Monday, May 31, 2010

...and I'm ALIVE!!!

Yes folks....

I'm well and kicking (not too high a kick due to sore muscles) despite me prophesying my possible demise on the race course of my very first 'anything-more-than-42km' distance race.

Nope....I survived the distance.
I survived the 84km Sundown Ultra Marathon!!
I survived not sleeping one whole night!!
I survived the pain!!
I OUTRAN the pain!! (gosh...I need more pats on the back for this)


I got the finisher's T-shirt!!!

Anyway, I just got back from Singapore and it is getting to be quite a chore keeping these eyes open.

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm alright.
Coz I know you were bloody worried about me!!!
Race report....perhaps tomorrow.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Less than 24 hours to go....

No workout until the start of the ultra marathon tomorrow.

It's less than 24 hours.

Exactly 20 hours!!!

*whacks back of own head for being rash back in December*

I'm ready. Sorta. Erm, maybe not that much. Not really at all, to be honest.

But I know I can do it.....or die trying. Preferably the former rather than the latter.

Mentally (and in blog post) doing my last minute check list.
2 pairs of shoes...check.
2 pairs of socks....check.
10 packets of oral rehydration salts for pre-race/post-race drinks....check.
iPod fully charge.....working on it.
Support crew.....abandoned stations.
Carbo-loading....check and still in progress.
Power-gels....must get tomorrow.
*kicks own arse for procrastinating*

Mojo....kinda lacking but still optimistic.

Yeah....sorta ready for tomorrow's race.

Here's me wishing BEST of luck to all the virgin ultra-marathoners running with me tomorrow. And to all the other runners running the Sundown race (in whatever category)..have fun an d a great race!!!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm officially NUTS

Blame the fact that I work in a mental institution.

Blame it on my sorta-in-control depression.

Blame it on the stress of the upcoming ultramarathon.

But whatever it is....I found myself already signed up for the Port Dickson Sprint Triathlon in end of July!

Did I mention that I haven't got my bike yet?


I'm heading back KL today!! (yay)

And we're having a gathering for Pearlie before she heads back to the States.

Gosh I don't feel like going to work today.

(it's my morning ramblings.....let me be)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Monday workout: swim 600m @ 5.30pm

Swim was cut short due to inconsiderate pool-users. It is unbelievable how many anencephalics that live in the same apartment building as me!!!! Yes....Darwin was wrong. There are some individuals within the same species that failed to evolve with the rest!!

Tuesday workout: run 5km (32:23) @ 7pm

Finished work late.
Had 'field-trip' to Kuala Selangor.

And will be quite a post...lengthy, and as always, nonsensical to a degree.
Just bear with me. I was saying, I went on a 'field-trip' today. For work, obviously.
I had a new case that came in under P57 (police remanded) and the history that I got from the dude was sketchy.
Either he's in denial or just plain not forthcoming with the truth....or psychotic....
Or I just suck at history taking.
And I've been in Forensic Psychiatry for over a year and I know I can't be THAT bad at my work.
Obviously things don't add up.
A visit to the crime scene was called for.
I sorta pushed for it coz I didn't want to spend another day in the hospital.
(for all the stress these idiots put me through and with the counter transference that I'm extremely prone to, I really enjoy the perks of 'crime scene visits')

So Suhana, Kak Salbiah (social welfare officer) and I took a trip down to Kuala Selangor to meet the officer incharge and to meet the family members that the patient denied having and to see where it all took place.
I'm not too sure what I can and cannot reveal about my case....
The point is actually about the lunch that the chief officer took us to.

Apparently Kuala Selangor is famous for the fresh and reasonably priced seafood, besides the abundance of fireflies!

That's one reason why I had to run today despite swearing off running until the race.
My sudden fear that today's lunch will immediately turn to subcutaneous tissue that won't be sitting infront of my chest!

* Although we kinda got lost trying to get from Tanjung Rambutan to Kuala Selangor, we finally did reach IPD Kuala Selangor in the end. Thank goodness I don't have to return back to work without a report to show boss!

* I just found out that JSJ means Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (direct translation would be 'Crime Investigation Department'....did I get that right?)

* Suhana and Kak Salbiah!

* Self protraits are MY shut up!

* We were taken to this restaurant by the river for lunch....

* I have no idea what these are....but they nicknamed it 'Guitar'. Someone said it's called 'Siput Berduri'...which in direct translation is 'Thorny Snail'!!!

