Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's bad.

My wallet is weeping.

But it's quite difficult to ignore.

Ok...this was what happened (don't judge!).

Went with Michelle to get a pair of "walking shoes" for her Australia trip.
(don't ask....mommy said to get a pair)
We've been walking around Ipoh Parade Mall looking at shoes. Nothing seemed to interest her.

Walked into Al-Ikhsan (I love that shop now that it brings in almost more running shoes!) and while Michelle went off looking at "walking shoes" (I use the inverted commas coz I don't really know what sorta shoes she's actually looking for!), I went looking at the SALE area.....

....and I found the Brooks Launch shoes on sale!!!!
Cost me RM259......and a couple of months back when I was contemplating between the Brooks Ghost and Launch, it still cost RM399!!
I thought it was a deal.
They had my size and I was like...OBVIOUSLY I'm buying it!!

In the end, I walked out of that shop with shoes and Michelle empty handed.

I realized that I'm always accompanying someone to buy shoes but I always end up being the one shelling out money!!!

But I'm SO HAPPY!!! I have a new pair of running shoes!
(Kelvin who went along asked me how many pairs I already owned. I honestly cannot give a figure without having to sit down and count......that said, it's already TOO MANY)


* We had a "buy-one-free-one" drink coupon from Starbucks...which conveniently expires tomorrow.

* So we had a Buy-one-Free-one Green Tea Frappucino...(I LOVE!!)
Don't ask me why one is larger than the other. I specifically asked for the smallest size and WITHOUT whip cream. No one listens to me anymore!

* I'm infatuated with the idea of new running shoes. I know...it's my little "problem".

* But how can anyone not LOVE these shoes!? I'm gonna get them ready in time to run Bidor Half Marathon!!!

* On Monday, we (Me, Firdaus, Michelle, Gurdeep) went Japanese for dinner!

* Dinner @ Kampai, Ipoh.

* Apparently it's one of the first Japanese restaurant to be in business in the whole of Ipoh.

* Beef teriyaki set. Everyone else reckon it's a little sweet. But I love SWEET! My sweet-tooth is my other little "problem".

Here's praying I can wake up in time to run tomorrow!!!


Energizer Night Marathon 27/3/2010

Sunday workout: NIL

Monday workout: NIL

Tuesday workout: NIL

What...no running?!
Oh c'mon....didn't I just finish a bloody 42km?
Give me my break!!!!

Well actually I did wanna run...it's just that I could not tear myself out of the comfort of my bed for the past few mornings and the evening weather was a little funky.
Honestly....I am YEARNING to run!!!
Just to see what my legs are REALLY made of!

Anyway......here's my post regarding the race.

Went with Wendy and KD.
I drove.....and I hate to say this...but the GPS was right all the way there! (I hate it when technology gets the upper hand of things)

My full marathon starts at 6pm and was suppose to be there by 5.30pm.
We (ok, ME) weren't sure of how to get to Cyberjaya and whereabouts of the starting point so we made a point to leave extra early for the race.

We got there by 4.45pm. Lots of time to bum around.

Checked my bag in to baggage counter (thankfully they had one.....it didn't say so in the website if baggage counter was available)....then bumped into a lot of people!!!!

Photo-log will tell the story:

* KD, yours truly and Wendy. Arrived early......and nothing better to do!

* I was starving when I arrived. I got up from my nap kinda late so didn't have time to eat. Thank goodness for Powerbar!

* If you're running Energizer Marathon...you HAVE to take picture with the Energizer battery!

* Ran in 2XU tights. LOVE THEM!!!

* Met the Singaporean Blade Runner again this race. This dude is a legend as far as I am concern!

* Meet Gee (I think that's his name...). I ran my very first marathon with him back in KK. He was also running his first.

* The running uncles of KRI. Yea yea yea....I am not very compliant with wearing the club's vest!

* Mr Marathon Maniac, Mohan! I'm SO gonna get that marathon maniac running vest as well!!

Anyway, the race starts at 6pm.
It was SCORCHING hot!!! I thought my perky behind was hot enough but apparently the sun really did outdo me that day!

Trust me...I'd rather do anything other run be running a marathon at 6pm that day.
I felt a few dermal cells turning cancerous.......

Said a little prayer just as they started the race......
Something along the lines of, Dear God....give me strength....let me endure....let my feet not get blisters....and please PLEASE let me be running behind someone CUTE!!!
(Praise God for he answered all of the above...except for the running behind someone cute part)

* Dear God...please answer my pleas for running a good race...and to tag someone cute from behind! .....can't we ignore the fact that it's Lent?!

