impending state of health!!! Although come to think of it I might be hastening my journey to the incinerator this way.....erm...don't think about it!!!)

At that time, more and more runners were arriving at the venue.

Met a lot of running friends and took tons of photos.
If I can't run well....I will have lots of photos to show for.
And best of all....I even have a photo of crush-boy....(so what if I didn't manage to find myself in that photo?!)

After telling almost everybody I know that I am in pain (if I didn't tell YOU, then I must have forgotten) perpetuate the self-pity from earlier was almost time to start.

The first 5km went well.
The sun was not yet at its monstrous level of scorching-ness and everyone around were still in a chatty mood.

Passed first hydration station.
Only water.
Was really hoping for isotonics.....I was starting to get hungry.

Continued on.....and the initial mild incline progressed into a steady climb.
Still happy and still chatting and still snapping photos like there's no tomorrow.

Around 8km...the sun peeped through....and the temperature rose.

After the first turn-around, we met with the 12km runners. Then second hydration station.
Disappointed by the volunteers when they told me that they've run out of isotonics.
We were told that we were LATE!

I could see more 25km runners behind me.....I can't be this LATE!
What about those people behind me?!

The heat became more and more unbearable.
The hydration stations became more and more widely spaced!!

I was pacing KD.
It was her first race OVER 21km..
So I decided I'll complete this run with her.
For her, it's unchartered territory....for me, I'm in pain......brilliant combination, don't you think?!

As KD and I slowed and inserted more walking intervals between our runnings, Wendy, PG and Carrie moved further and further in front until we no longer see them.

The hills kept on coming...the sun kept on burning...and we kept on trudging.
We didn't know how far along the route we were....but we were dying for it to end!
And where are those bloody distance markers when you need them?!

The distance markers only made a brief appearance at 20km point.
And then it was per-kilometer marked until the end.
(stupid, inconsiderate distance markers!!!!)

So we run-walked all the way back.
KD says she didn't feel very well.

I felt bad for her.
It was very hot.
She was not used to it.
She felt bad for me.
I kept persuading her to run with me.
But she couldn't.

I was worried that she wasn't drinking enough water.
(I guzzled down 2 bottles of coke and a bottle of isotonic that I purchased from the petrol kiosks along the route)
She felt nauseated if she drank anything more than a sip.
And in such weather condition, I was worried she'd faint and suffer from heatstroke!!!
(and there isn't medical aid anywhere in sight....oh don't look at me....I can't save lives on my own!!!)

Everyone else around us were also walking slowly.
We were like right out of a zombie movie.....except that it was in daylight and we were sweating like crazy!!!

I told KD to focus on each passing distance markers.

5km to go.

Keep shuffling there.
Try to run to the next red cone on the road.

4km to go.

C' are doing fantastic.....we'll start running after this tree.

3km to go.

Think of all the calories you've burnt!!!
You can now go buy yourself a smaller sized pair of jeans!!!!

2km to go.

Almost there....hang in there. Puke if you want to...but preferably not on me.

1km to go.

Alright...just after the corner and we're done.
I swear we're done!!

And we ran past the finish line with the broadest grin on our faces!!!!!

1. Free socks?
2. Definitely because you-know-who was there...
3. Had fun with friends
4. I like the finisher's T despite it being entirely cotton....(yes yes I remember the incident with the Perth marathon finisher's shirt!)

BAD BITS ABOUT THE RACE (Gosh where do I even begin!?):
1. Inadequate hydration stations!
2. Inadequate isotonics for all!!! (it's dilutional hyponatraemia waiting to happen!!!)
3. What traffic control?
4. Did someone turn the sauna on?!
5. I'm sure I've mentioned many times that I HATE hills.
6. Currently suffering from post-race headache and nausea due to unbearable heat!!!
7. I've just raised my skin cancer risk up several notches....
8. Stupid left foot pain!!!!

I'm gonna go lay down somewhere near the toilet in case I throw up. Stupid nausea.....


Saturday, September 25, 2010

The PRE-pre-Newton25k run...

Saturday workout: 13km @ 6am

I'm having this annoying dull pain at the arch area of my left foot.

It has been there since my post-VFF run in those Glycerins of mine.
(by the way....if you still want the semi-used Brooks Glycerin in USA size's still up for grab!!)