* Suhana shows how one eats the 'Thorny Snail'.

* I especially like the fried calamari!!

* The fish was pretty good as well. So were the prawns. Gosh I was SO stuffed after that, that I slept the whole way back to Tanjung Rambutan.

Also.....I've finally packed.
Well, more or less. There are still some stuff in my KL wardrobe that I need to pack.
But besides that, I'm PACKED!
I hope I won't be leaving anything behind.
I'm prone to underpacking...and frankly, I'm sick of it.
So...I've catalogued the MOST important stuff that I NEED for the ultra in my photo-log.
(important as in 'I-can't-buy-last-minute-in-Singapore' sort)

* I know Mo-maniac says not to change shoes in between the race....but I like to have a back up. Just in case. No...I'm not jinxing myself or anything. But I just like to be prepared!!! Will be wearing my Brooks Ghost (right) for the race. The Launch (left) will be my 'just-in-case' shoe.

* My compression tights! That I bought from CHOI! (see...I'm advertising for you!)
The shorter one for race....the longer one for recovery.

* iPod. Music for 14-15 hours. There's only that much of Justin Bieber (I'm in the middle of my waning Bieber-mania) that I can take. Hoping David Guetta will get me through the rest of the way.

* 2 pair of socks....2 flavours of Nuun....and something to prevent the chafing.
I think I'm much better prepared compared to the Energizer Marathon. of things that has been happening in the mundane life of a medical officer in psychiatry, constantly running away (in the literal sense) from her problems!!!!

* I suddenly had cravings for doughnuts!'s called "carbo-loading'.

* My absolute favourites!!!

* Dinner at Kahve's with Pam and Kelvin.

* We go way back to the suffering days of housemanship. We had a blast back then!!

* Kelvin choosing teddy for significant other.
Pick the pink one!!!

And on a 'down' bit....I've increased my antidepressant dosage because have been feeling a little more ambivalent and anhedonic than usual. Yes...this ultra thing is quite a stressor. Hoping to taper it back down post-race.
Yup....I really am running away from my problems.....
I know....I need to get outta this place soon!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Long Run....Sigh

Saturday workout: 1200m swim in 50 minutes

Sunday workout: 20km (2:16:01) @ 5.30am

Sigh.'s 6 days away.

*breathe, Puisan, breathe*

Today completed the last long run I've planned to do before the ultra.
I would have preferred to have completed 30km instead of 20km but I'm in a bit of a dilemma as my left knee still hurts on/off while running the first 10km distance.

I figured, I'd do 20km. And call it T.A.P.E.R.
Anyway it would be wise (like I ever am!) to lose one battle to win the war.
(I'm repeating that to myself constantly to make myself feel better about the lack of 30km run)

I'm already mentally making a list of things that I should be packing for the trip to Singapore.
If history repeats itself (and in my case it always does, coz I NEVER learn!), I'd underpack for the trip and then realize WHEN I AM THERE, that I've forgotten something really important for the race. God forbid this time it would be my shoes!!!

I'd be heading back to KL on Wednesday right after work....(woohoo...only half week of work)
And will be on the morning bus heading south to Singapore on Thursday.
Hoping to settle in with one of my friends' place for the next few nights (coz I'm freakin CHEAP to actually pay for a hotel room...and besides, ain't that what friends are for), meet up with all my running buddies in Singapore, collect my race kit from Mo-maniac (thanks for collecting!!), get a good mid-morning nap on Saturday and THEN heading to the race site for the start of the race....and then God-knows-what!

I'd be sure to say a Hail Mary right before starting.
Always good to ask for forgiveness of all the sins (recently, the sin of gluttony) in case something shit happens.
Gosh I'm so nihilistic at times that I irk myself!!

I also realized that it has been a while since I've gone home.
To be exactly, 3 weeks!
The last that I was back was right after the Borneo Marathon earlier this month.
And I've missed Mother's Day.
No wonder mom's giving the cold shoulder.
I wonder if she'd still do my laundry when I get back next Wednesday!!!
She probably thinks that I only ever go home if there is a race in KL.....and honestly she isn't that far off the mark of accuracy.

And to think I'm the only child.

