Thursday, April 29, 2010

Depression is NOT when you do your taxes!!!

Wednesday workout: 5.2km run @ 5.40am......the most pathetic run ever!

Thursday workout: NIL (I need a rest...I'm inching near being burnt-out)

Went to court again today with Dr Ruby and the current forensic psych Georgetown, Penang.

I don't know about you guys, but whenever I picture Penang island, I picture HOLIDAY!!!
So it's kinda weird that we're heading there for work.
But then again, work and leisure can go hand in hand....and I'm kinda skipping (actual) work today, in a way, by following the head honcho for another 302 case.

Anyway, without revealing much (I'm not even sure what I can or cannot say...but I've learnt enough in this institution to always NOT say much.....but some can argue I'm not learning fast enough in this "don't-say-too-much" lesson).....the case was, of course a 302 which is first degree murder and the person in question was diagnosed to Major Depression, which I guess qualifies as a defense in court.

But it always is such a major discomfort in the anal region when the judge turns out to be very rigid in thinking and brushes off depression as something as trivial as teenage girls throwing a hissy fit when daddy refuses them the Amex...(no, not a personal experience obviously!)

For crying out're a judge.
The government pays you enough to at least check up on the DSM-IV or ICD-10 criteria for Major Depressive Disorder!!! (my parents did not pay taxes to fund your salary so you could criticize psychiatry blindly)

And for heaven's having to do your taxes does NOT qualify you to be having depression!!! (He actually said that.....I wanted to throw my shoe at him for belittling the same illness I'm medicated for)

It's amazing how some people can be that daft and still hold high positions in life.

* Only in this hospital that anyone other than the director of hospital wears batik to work on a Thursday.

Some high ranking idiot in the government decided to make every Thursday the 'Wear-Batik-to-Work-Day' arguments that we should appreciate our heritage/culture/art/whatever. This probably makes some batik factory/boutique owner, somewhere, very happy. Honestly, I don't even know if Red Turban wears batik on Thursdays or not.

Why don't just some idiot again propose that Friday be a 'Wear-Sports-Outfit-Day' least we can argue that it could prep some overweight government official to start exercising!

* Georgetown High Court (2)...upstairs.

* This building reeks of "heritage"!!!! Penang does quite a good job of blending the old with the new.

* Yes...try and pretend that we're extremely engaged in the conversations going on around us.

* I only managed this picture during the lunch break. I don't know if it's wrong to be taking a picture in the court (most like it is) but I am not exactly waiting around to find out which Section of the Penal Code I could be charged under for doing so!

* Walking from the court house to find lunch.

* Somehow we ended up at some deserted food court with this shop.

* Pasembur....doesn't taste as weird as it looks. Actually was pretty decent!! Am thoroughly surprised.

* The current PERMANENT forensic psych medical officers. It's amazing we have yet to jump off a cliff still.

Flying to Kota Kinabalu this Saturday for the marathon.
Taking Friday until next Wednesday off.
I'm utilizing my 'Hazard-leave'.....coz y'know......this mental institution thing is ruining my mental health.....oh, the irony.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why can't I wake up to run!?

Tuesday workout: Another 30 minutes on the stationary bike

Reason being I couldn't wake up in time to run this morning!

I really hate it when I hit the snooze button one time too many and in the end just give up entirely and sleep in for another hour and a half.
But that was exactly what I did this morning.

Anyway...regarding the stationary bike, the loud clanking noise came back.
I just cranked the iPod louder and pray like hell the neighbours wouldn't notice the excessive "ambient noise".
Yes, praying very hard indeed.
Do not want to be the first person in the entire tenant history to be ousted from this apartment building.
I know I like to seek new experiences but this ain't one of those things.

My legs are more or less feeling normal.
(I'm sure I've mentioned how much I LOVE my full length compression tights)

I'm hoping to run 20km this week before the marathon to end the week on a 60km/week thing.

Oh.....and Wendy just signed me up for a 15km run in Kuala Kangsar next weekend.
At least I've got my long run settled.
Guess I'll be in Ipoh until the Ultra. for the day:

* We're at Michaelangelo's Pizza Place. This place is owned and run by an American dude.
We LOVE their pizzas!!! Makes Pizza Hut stuff look like dog food...

* We bumped into Too and Teng who were having some alone time (left the baby with the folks) before we intruded. They too agreed that this was the best pizza place ever!!!