Was a little difficult trying to find a good pace to be keeping.

But figured that I'll just try and run as much as possible before I let the walking take over.

I was pleasantly surprise to find that they were serving out Gatorade instead of the usual 100plus. Due to the heat....took a bottle of Gatorade off the water station to run with me.

The heat started to dissipate after an hour or so.
And thankfully I found my pace.
Also was great that I could run behind someone more or less at my speed.

I didn't know how I was gonna be running continuously for 5-6 hours......but I really hoped God heard my prayer!

I met Winnie (whom I met through Mo, and whom I'm supposed to be sorta training for the 84km with...but y'know, I'm kinda a slacker and shit...oh nevermind!) and was chatting with her for a bit.
Ran behind her.....then lost her.....then bump back into her.

That is how I would describe my entire race.
Running with....then, after...then, ahead....then with....then after again.....Winnie, Tan, Jeff, Chooi Wan and some people whom I don't actually have on my Facebook or in fact, KNOW.....

The course was sorta hilly.
Walked the uphills...charged down the downhills and the flat areas.....
And after taking 2 conservative approach to running the last 2 full marathons....I've decided to try and run faster and cover more ground before starting the walk to the finish.

And honestly I think it's a much better approach than trying to run slow and consistent for the entire (or most of the) distance. Run faster initially....try and cover more distance...before succumbing to the pain and fatigue..thus reducing to a walk.
But then when it's time to walk....you realized that you've come so far and did so well on your current timing that you'd be damn if you start walking now.
SO you continue running...or at least try your darnest to.

Seriously....GREAT approach!

Anyway it helped me finish my race in 5:08:56!!!
And you know what.....
I PB by over 20 minutes from my last marathon race.
And I trained even more for my last race!!!!
(don't remind me what a bum I've been in training)

There you go....my "how-to-run-a-bloody-marathon-technique" and I swear it works!!!
(just please DON'T quote me!)

Good things about race:
1. Gatorade!!!
2. Enough fluids for the full (I heard the half was a disaster!)
3. I PB'ed!!!
4. I have a finisher's T that was dri-fit material.
5. The goodie bag had a shaver.....which I sorta wanted to buy from Guardian and now I can save my money!
6. My goodie bag looked better than KD's and Wendy's!!!!

Bad things about race:
1. After passing finishing line...no one tells you where to go!!
2. No MILO at the end of the race!!! (I love my Milo)
3. The parking is FAR away from the race site.
4. Bad traffic control....almost got run over by psycho-driver!
5. My friends from Snap Attack says they got the raw end of the deal from Energizer! (hey..they are MY friends!!)
6. The walk back to the car was pure torture!!

I promise my beloved (running...duh!) that I'd return to it ASAP.
Just let be able to wake up to run!!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Told ya MIRACLES can happen!!!

I told you that miracles can happen!!!
And it did happen!!!
So in yer face, you doubters and non believers!!!!

* Full of nerves waiting for the race to start!

I just finished the Energizer Marathon in 5:08:56!!!
That is PB and PB over 20 minutes.......
On minimal training.......
If you don't call that a miracle....I don't know what is!!

Anyway will do a proper race write up later.
It's 3am and I'm in my compression tights and gonna hit the sack soon.

Also...I think I should do a write up review on the compression tights. I kinda promise Choi I would as well.
These 2XU tights rock!!!!

* Yay!!! PB!!!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just hours until the race...

Remember I said that I believe in MIRACLES?!

Well...I still do.
In fact, I rummage through my toiletry bag (I need one coz of the to and fro from KL to Ipoh and back...and it's a pretty huge collection of crap in it)....I found a small tube of BODYGLIDE!!!

Oh c'mon....that is a MIRACLE!!!! (in my world...it's almost up there with Jesus walking on water. I did say ALMOST!)

I'll figure out the lack of Nuun later. I can always depend on the good 'ol isotonic drinks that they provide along the course.

And I just remembered that I have not stocked up on my GU just yet, which I'll pop out and get some just before heading off for the race.
No biggie....
(perhaps a bit more rummaging through some more bags I may come up with a packet or two of sustenance)

Anyway, will be heading off to Cyberjaya at 4pm. My full marathon starts at 6pm.
I'm going with Wendy and KD who are both running the half. Theirs start is at 8pm.
At least I'm sure I'll have someone to take my picture at the starting line!!!
(afterall....what are friends for?!)