Double sigh.
(guilt feelings are never good)

Anyway, I'm tapering!
No...really....I actually am tapering!!!
I am not planning to run this whole entire week until the ultra.
I don't know if it is a good, or even recommended, plan.
But it is a plan nonetheless. And hopefully I'm sticking to it.
Perhaps I'll throw in a swim and a walk just to ease my guilt of overeating and to shut the mind up that I'd suddenly wake up the next day, look down at my feet to have my tummy obscuring the view.
I know...I have so much issues with the body.
No wonder 'they' are always at loggerheads!!!

* Wendy (my ever patient and accommodating, running buddy) and ME post-last-long-run-before-ultra!!!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Buck UP!!!!!

Friday workout: 7km (49:10) @ 6.30pm

*At the start of the run*

Legs: we're feeling GOOD!!!!
Brain: I think we can go 10km today. You need to burn off that double cheese burger at lunch.
Puisan: I'm good as long as you guys are good.

*At 3rd kilometer*

Legs: Yup....still good. No pain here.
Brain: Alright...I think we MIGHT just be ready for an ultra after all!
Puisan: Yay....finisher's T shirt!!!

*At 4th kilometer*

Brain: Is it me or are am I just feeling like the lungs aren't quite working?
Puisan: I feel like shit....I can't breathe!!!
Lungs: We're working fine!!!
Brain: Are you calling me a hypochondriac?!
Lungs: You are!!!
Legs: We're feeling tired......
Puisan: I think I'm gonna faint. Can't we just get along?
Brain: Fine.....walk!!

*At 5th kilometer*

Puisan: Look...a running uncle is running past me....
Brain: Are you just gonna let him overtake your sorry arse like that?!
Legs: C'mon.....we can overtake him back!!!
Brain:'re not THAT tired and you're NOT gonna give chase!!!
Puisan: I hate you guys.....

*At 6th kilometer*

Brain: C'mon...just a little faster......
Legs: Faster...faster....faster....
Puisan: *panting* I thought we were tapering this week.....
Brain: Screw taper....your ego can't handle it...

* Finishes 7km run and DID NOT overtake running uncle!!*

Anticipatory anxiety sucks....


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Tuesday workout: NIL

Wednesday workout: 7km (46:04) @ 6.30pm

I can't believe it is in NINE days time.
I can't believe I was manic enough to sign up for it in December last year.
I can't believe YOU people allowed me to sign up for it!!! (oh c'mon...share the blame)
I can't believe I'm running an ultramarathon next week!!!


Obviously I am not ready.
Do you still need to ask....
I'm as ready as I was when I went and ran my first full marathon.
As I was ready when I went and ran my first half marathon.
I think I was only ever ready when I went and ran my first 10km race!!

Gosh I'm never gonna be ready!!!


Shit it's in 9 freakin days time!!!

*someone hand me a paper bag*

Why didn't anyone stop me from this insanity?!
In fact I think the ONLY person who was sane enough to dissuade me from such a crazy attempt was Ipoh-running-uncle-Frank....(thank you Frank....but it's too late)
Or maybe running-uncle-PK, if I actually consulted him.

Obviously I didn't heed such proper advice and instead believed that I could do absolutely ANYTHING.
And ultramarathon fits into the ANYTHING category to a T!

*continues hyperventilating*

Oh well...
I REALLY want that finisher's T shirt.
As much as I want to qualify for Marathon Maniac at Silver Level so that I can wear the Marathon Maniac vest that Mo-Maniac got me.
As much as I want to finish at least ONE 42.2km under 5 hours this year.
As much as I want to lose 10 pounds of body weight...(although someone suggested a limb..)
As much as I want to sink my teeth into a double cheese burger!

On the UP side......I know I have what it takes to endure through the pain....
(If I can sit through another torture session that is the monthly BOV, I can do the pain!)

I know I won't be running alone.
I know there are a lot of ultramarathon-virgins heading for that race.
I know that they are as worried (ok, maybe not as worried as I am!) as me about the distance.
I know that I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES......and a miracle is ME finishing the 84km!

Gosh...I feel so much better already!
(I'd like to thank ego for it)

I didn't quite tell mom and dad that I'm attempting an ultra. They still think I'm heading down Singapore for a 42-er.
I don't intend to tell.
Perhaps I'll let mom find out on her own when she does the laundry and finds my "Sundown Ultramarathon 84km Finisher" T shirt!!

Photo-log for today, the current Masters in Psychiatry students in Forensic Psychiatry are finishing their 3 month posting in forensics and it is a tradition for all students to throw a bash (more reason to feast) prior to them leaving the hospital and back to their respective, more-interesting-life!