* Carbonara spaghetti which taste much better than a lot of other places. Makes the one at Indulgence Restaurant appear amateurish!

* Delicious!!! Half-half. Mich likes the ham & eggs, while I like it pork laden!!!

Okies...turning in early, with hopes of waking up early to run tomorrow morning.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 1 post-half marathon

Monday workout: Stationary bike 30 minutes

There's actually a funny story to why I did the stationary bike today.

Anyway I felt great today (i.e. minimal muscle ache) after spending the whole day and night yesterday in my full length compression tights!
Gosh...I'm SO in love with these compression stuff!!!!!

Anyway.....I initially planned to go swimming after work today.
I figured my legs need a little R&R and swimming would be the BEST workout for it.
So I got into my swim gear, packed my swim cap and goggles and headed out to the pool in my apartment.
The moment I shut my apartment door, I remembered that I left the keys INSIDE!!!
I know....I'm so smart...I'm just born brilliant.....

So I was locked out of my freakin apartment unit with nothing but my swimming cap and goggles in my swim bag...(just some recyclable bag which to carry my swim stuff)

I went to the guard house and told the nice Malay middle age guard of my rather embarrassing problem.
He lent me his cellphone and since I don't waste brain space by remembering any phone numbers except for Mom, home and the hospital.....I was in a dire state!
So I called the HOSPITAL....and told the operator to direct me to Mich (who unfortunately happen to be on call today)

Luckily for me, Gurdeep was still in hospital and he lives near my Mich told Gurdeep to drop her set of keys at our place!!!

I had about 45 minutes to spare waiting for Gurdeep to come.
But the guard was SO nice!
He was entertaining me with stories of all the residents of the apartment!!!!
I didn't know the gossip here was THIS JUICY!!! could rival!!!!
(I can't wait until tomorrow to tell Mich all about it)

Anyway after I've got the was kinda late and I could see flashes of lightning in the not so far distance and hear the thunder looming.
So swimming was definitely out of the question.

I went back up to my place.....then decided I was gonna use my elliptical trainer/stationary bike...after yonkers of abandonment.
(This machine and I go WAY back....)
I sweated like a freakin pig. will tell the story:

* I rested well in my compression tights. I swear by them!!!

No...Choi didn't pay me to say this.

* My elliptical trainer/stationary bike.

I got this back when I was still a house officer slogging away and wasting my precious youth at Ipoh General Hospital....(currently known as Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun....stupid right?!)
I wanted to get into shape coz the frequent EOD calls was making me fat (from constant snacking due to stress) and unhealthy. So I bought it and was using it in my hostel room. I used to use it as an elliptical trainer. But it started making this really loud, clanking sounds that even a bout of fixing didn't quite help. So I didn't really make use it much after that.
And then I discovered RUNNING!!!!

But I can't just throw it away. So I took it with me when I moved out of the quarters and into my current place. So what if it just sat there collecting dust....I'm a hoarder....let me be!!!!

I unscrewed the handles that used to be attached to the levers where the leg paddles, and made them stationary. Then I adjusted the seat to be higher up.......

Now it is officially a stationary bike!!!!

* The battery in the counter probably died way back in housemanship!
But I figured I'll pop some new ones in and if they work, I get to see how far I've been "cycling"!

* I can't believe I sweated like I've just completed a marathon from cycling.
Perhaps it's the lack of wind.

And the noisy clanking sound....well, I popped my iPod on, crank it up loud and the clanking noise doesn't really bother me that much.

I just hope my neighbours have the same opinion as well!!!

* Dinner yesterday at Kizuna.

This is the BEST Japanese restaurant ever!!!
They have the freshest and best-est Salmon Sashimi....(mind you it's shit pricey...luckily we don't do this place often)

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be back at running.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bidor Half Marathon 25/4/2010

Half Marathon: 21.1km in 2:24:36

Not bad considering I'm aiming this to be my last long run before the full marathon next week!

The peeps from Subang came up North for this race!
Most of them bunk over at my place in Ipoh.

Honestly, the whole weekend was ALL ABOUT EATING!!!
If you don't believe me, just check out the photo-log below.....

