Thursday, July 29, 2010


Thursday run: 10km @ 1:08:11

In my "VIBRAM"!!!!

Yup...finally did my 10km in them.
I didn't want to plaster my feet like I did previously.
Instead, I generously applied lip balm (I left BOTH bottles of BodyShield back in KL....I know, duh!!) around the edges of my feet and wherever I guessed I'd probably suffer from chafing/blister during and/or post run.

And thankfully it worked!!!

I ran with Wendy today.
I didn't even think about running the 10km route.
Was just hoping to get through the 7km loop in my 'VFF' without a hitch.
But as we ran, Wendy suggested to go the full monty and run 10km instead.
Since my feet weren't in pain....I figured it'll get me my original VFF sooner that way.

Although I could still feel the inseams against my skin, it didn't automatically exploded into full blown ulcerated skin lesion like the first time running in them.
I think the lip balm must have helped.....(and if you're interested, it was the lippy balm from Body Tangerine flavour!)

And I kinda like feeling the ground right underneath my feet.
Running over stonier areas felt like my foot going through reflexology.
And I do think that running in such a minimally supported footwear, it forces you to go as forefoot as you possibly can.
It also forces you to run with higher cadence.....(there might be a proper word to what I'm trying to describe but I just can't be bothered to think of it right now)
And because you're running on higher cadence, I feel that it helps me run slightly faster.
That....or Wendy has really been slacking in her training post full marathon. legs feel fine.
My knees feel fine. My hips feel fine. Everything except the second toe of both feet hurt.
I blame the fact that my second toe is longer than the first toe on both feet.

Now considering wearing them at Shape Night Run this Saturday.

And currently searching high and low for the black running skirt that I wanted Khairul to wear on this Saturday's race!! Darn it......why can't I find it when I actually am looking for it?!
Bloody Murphy's Law.....


* More photos from KL Mental Health Convention....or at least the eating part.

* Yours truly and Aisah......(stop being so pathologically attached to your kid!!!)

* Aiza and Suhana.....
* Lunch with Nusrat and Anita.

* KD bought me my "congratulations-you-have-completed-a-triathlon" cupcakes!!! Thanks babe!! That, my 13 years of friendship!!!

* Anita, Aiza and KD @ KLCC......for your info, we are there AFTER WORKING HOURS!!!!! Really!!! Damn it...why won't anyone believe me?!

* Clowning around at Harrod's @ KLCC yesterday after KL Mental Health Convention.

* Mich and I at Citrus Restaurant for Elly Lilly sponsored drug-talk dinner. We got there late and by the time we settled into our seats, the talk was coming to an end. I wasn't quite sure what the topic was but I'm rather certain that it had something to do with Olanzepine!

* The asparagus and duck soup. I think the bread was the best part of the dish! I'm old-school, y'see. Ain't very good with all the fusion-edible-whatever!!

* Waited forever for my lamb stew to be set in front of me. I'm not sure if all the waiting was worth it. The lamb however, was rather tender. Suddenly I felt like I've should have gone for the salmon instead....sigh!

* Dessert!!!!!!! I LIVE for dessert!!!! And seriously....their mudcake is DA BOMB!!!!

Thank goodness I ran 10km to justify the mortal sin of gluttony.
Gosh...I'm never going to Heaven this way!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiring 3 days...

Monday workout: 7.5km run on the treadmill

Tuesday and Wednesday workout: NIL

And I'm FINALLY back in Ipoh after almost a week of absence!
Not like I'm that looking forward to starting work tomorrow....sigh.

I've been in KL from Monday until Wednesday for the KL Mental Health Convention 2010 at PWTC and since Sunday night, have been residing at The Legend Hotel....right opposite PWTC!!

We (the group from our hospital) were suppose to be in the Community Psychiatry workshop on the first day of the convention.
However due to some cock-up at registration level, our names weren't in that particular workshop. Instead, we were given the Wellness Conference Workshop instead.
Yea...the one that paramedics attend.
And yea....we were the only doctors there participating in that workshop.

Initially there were some reservations regarding us wasting our time at Wellness (although secretly I LOVED it compared to community psychiatry....) but after a while we all rather enjoyed it.

It's no secret (at least to US) that atypical antipsychotics that are more commonly prescribed in psychosic patients these days, are contributing to the increasing risk of patients gaining unwanted weight and also developing metabolic syndrome....(go google it!)
And true enough, a lot of our patients on long term psychotropic drugs are also now battling obesity, hypertension, insulin-resistance/diabetes and also cardiovascular diseases.
Obviously all the above also leads to increase risk of getting a stroke!!

So Wellness Program was made in attempts to tackle this risk issue.
We're also conducting it at our premises for selected patients.
Can't exactly say it's least not for MY patients......

But the workshop had conducted by psychiatrists....dietitian....psychologists.....and exercise physiologists!!!
In a nutshell....bloody freakin COOL!!!!

Only Monday was fun...Tuesday and Wednesday was dreary and extremely work-related....which automatically makes it a pain in the behind!!
But on the up side, I get to meet all my friends from various hospitals whom came to our institution for Forensic Psychiatry posting.
Gosh I miss you guys!!!

Besides the presentations and talks on various subjects within the psychiatric discipline...the convention was all about eating!