So...photolog of morning brunch/lunch:

* Having brunch/lunch with KD who flew back all the way from Kota Kinabalu for the Energizer (half) Marathon. Btw...KD and I go way back from high school in Sri Aman. Oh darn....am suddenly reminded of how old we are! Shit!
This is us at Departure Lounge @ Uptown Damansara.

* The tagline is: -all day breakfast-sandiwhces-espresso-travel library-
This is me at the travel library. Pretty good. Made me wanna book a ticket to Rio De Janeiro and sit at the beach in my teeny-weeny bikini post Sundown 84km! (I'm hoping to have lost some weight by then, y'see)

* This place is relatively new. Was set up 3 weeks ago. The first branch was at Hartamas...I think (I was kinda salivating at the cakes and was not quite paying attention to what was being told).

* KD and her Caramel Frosty.....me with my Mocha Frosty!
Definitely requires another come-back for more Frosties!!!

* I actually had breakfast back home. So wasn't up for the full sandwich/pasta/lebanese roll experience. I went with the mushroom soup. Good. Well blended mushrooms with a bit of cream.

* KD and her carboloading fries. I loved the dip!

* I'm telling you now that my all time favourite cake is CARROT WALNUT!!! (just before Tiramisu)
So obviously I HAD to try it. Very moist. Very GOOD!

* I did feel slightly nauseated due to over stuffing the stomach.

* My race outfit for this race. I'm skirting it the whole 42km!!!

Gonna nap a bit before the race.


Whack Own Head!!!

I am SO careless!!!

I'm in awe at my own stupidity that I just feel like I should get someone to give me a good whack over the back of my head!!!

I'm back in KL....and I've just realized that I packed my gear without the 2 most important AND essential items to running a marathon after the running shoes!

I forgot my:
1) Nuun (electrolyte effervescence tablets)
2) Bodyglide (lube up!!!)

Stupid stupid stupid me.......

Now I've got to decide....
If I should make do without the electrolyte tabs and pray hard there'd be enough isotonic drink on the course, and make do with vaseline in the absence of Bodyglide, or give Choi a call and give him more business......(who says I'm not a teamplayer in moving the bloody economy?!)

Decisions, decisions.....

Argh....I can't decide.
I'm just gonna pop my meds, pray hard and head to bed.
I am hoping that when I wake up, some miracle would have occurred.....(I don't care what you think....but I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!!)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

How dare you creep up on me like that?!

Stupid depression!

Just when I thought I was this close to weaning myself off the medication, it just slyly crept back into my freakin life and turn everything upside down!

I've been feeling the irritability and the anger (plus the suppressed aggression) building up in me over the past one week.
I didn't think much about it.
Probably worrying too much about the upcoming race and my preparation (or lack of) for it.
Started to feel really tired and not looking forward to my runs in the mornings.
Again....nothing truly alarming.
Figured it was probably hormonal or something female-related.

Then started losing temper with my annoying patients.
(Forensic cases can really test your temper levels. I'm THIS close to throwing a punch!)
Again, I tried to brush it off.....they were just REALLY REALLY annoying. It has nothing to do with me!
I'm just plainly reacting to the annoying stimuli.
I just have a very reactive personality!

And then yesterday it hit me.
And man, did it hit me hard!!!
I did another unmentionable thing that I swore I'd never utter from my lips again since the last episode....(I don't want to talk about it too much. It's a little embarrassing)
...which lead to my eventual breakdown at work.....again!
OMG....and I thought I have left my crying days back to when before my meds were started.

So now I'm pretty clear that the depress mood is back.
In hindsight, it had been creeping up on me over the past 1 week but I was too ignorant to see it. Or perhaps I didn't want to see it. I wanted to much to be well!
The irate feelings, my short fuse, the guilt feelings about work, my overall fatigue and me not enjoying my runs much.....
Yeah....it's back! (and so are the meds)

I just hope I can pump myself up in time for Energizer Marathon this Saturday!

No more runs until the race...(I can't muster any energy to get out of bed in the mornings to begin with!!)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...and carboloading starts!

Monday workout:
1. Run 8km @ 5.45am
2. Swim for 30 min

Gosh I was tired. I just wasn't feeling the swim. Then again I had a tension filled Monday (I HATE Mondays!!) with the patients...which reminds me that I should hurry up and figure out what the hell I want to do in life and get myself out of this crazy place!!!