Anyway, we started the day up at 4.30am and got the rest of the snoozing runners up for an early drive to Bidor which is about 50 minutes (depending on how law-fearing you are) and the flag of time was 7am.
We HAVE to reach there at least by 6.30am to do away with the last minute visits to the toilets and possible warm ups (which I don't believe is necessary unless you're gunning for Boston Qualifier).
I was never the law-fearing sort and we reach Bidor at 6.15am...(and we left Ipoh later than scheduled at 5.40am)

They didn't have porta-potties and the only available toilets were those in the public hall.
...which didn't have water supply......
(save the shock and horror......I'm thankful I can easily ignore such inconveniences)

Race started on time.

Ran with CS and YYY for the first few kilometers but CS later surged forward leaving me and YYY behind.
Leen and Emmy took their time running the half.

I figured as long as I don't come back, in like say, 3 hours, I should be good with whatever timing.

The race was exactly how I remembered it to be one year ago.
The shrubs, the palm trees, the 'kampung' style neighbourhood, the abandoned pig-rearing farms (due to the previous JE virus encephalitis outbreak that originated from swines) ....and the smell!!!
The 'invigorating' smell of cow dung and whatever that is rotting in those shrubs!!!!
Yup...somethings never change!

My "game-plan" was to walk all up hills...and run all flats and downhills.
Well...usual "game-plan" in all races!!!

And just like last year.....they ONLY serve isotonic drinks at the turn-around.
And every other water station was just....plain old water......

Anyhoo.....the run wasn't that bad although I am now a shade more tan than before after this run as the 2nd half 10km was run under hot, scorching sun!!!! (killed off a few more bits of healthy dermal cells)

I came in 2:24:36.
Well....not too bad.

And now I have 50km this week!!

Good bits about race:
1. Very small and organized.....good "local" feel to it.
2. Prompt race kit collection. In fact I found out later that they do delivery to Ipoh for KRI members. Darn it!!! (next year!!!)
3. A lot of food and Vico post-race!!
4. Got the whole gang of Subang Lake Runners up North!!!
5. I didn't do too badly in terms of timing!
6. They didn't mess up my bib this year.

Bad bits about race:
1. Crap race shirt quality. Another shirt to give away!
2. Toilets at start of race without water supply.
3. Only ONE water station with isotonic drinks.
4. Getting scorched under the hot sun. Race should start earlier....perhaps 6.30am?
5. Registration fee a little too pricey.
6. Goodie bag was sparse considering the registration fee....but I guess it's a small race therefore not much in terms of sponsorship.

Whatever it is...if I'm still in Ipoh this time next year, I'm still gonna be doing this race!!

For photo-log:

* Took the group for cakes @ Beacon Point.

* The fabulous lemon poppyseed cheese cake! Absolutely to die for!!!

* The tiramisu which is laden with rum. Every alcoholic's dream cake!!! (In fact, there was rum to drink at the bottom of the cup after the cake was eaten!!)

* The ultimate sinful comfort food....brownie with ice cream!!!!

* The Subang Lake Runners chilling out after eating.

* Preparing for our night about town. Erm..actually it was just dinner and dessert. They wanted to eat everything that Ipoh is famous for culinarily.

* Wendy joined us for carbo-loading at Onn Kee Taugeh Chicken!

* The famous Ipoh taugeh and chicken....and meat balls!

* Tough crowd!!! They were still all for more food...

* So went to "dessert street" for desserts!

* "Hands off my 'Ling Chee Kang', sister!!"

* Shaved ice with fruits and ice cream.

* My bib number. I've decided I'm gonna show my support for KRI by wearing the club's vest!

* ....with the very important compression tights underneath!

* Our usual ritual the night before race...pinning out race bibs and laying them out for tomorrow morning.

* Gosh...I'm SO relieved that was over.

* Me and the champ...Wendy got 4th place in the 10km women's open category!

* Lunch at Pang Chin Restaurant...FAMOUS in Bidor!!

* The medal....nicer than last year.

Next week...more training and then flying off to Kota Kinabalu on Saturday for the Borneo International Marathon on Sunday...then flying straight back!!
More of a 'Touch & Go' for this coming race.

p/s: I'm typing this blog post in the comfort of my full length compression tights!
I NEED speedy recovery!


Friday, April 23, 2010

So what's been happening?

Last "cry crisis": Last Friday
Reason for "crisis": Unknown

Saturday workout: NIL

Sunday workout: NIL (apparently needed the entire weekend to recover from "crisis")

Monday workout: 7km @ 6pm

Tuesday workout: 5.2km @ 6am

Wednesday workout: 7km @ 6.30pm

Thursday workout:
1. 7km @ 6pm
2. 2.5km "fitness run" with the running uncles right after the 7km run. Obviously got creamed by those running uncles!!!