* Breakfast was all about protein!!!

* Meeting Zuriana again after yonkers!!!

* We got thrown into the Wellness Conference Workshop!

* The spread at morning was like this all three days!!! (and also for tea!!)

* Anita, Aisah and Aiza....

* Group work!

* It was so fun! After each presentation, they had question and answer session and they give out freebies! I felt like a kid winning a colouring contest!!!

* The dietitian showing how to take proper measurements...the correct way!

* Lunch had the calorie count stated for each meal...

* What I had for lunch......(I refused to count my calories!!!!)

* The exercise experts from UiTM....

* Sara and Mel taking mental notes...

* Prof Zul demonstrating how to do a proper Plank!

* The people in the Masters of Psychiatry program....thank goodness I'm not in it!

* I finally bumped into Dr. Xavier. He was my lecturer in my formative years back in med school.

* I kinda like the advert from Brooks running shoes about the running Sumo wrestler!! Running makes you skinny-arse!!! (I'm still waiting for that to happen to me...)

* Me just before heading to the hotel's gym for a run on the dreadmill. In my "vibram".
Was trying to reach 10km....coz I told myself I'd get me the authentic Vibrams if I did 10km in my fakes. I plastered up my feet at all the hotspots....but after 7.5km.....hotspots became too hot to handle. time, lubricating my feet up!!!

Tomorrow....hopefully, I'll get to my 10km in my "Vibram".....I don't want anymore blisters!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

BHP Orange Run 11km 25/7/2010

Sunday workout: 11km @ 1:23:42

Not exactly fast.
But this was MY fun run....and I was banditing it.
Thank goodness Emmy bandit it with me!!

I ran with the camera so I have TONS of photos.

By the way...for those who are absolutely clueless regarding the Orange's actually a foot race with the main sponsor being BHP (still trying to ignore the oil spills?) and the absolutely best thing about it's FREE!!! read that correctly.

And for those who question my sanity to run today after yesterday's sprint tri......well....I was bored and I have absolutely nothing better to do on a Sunday morning than to run!!!
Besides....I meet friends, make new friends...and get some exercise all at the same time!!!

I do have to admit that my legs do feel a bit tired...not sore....but just fatigue-feeling.
Yes yes....I have to rest.
I'll do so....soon. Really!!!

Anyway....I wasn't up for driving since I drove from Ipoh down to PD and then back up to KL for the sprint tri...
I managed to get the boys (CS and vern...for heaven sake, get Facebook!!) to come pick me up.
I mean,'s kinda on the way....and I really REALLY don't want to drive!!!

So the plan was that they'll come at 5.45am....and get there with an hour to idle around before the race starts at 7am.
I woke up at 6am....when CS called me to tell me that they are 2 minutes away...
Massive mad rush to wash up and get dress and get out of the door for them to not notice that I just woke up!!!

We got to The Curve, Damansara (the starting point of the race) with ample time on our hands.
Out came my camera and I started snapping away. Oh I'm already having fun!!!

Race was scheduled to start at 7am....but the organizers decided to flag off the women runners first at 7.15am and then the men will start after...(although I'm not really sure how long after we started)

So I ran with Emmy ALL the way.

Met a lot of running friends and acquaintances along the way and made some new friends as well!

The route was kinda hilly and I wasn't quite expecting it.
But because I was running at a rather chill-out pace, I didn't really feel the incline.
Or to put it more accurately, I walked the uphills so therefore didn't quite feel the incline!!!

Had lots of fun....took lots of pictures....met a lot of, photo-log:

* Just arrived at The Curve area and found parking. Me, Vern and CS.

* Alexis (my trailblazer partner) doing her volunteering bit!! Good job girl...

* Apparently there's quite a running team going at MAS.

* Emmy came to join me in banditing the run. Now didn't you enjoy it, girl?!

* Bumped into Maybel. Met her yesterday at PD for the sprint tri.

* The crowd all ready to run!!!

* Bump into Jason snapping photos for Snap-Attack!

* Thank goodness for Revive water station...

* It was uphill and downhill most of the way...

* Finally CS caught up with the girls...

* Tired, sweaty and still in the mood for cam-whoring!

* Vern....why aren't you keeping up with CS?

* Here's Emmy and Joyce....our new friend whom we met along the way! Notice that she's wearing a skirt!!

* Jeff was taking it easy that day...

* Met another girl wearing a skirt. Since then, we've been FB friends....guys, meet Karen!

* Found Khairul in the end....sporting his FMV vest.

* Gee and his friend.....

* Almost there....

* Thank you to these men in uniform for keeping us from being road-kill....

* Finally...the finish line!

* Aren't we happy that it was finally over?

* Met another Karen wearing another skirt! It's skirt-evolution!!!

* It was great weather that morning....

* Spotted John volunteering as well.....good job holding up that MEN sign! Looking cute in your reflector vest, dude!!

1. It was free...
2. Good post-race food!
3. Fun atmosphere
4. Lots of friends
5. Met/made new friends

1. Erm.....crush wasn't there?! (found out later he was in PD)
2. Did I not mention it was a free race? How could there be any BAD bits?!!!!

Will be in KL for KL Mental Health Convention until Wednesday....