* The set up for MAKAN!!!!

* I LOVE carrot cake!!!! It was so NICE of them to get a cake.

* The current batch. Anita, Aisah, Hariani, Suhana, Wah and Azida.

* My amazing staff! I only LOVE forensic psych because of you guys!!!! (I don't love my patients at all)

* I'm dying to know what you guys got for boss!

* You can't blame me for the sin of gluttony. I'm only carboloading for my ultramarathon!!!

One more long run to go....


Tuesday, May 18, 2010 ok?

Monday workout: NIL

I was on-call on Monday and could do with a good run yesterday to take the edge of the extremely elevated stress levels. Sigh....I always feel like I've aged a little bit more with each on-call....(and to think I only have to age slightly, once to twice a month unlike my unlucky, albeit wealthier, counterparts in the general hospital who are on-call like, every other day. Imagine how OLD they are!)

Tuesday workout: 11km @ 1:13:15 @ 6pm

I thank God that I managed to sleep through the lack of electricity last night. Sleeping in a minimal ventilated room was my ONLY problem through out the whole time that I was "working". So technically, I should have all the energy to run today!

Initially, Wendy and I were only planning a short and quick 7km post-work run.
An easy run after LSD on Sunday.
It was still drizzling and the weather was LOVELY...(I like wet and cold weather in Malaysia)
As we were running the first kilometer in, Wendy turned around and says....let's do 10km!!
(I've already ran 1.3km as warm up prior)
I wasn't exactly anticipating 10km....but what the heck!!

To hell with taking it short and easy....lets do 10km!!!!

My legs (especially the knees) felt alright up until about 5km in.
Then my left knee decides to throw a tantrum and not function pain-free.
(In my left knee's defense, these legs did run a 31km about 50-odd hours ago)
Managed to shut them up by walking intermittently.
I'm still surprised that the left knee agreed to cooperate eventually, for the remaining distance!!!

In fact, I think my legs felt GREAT!! (after commencement of cooperation)
I even managed to sprint at the last 100 meters!
The whole body felt so in sync!
It felt like a properly oiled, running machine!!!
(and suddenly all I'm thinking about is being the next bionic woman....but that is entirely out of the current topic....)

Of course, right after the run and when the adrenaline from the final bit of sprint and thoughts of being bionic woman, has worn off.....I start feeling some dull aches at the balls of my left feet and some nagging pain in my left knee.

Sigh.....maybe I should have taken it a little easy.
Regret always seems absurd in hindsight.

Oh well....stuffing these legs into my compression tights tonight!!!

Hoping for a pain-free run tomorrow.

Photo-log from Sunday's Lunch and today's after dinner dessert!

* Lunch at Samy's @ Chemor! I LOVE Indian food....

* The mutton rendang was delicious!!

* Me and Naema.....who's now back in Anaes, HRPB! Welcome back to the main hospital.

* The lunch gang....Pravin, Fooji, Naema, Kave, Pravin

* Post-call today.....gosh I'm always tremendously hungry post-call, that I could eat my freakin mug!!! GIVE ME FOOD!!!

* This place is new in Ipoh, De Garden. It is a self service, yogurt dispensing, whatever-topping-you-like, sorta place. You weigh the end result..and that's the price!!

* My end result cost me RM14.85!!! I've got a feeling this concept ain't gonna work for long in Ipoh. We aren't KL standard yet. well. Tomorrow we're hitting the pavement again. And I won't want to hear whining!!!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mission accomplished!!

Sunday long run: 31km @ 3:33:16

We did it!!!!

We actually completed 31km long run.
(big pat on the back)'s Wendy's first ever 30-ish km run!
She's training for her first ever marathon in Standard Chartered KL Marathon end of June.
Her plan was to try and get more than 1 go at a 30-ish km long run in preparation for the full.

I needed to run a 30-ish km in preparation for my ultra....which, if I really think about it, is NOT enough...not anywhere near enough, for my preparation.
But I'm trying to ignore that fact and focus on Wendy running her very first full!
Denial is always good for the mind.
Nevermind that the body will suffer post-ultra....but for now, the mind is happy!