Friday workout: NIL (it's Bidor Half Marathon this Sunday and I'm RESTING!!!)

This weekend, the "Subang Lake Runners" are heading up North for the Bidor Half Marathon.
I'm hoping for a better turn out than last year....(it was only CS and I!!!)

I'm already at 29km for this week and I'd have 50km after the half marathon this Sunday.

Alright...I'm not exactly killing 'em in the mileage department but considering that I'm rebuilding myself mileage-wise, I'm doing so progressively.

My previous week mileage was depressing.
I attributed it to the actual depression itself.
I am still trying to reassure myself that I will not be dying of leukaemia anytime soon....(not that I actually have the's just that when the brain lacks serotonin, the weirdest of shiteous thoughts floods the mind and it's so freakin difficult to shake them of!)
Thus I needed the entire last weekend to "get-back-to-normal"....whatever normal actually is.

By next week I should have over 60km in a week...(I know I will achieve it as I am scheduled to run the Borneo International (full) Marathon next Sunday!!!)
And then it's 2 full marathons down...and 6 more to go for Marathon-Maniac Silver Level Qualifier!!!! Click here for qualifying terms and conditions.

You have to understand that I am not feeling my current SSRI meds and am really depending on my endorphins to pull me through!! Depression really sucks. Sucks even more when you work in a mental institution. I know, I know....I should get the hell outta here!!

Anyway...hopefully before the Ultra end of May, I'll have reached 70-80km per week.
I did say HOPEFULLY!
(I still believe in shut up!)

And since I've been absent from blogging for almost a week.....I've tons of photos, randomly taken, mostly about food and will be up for your viewing....
Honestly, I don't care if you don't like looking at random photos of my friends and us eating.
It's my blog, deal with it!!

(it's gonna be a LONGGGGGGGGG one)

* Dinner talk By Dr. Roy Chengappa from US of A on the topic of Bipolar Mood Disorder, last Friday. Talk held at Indulgence Restaurant, Ipoh.

* The buffet spread.....hmmmm....yummmm.....

* I wanted to try EVERYTHING!!!! And I did!!!!

* Sampling the crumble, chocolate crepes and carrot slice.

* Stuffed and happy!!

* I love this chocolate tart with berries on top!

* Met the Subang Lake Runners for tea (after Japanese lunch) at a Japanese cafe called Haikara Style at Subang Avenue on Saturday.

* This place is SO cute and cozy! Run by real japanese!!

* My Macha milk with ice cream....(green tea with milk actually)

* Foong being all camera shy while pouring his milk into his coffee. And mind you, this is one of the Cleo's Bachelors for 2010!!!

* Their strawberry cream cake. It was alright...but nothing to shout about.

* But I do love their French Toast with ice cream! Delicious!!!

* Met up with Aini and Aiza for dinner @ Marmalade, Bangsar Shopping Village on Sunday.

* The beef lasagna looks good. But did nothing for the taste buds! Sticking to their salads and wraps!

* It was good catching up with the girls.

* Gurdeep cooked us dinner on Tuesday! It was fantastic.....(free food is already a good food that actually taste good is fantastic!)

* The pineapple salad with feta cheese!

* ...followed by the bruschetta....

* Then comes the spicy seafood spaghetti.....

* Plus the roast chicken!!! Yummy!!!

* We got to go to High Court in KL on Thursday for one of my Sec 302 (first degree murder) cases but upon arrival, the stupid fat arse defendant lawyer ask the judge to send the patient back to us for ANOTHER assessment. So f**king stupid. Already he's been at our hospital twice and now he's sending him back. It's not gonna change the anything!!!

* Well...we're kinda pissed off that the whole 2 hour trip to KL from Tanjung Rambutan was a waste of time, so we stopped off at Burger King to gorge and relive our youth....(but I AM young!!)

* Whatever you say.....I'm telling you I'm carbo-loading for this Sunday's halfie.

* We went for dinner @ Yeolde English Restaurant in Ipoh Garden East area.
Kelvin's medium carrot juice versus my large carrot juice!!

* The grilled lamb was actually better than expected!

* Finally...I'm signed up for the Shah Alam Half Marathon!!!! (with Wendy, CS and WM)
Definitely recommend this as practice long run coz it's only cost RM25 for early birds and RM30 for the rest!

Rest well.
Half Marathon this Sunday.
Really looking forward to it.