And the Newton 25km is TOMORROW.
Furthermore, we're doing a pre-Newton run with distance of 15-16km.
(the mileage-masochists...YOU people know who YOU ARE.....are trying to achieve at least 40km for tomorrow's run)

Rest would sound fantastic today....except for the fact that I don't quite like to rest that much.

I figured I'd try easing myself into running today with the dull pain and see how it goes.
Besides, today's run isn't too long a distance and I could always limp back to the car if shit does happen...not that I'm hoping any shiteous things will occur!

Today's run was with 'handsome' uncle Terence's running group...minus the 'handsome' uncle Terence (he's in East Malaysia for work).
Managed to persuade Wendy and the running lovebirds (ie Dannie and Carrie) to run SLOW with me.
Please focus and meditate on the word S.L.O.W....because what we did today was SLOW!!!

We did one round at the periphery of the KL Bird Park...and then hit the Double Hill loop.

The dull ache comes and goes in the left foot and as long as I try to NOT think about it, I think I could still pull off 40km tomorrow.
And as long as I keep fore-foot strike, the pain's presence is barely felt.
So fore-foot all the way!!!!!


* Post-run gossip session....(gossiping about the who-and-who of the Malaysian running community definitely outbid in sauciness-factor.....I'm kidding)

* I'm trying out the 2XU compression socks that came free with the Newton 25k race kit.
In fact, don't tell anyone....but the ONLY reason why I signed up for this race was because of the free socks. There...I've said it....I'm totally cheap!!!
But of course now that I've found out that crush-boy is running it tomorrow, it's a whole different ball game!!!!

* My Ipoh-based running partner, Wendy joined us today for morning run.
Which do you prefer.....running skirts with knee-high compression socks or WITHOUT?!

* Erm...I've not idea what Maybel is doing....but she is freakin fast and I'm hoping to pace her during Penang Bridge Marathon in November to achieve my sub-5 full!!!! goes nothing.
Pray hard for my left feet, y'all...


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tuesday workout: 30km bike ride

Wednesday workout: 5km run in those "vibrams".

Thursday workout: 5km run in those DARN Brooks Glycerin!!!

First things first.....I've signed up for the Hooha 10.10.10 5.5km run.
Yes...I understand that it is the SAME day of Nike KL 10km run.

But here's the thing....I was texted by Alexis on Monday if I would be interested in running the 5.5km race AS WELL AS the Nike 10km run.
(please keep in mind that the day before, would be NorthFace 100km duo race)

I asked her how would that be possible...running two races on the same morning.

The answer apparently lies in the fact that the races start about over an hour apart at different locations in KL.
We would first go run Nike 10km...then upon finishing (limp across the finish line, most likely), quickly make our way to the next location which is the start venue for the Hooha 5.5km race.
CRAWL across that finish line and call it a day.

Initially I thought this was one heck of a crazy idea.
Then I remembered that I THRIVE on crazy the very next day I signed up.
So for everyone out there running the 10th October Sunday races back to back.....welcome me, your new member into your crazy club!!

Also...this morning while trying to be productive at work, I signed up for the MR25 ultramarathon in Singapore on the 26th December 2010.....and bought the flight tickets as well!!
(I know...productive as hell, right?!)

So I'm celebrating Jesus' arrival on earth to save mankind by running an ultramarathon!

I'm not sure if God would be too please but I figured I'll do the midnight mass on Christmas eve, sleep in on Christmas morning and rush to the airport and fly down to Singapore for the's not like I'm giving up Jesus' birthday bash to race, y'know....

Also....I've been having some pretty disappointing runs for the past few days.
Hence the very VERY low mileage of late.

On Wednesday, I ran in my "Vibrams" and halfway through the run, my gastrointestinal tract decides to rebel against the entire system thus forcing me to halt the run and rush back to the nearest toilet.
And because I've not run in those "Vibrams" in over 2 weeks, suddenly running in them again really cause my calve muscle to hurt.
Not to mention the soles of my feet and slightly at my ankles.

On Thursday.....I HAVE to run.....(I kinda overate for lunch...and need to ease the guilt!!) but decided against running in the "Vibrams".