Anyway, we started our LSD at 5.30am.
And I was almost late for the start....coz my alarm only woke me up at 5.05am!
(cue the panic attack and the rushing to get ready that I almost choked on my coffee)

Wendy started the run at a rather fast pace. Which is fine if we were doing just 16km (the usual LSD that we do on Sundays).
I was thinking to myself how the hell am I gonna hold onto this pace for the first 21km.
Luckily the pace slowed down.....
Might as well coz the left knee started to ache on off along the way.
Walking usually appeases the pain...(thank goodness)

I brought along a bottle of 500ml water with one tablet of Nuun thrown in.
(and left another bottle with another Nuun in it, in my car)
That bottle lasted for the first 10km.

At around 14-15th km, stop at a petrol station and bought myself an ice cold vanilla coke!
That lasted me until around 16-17th km.

Along the way, made a detour to 7-11 and bought a bottle of mineral water.
And that lasted until the 21km is up and we're back at the area where we first started our run.

Went and retrieved the other bottle of water with Nuun from my car for the remaining 10km run. By that time, the sun was already up and it was getting warm....although not to the intensity of Kota Kinabalu!!!

The last 10km run had a lot more walking thrown in.
I was starting to get hungry with 5km more to go.
I should have down a packet of GU then.
But decided to save my stomach for REAL food!!!
(I'd kill for a banana at that moment....)

The last kilometer, the only thing that motivated me to run the entire way was thoughts of FOOD!!!!
I know...pathetic....but my stomach really rules my life!

So I treated myself to REAL FOOD post-run.
We went and had dim sum at Greentown area.
I actually don't quite remember the name of the shop.
(this is why I'd never do a food blog...I keep forgetting the names of the restaurants!!!)


* Gosh I'm SO relieved that it's over!!

* I'm getting all sunburnt again trying to snap a proper picture of us post-run!

* I tripped over a bar lying low to the ground...and this swelling happened really fast. Must be all those dilated blood vessels that suddenly ruptured when I tripped.

* The older folks that we shared the table with mentioned that this dim sum shop has the BEST dim sum with the most affordable prices.

* I'm finally stuffed and happy!

Anyway, hoping to pull a 21km next weekend, just before the ultra...although Mo-maniac mentioned that it would be unwise to do such distance so near a date to the race.
We'll see how these legs of mine fare at the end of the week!!

And am still trying not to think about the ultra.....


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturdays are.....

Saturday workout: 600m swim @ 25 minutes

Yes...I've started wearing a watch to swim and actually start counting how many laps I've swam.
Anyway....wanted to do more but idiotic people were getting in my way.
I never understood why people had the sudden need to swim horizontally (and mind you, at a very very SLOW pace) when it's SO BLOODY OBVIOUS that there is someone swimming longitudinally and who is swimming non stop. least I did some sort of exercise today coz I ate SO much!!!

Gosh I LOVE to eat.

Anyway, photo-log:

Breakfast with Gurdeep and Sashi at some chinese coffee shop in old town of Ipoh.
I LOVE the caramel custard!

The popiah from the neighbouring coffee shop.

The chee cheong fun. Luckily the popiah was shared. Don't think I could stuff in any more food!!

Lunch with Wendy at Capucino Cafe. Apparently it's new and it's on a local food blog which hailed it to be pretty alright with decent price.

Went with the set lunches with came with drinks, Campbell's mushroom soup with a slice of garlic bread....the main dish....and pudding!

Wendy had some spicy spaghetti as her main...

I had something called Mongolian Chicken Chop.....which took almost FOREVER to reach my table....

The pudding was.....tiny!! I laughed looking at it....

We decided that we weren't filled enough...especially since we're doing our long run tomorrow (and we are hoping to reach 30km) we adjourned to this place called Singberry at Ipoh Garden South.
Everything there was related to strawberries. It was kinda famous for its strawberry juice, milkshake and smoothies.

My Strawberry and Green tea smoothie. It was indeed FILLED with real strawberries!!!

Lydia's post-ballet-workout strawberry milkshake.

Carrot and walnut cake and Orea cake.

The chicken pie....which was actually VERY good!!! Definitely worth going back for with the strawberry juice!

Right after post-lunch tea, went on to another meet up with Kavetha and Fooji at Anandha Bhawan in the Indian Street in Ipoh.

My Madras coffee......lovely concoction, ain't it?

It has coffee in the cup and cow's milk in the pot that the cup was in.
You're suppose to mix it together by pouring from one container to another.

I was afraid I would pour it on the table!! Can't you see I'm SO concentrating in the mixing of the coffee concoction?!

The two future paediatricians!

Alrighty....heading to bed early for tomorrow's long run!!!