Tuesday workout:
1. Run 8km @ 5.30am
2. Core and free weights (4kg) for 30 minutes

This morning's run was SUCH a let down.
Firstly I felt tired and lifeless when I got to my usual running ground.
My legs felt like jell-O once I started running.
I figured perhaps it is due to the fact that my body ain't quite awake yet.
Figured that if I kept on running, eventually my rhythm will come back!

No...rhythm decided to continue sleeping.

Was such a drag completing the 8 rounds.

Perhaps I really need more rest....(and perhaps more fuel?!)

Suddenly I'm really worried about Saturday's race.
Shit shit shit!!!!


* Superb Carrot-walnut cake during lunch. It's pretty good. As good as the one at Marmalade!!
Lunch with the Forensic all-girl team @ Beacon Point

* Lunch......grilled beef burger. I wish I could have this everyday for lunch!!!! Definitely worth the $$!!! Don't condemn the excessive eating. It's afterall, carboloading!!!

* LOVE carboloading!!!! It's a damn good reason for overindulging and overeating....all in the name of good running!!

* Shrimp & BBNQ Pork Fried Rice @ A'shore. Forgettable.....definitely.

* Thousand Island Sauce Chicken. Shared it with Kelvin while regaling tales of houseman horrors!

* Did I mention carboloading ROCKS?!

Just remind me that I have to go back on diet once this Saturday's Energizer Marathon is over!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm an affiliated member of 'Subang Lake Runners'.

Workout: NIL

It's my rest day...(oh c'mon..it's a Sunday for crying out loud!!)
Yes...I am very aware that the Energizer Marathon is NEXT WEEK.
But I'm just gonna let optimism pull me through 42km.
That tactic worked very well for Borneo Marathon and also Singapore Marathon.
Let's not try and spoil a good thing!!


* I met up with CS and Emmy for brunch @ Jin Xuan HK dim sum place in Uptown Damansara. I LOVE this place. And it's shit packed every weekend for brunch. Thankfully CS came early and got us a table thus there was no waiting for me and Emmy.

* I brought along the application form for Bidor Half Marathon. The only way to make sure I am not running alone is to make sure these people SIGN UP for the race.
Persuasion over brunch definitely helped the agreement rate.
They were a bit shocked that I came prepared with the form and pens...and also my pitch!
(Pitch: Come Ipoh on Saturday....food tour and tour of Tanjung Rambutan, sleep over at yours truly's apartment, early start to Bidor for race....then more food tour of Bidor!!!)

* I also dragged these people along for my race kit collection at Melia Hotel in KL. We arrived early and the queue wasn't that bad....for Female Open Full Marathon anyway...(there was a rather lengthy line for Men's Open ANY field....especially the 10km one)

* Bumped into Eugene (who started off as my Dailymile friend, progressed into my Facebook friend and subsequently after meeting during several races, an ACTUAL running friend).
He's probably gonna sub-4 again this marahton!

* I got the head lamp which I guess I'm suppose to run with during the race.
The full category gets it on race kit collection day. Apparently everyone else gets them on race day itself. No way I'm gonna run with it. CS seemed rather keen for me to sell it to him secondhand.

* We parked at Berjaya Times Square. It's amazing that this place is still surviving. At Asics store....CS contemplating DS Trainer over Gel-Kayano.

* Continued the day by more eating.
We went to Coffee Ritual @ Section 14.....near the Digital Mall.

* I LOVE the Wild Tribal Mocha blended drink. Their food are pretty decent as well. Love their crepes! And their affrogatto with double expresso thrown in!

* Can't say the same about their cakes. Poor quality crap-shit cakes. They should really do something about it though.

* Ventured further for BETTER quality cakes.....we went to Su Chan's near UMMC.

* They were having some cupcake making event going on.
And my guess would be that the speaker is Su Chan herself.

* We usually come here for the Tiramisu.....IT'S THE BOMB!!!!

* The Walnut Cheese cake was.....forgettable...

* YYY joined us and had laksa.....which was...also forgettable!

* On my way back to Ipoh....made a stopover at Bidor to hand in the application forms for Bidor Half Marathon. The applications are to be sent to the Mexico Tailor Shop.
It is as small-town a race as it can get!!!!
They actually remembered me as the girl whose race bib had to be sewn last minute....(coz they gave mine away accidentally to runner Ronnie See!)

* So guys......you are now officially signed up for Bidor Half Marathon running under the club of 'Subang Lake Runners'.....and I'm one of you!!! ( ....and I don't even live in Subang!!)

I know...lots of pictures of food.