Instead, I ran in my Brooks Glycerin.
Big mistake!!! Glycerin is kinda like the white elephant amongst my running shoe collection.
It's freakin pricey (despite the 40% voucher I got from running Bidor Half Marathon earlier this year) shoe, and despite it coming highly recommended from Runner's World and from fellow runners......I absolutely HATE this shoe!!!

I've never hated a pair of running shoes as much I've hated the Glycerin.
Everything about it is wrong for my feet.'s WAY too chunky.
It forces my feet to go heel-strike!'s WAY too cushion-y.
It is just plain uncomfortable!

In fact, since purchasing this shoe for almost 4 months (and counting...), I've worn this shoe less than 10 times.....(see, told ya...white freakin elephant!! It was a huge letdown of a shoe)

So today's run in the Glycerin was pure torture.
Drained whatever enthusiasm I had to continue running today.

So here's the deal......
Since I HATE it so way in hell I'm gonna wear it again.
But rather than just stashing it at home or in the back of my car, I might as well make sure the money I've spent goes into good use.

So I'm giving up my Brooks Glycerin for ADOPTION!!!

Let some other feet give it a good and decent home.
Hopefully the Glycerin will give someone else a PB or two.
It's still pretty new....I've worn is less than 1o times.
I'm wearing USA size 9.....and if you're interested, email me and I'll GIVE IT TO YOU!!!!
(no charges whatsoever....but if you feel guilty about taking a shoe off me....I can always trade it for a sumptuous meal of salmon sashimi....yumm.....!)

* Dinner with Kelvin and Mich...

* Folie-Folie....

* Salmon sandwich...

* Club sandwich...

* Mushroom pizza.....
All in all....NEVER order their sandwiches or their pizzas....and you'll have a great dinner!

* Raya "banquet" at the nuthouse...

* Too much spicy food for lunch...

* Sara and Adibah...

* Choo and Uncle Lee...

* Su Huey and Mich...

* Uncle Lee...get that fork outta my face!!

* Toying around with Azlina's stuffed turtle in the backseat of her car...

* I reckon I'm cuter....(who the hell says I'm delusional!!??)
No really....we actually do DO some sort of work in the hospital....'s Newton 25km race this Sunday.
A few other mileage-masochists and I are running about 15km prior to the race to make this Sunday a 40km run.
We're starting at 4am....feel free to join us.
(darn it....I should start a Facebook group call Mileage-Masochist for the heck of it....!!!!)

Watch out for the Newton 25k race report....


Monday, September 20, 2010 least I have THAT!!!

I'm a happy camper for surviving another 35-hour work day(s)!!

Thank God for blessing me with a very quiet Sunday in the nuthouse.
In fact I was so blessed, I had one nap too many which caused an uncomfortable sleepless night.....
No one else to blame but self. *sigh*

Anyway I didn't manage to run the 10-miler prior to starting work Sunday morning.
I woke up with a rather sore left ankle and decided I needed a day off.
But I did pack my bike into the car in hopes of a really good ride session after work on Monday.
...which did NOT happen due to unforeseen and uncontrollable RAIN!

So I decided to pay my hairdresser a visit.

Honestly I can't remember the last time I went to her....must have been before KL Marathon to dye my hair another shade of brownish red (probably end of June!!).

Me and her (I like to call her the Smoking Aunty.....she smokes and she fits the age group, although now she might have reverted several years back with her recent eye-lid lift surgery) have this bet going regarding me leaving my hair long.

Y'see.....I've been always a short-hair-not-bother-combing-just-got-outta-bed-look-kinda-girl.
Almost ALWAYS!!!
I didn't own a single hair brush until earlier this year...
(I didn't see the need for one. My hair looked the same with or without brushing when in short length)
And the only reason why I went out and bought myself a hair brush was because of this bet!!!

Late last year, Smoking Aunty said I'd never get my hair long....I was destined for short hair FOREVER!!!!

Apparently I didn't have the willpower for it....and I wasn't bothered enough to care of growing hair.
I, on the other hand told her that I could grow my hair out if I wanted to.
She laughed....and I said, "Alright...GAME ON.....I will get my hair long THIS year!!!!"

And I persevered.......

And she was in for a shock when I walked in with my hair FINALLY below my shoulder in length!!!
(Honestly, I think it was easier to run a marathon with minimal training than to grow my hair out!)

I told Smoking Aunty that I may not be "gifted" enough a female to give tender loving care to hair follicles to become the next Pantene-girl...but I do have PERSEVERANCE!!!

The same PERSEVERANCE that kept me going through med school...
(although in retrospect, I should have given up in first semester and pursued SOMETHING else!!!)

The same PERSEVERANCE that keeps me heading back week after week for long runs.... (although I prefer skipping the faster pace training runs)

The same PERSEVERANCE that makes me wake up at ungodly hours to train....
(but I could never wake up early for work everyday)

The same PERSEVERANCE that helped me finish my first ultramarathon (and keen to repeat it soon!)

Yes....I may not be born super fast, super brainy or super shiny hair like Giselle....but at least I HAVE PERSEVERANCE!!!!
(I know...I'm gonna head off tangent soon...)

Anyway...I got Whatapps by Jeff this afternoon regarding the
MR25 Ultramarathon.
(Jeff, by the way, is a self-proclaimed mileage-masochist.....the longer and more torturous a distance, the happier Jeff will be!!)
Takes one mileage-masochist to acknowledge another....which is why he texted ME....

MR25 (MacRitchie Runners 25 Cross Country Ultra Marathon) in Singapore this year is scheduled on 26th December 2010 (Merry Christmas in advance, y'all!!).
It's a pretty affordable race (especially when based on Singaporean standards.....) and it's the next closest ultramarathon that we Malaysians can aim for.

I've been thinking about running it......(it was afterall recommended by Mo-maniac)
Great way of celebrating Christmas...
Praise God for sending Jesus at mass....then the next day go run an ultra!!
Christmas can't get any better than this....

Anyway, looking for more ultra-loving-runners from this region....
Do click HERE for more info and get back to me if you're keen!!!

Before I forget....I received an email from the good people of the Fresh Air Fund.
Click HERE for more info....
The Fresh Air Fund program was created since 1877 (non-profit-org), to provide free summer experience to children from disadvantaged communities. Each year, thousands of children visit volunteer host families in 13 states of US of A and Canada through the Friendly Town Program or attend one of five Fresh Air Fund camps...
(you can tell that I copy-pasted the above)

They are recruiting people to run the NYC Marathon on on 7th November 2010 to race money for their program.

Unfortunately I lack the finances to head NYC to run....(tremendously envious of Shanaz at the moment coz the girl is heading for this race....totally green with envy!!!)
So if any of you FORTUNATE people are heading NYC for the race, drop by the above link and just check it out!

Hoping (and praying) for good weather tomorrow....I really need to hop on the bike and hit the road!!!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh the irony.....

So yesterday was the long run....

I figured today should be the swim day......

I usually prefer to run in cooler weather...and especially in Malaysia, in light rain.
And rainy days are good for bumming around as well.

However, I prefer nice sunny weather for both cycling and swimming.
Especially swimming!!

So I got up this morning at 7am....I didn't even need the alarm.

Noticed that my face was suffering from ANOTHER case of I-didn't-wear-sunscreen-to-run-thus-now-sunburnt problem.
(yea yea yea I know.....increase risk of malignant changes to the skin....I get it!!! I'm just lazy!!)

Was heading downstairs for breakfast when it started.....the sound of pitter-patter outside.'s raining.

Nevermind....hopefully by 9am (swimming complex opens then) the rain will be over....

Waited until 8am.....still raining....(in full force, by the way!!)

Approaching 9am.....still raining.....

10am....what the it STILL raining!? 
( can't tell that I'm annoyed?!)

By 11am.....given up hopes of swimming in the morning.
It's gloomy and it's still raining outside.

Head for lunch with Damenthi (first contact  with her since her transfer from the nuthouse to the research "lab") at KLCC. It was still drizzling when I entered KLCC.

Figured I'll go swimming after lunch.

By the time I got home, it was 3pm.

Was kinda tired.....blame it on post-prandial conditions of the body.
Lay down on the couch and internally had this conversation....

Body: I think it's nappy time...
Brain: No way, girl.....get your arse off the couch and go swimming!!!
Body: But it's great weather to sleep....
Brain: Don't you have a sprint tri to train for???
Body: Yea but I can handle that...
Brain: You do realize that the last swim you had was the PD sprint tri...right?!
Body: .....oh darn!

So after deciding that I'm lacking in training for the swim leg of the tri.....decided to go look for my swim stuff and head to the pool....

......only to be NOT able to find my goggles, swim cap and swim suit!!!
(yup...left them in Ipoh)


Oh well....a nap sounds good then, doesn't it? of some random stuff:

* Thanks Wendy for the was G.R.E.A.T!!!! I'll return the container...erm, when I see you!

* Teppanyaki chicken rice from Olivenz Restaurant....not bad!

* Lunch at KLCC food court with Damenthi and Lee...ordered the Wasabi Chicken Bento set..

* was a pretty decent bento!!! I didn't know food court produces such good food!!!

* Damenthi WE miss you at the nuthouse!!!

* Damenthi's colleague...Lee

* Post lunch dessert.....Durian Divine!! Yummmm....

So again!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thought while running long...

Finally...I've done my long run for the week!!!

Yup.....did 33km with Terence, Maybel, Karen, Jeff and Agnes. least I got THAT out of the way for the remaining days of the week.
Now I just need to pile on some more mileage to make up for the last 3 lazy days!


I've been asked many times by friends (non-running sort, obviously, if they HAD to ask) what actually goes through my mind while I'm running.
I can't actually remember what goes through MY mind while running most of the time.
But for documentation sake, I tried to remember key points of what went through the complicated web of thoughts that made up my conscious mind during today's run.

Woke up at 4.30am to prep for the 5.30am start.
While started the warm up....I was thinking to myself how nice would it be if I was still in bed.

Being snugly tucked under the sheets and the air conditioning switched on so that the room temperature imitated Melbourne in Spring....or something along those lines.

But once I got into the rhythm of repetitive pounding of feet against the pavement, I started to feel really good. Like I could achieve all things once I put my mind into it. 
Heck, I could sign up for Ultra right this instant!!!!

And of course I felt SO bloody proud that I got out of bed to do something as healthy as running!!! (of course my mom would beg to her, I'm this close to crossing the line between sanity and being a case of "lost cause")

We headed towards Hartamas and the hills began.....

Consciously I was telling myself to NOT let the hills intimidate me.
I know...I appear tough (or at least I like to think so!) but faced with a steep hill and I feel like crying and running home to mommy.....(figuratively...not literally!!!)

I've always hated hills.
I still do.
But at least these days I revel in the challenge of another steep incline (most days).

Consciously, I tell myself to run strong.....or at least as long as I possibly can without stopping to walk.
My legs tell me that this is difficult.
My mind tells my legs to suck it up and get on with it!!!!

As we were approaching Petronas petrol station for drinks.....I was thinking, how nice it would be to have an ice cold bottle of Mountain Dew RIGHT NOW!!!!

In fact, I think I was so dehydrated, ANY sort of drinkable liquid would do just fine!!!!

Returning back to the car park, my feet were starting to hurt.

So in my mind....I keep telling myself....Puisan, you are HARDCORE, that is if you finish what you've started!!! So go be HARDCORE and keep on running!!!! So what if Ronnie See's group is flying pass your running group!?

We finally reach the Bukit Aman car park...and thus far, we've completed 22-ish kilometers!
10-ish more to go....

Terence said that we'd do the Carcosa route....
I have no idea what route this is.....but I was told that there'd be HILLS!

Half way climbing those hills....I started to wonder if my legs were still intact.
Luckily when I glanced down, they were right where I left them this morning...attached me ME!!!
But the soles of my feet were crying....

The last few km were torturous.
To urge myself to keep moving, my mind kept on telling the body that it's burning a lot of fat...trying to coax the legs to continue....

....with hopes of one day looking like Kara Goucher.....

Ok the mind was being a little unrealistic.....but it kept me moving until we finished!!!

Then I look at Agnes and she was sporting a pair of Brooks running shoes...
Suddenly I thought of getting my feet in a new pair of Brooks Ghost 3.....(Runner's World Editor's Choice, y'all!!!)

After into car and drove home.
On the drive home...I wondered if I've burnt enough calories to eat like a pig for the whole entire day!!!

Maybe that is the reason why I can't seem to shake off the extra poundage despite running like crazy.....


To choose between being thin and being able to eat......
Well....isn't the choice OBVIOUS?!