Thursday, February 25, 2010

OMG...I'm going back tomorrow!!!!

I don't want my holiday to end!

I'm running loads more here than I do back home!

The weather is lovely to run!

I don't want to go back!

I don't want real life to resume!


Oh well.....guess all things have to come to an end.
I have to start proper training again.....and doing more long runs, when I get back to Malaysia.

Hopefully....I'll do a 10 miler on my last day in Melbourne!

Oh.....and a side note, GOOD LUCK to everyone racing at the Ironman Langkawi...Hong Kong Marathon (which I signed up for but decided to come Melbourne instead) and Tokyo Marathon!
Hope you guys have fun and give it your very best!!!

....and I don't want to go back!!!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Gone with the wind....

Now...if I was skinny-as-shit-like-skin-and-bones-like-Kate-Moss type of built, then I'd seriously be BLOWN off with the wind today during my 10km run.

I went for a 2 hours walk in the City of Melbourne today....(shopping...of glorious SHOPPING) and made it back to the suburbs just in time as the sun is setting, for my evening run.
(I'm making quite a routine for myself here....go spend hard earn cash...rush back...go run and try not to think about bank balance)

My enthusiastic runner (or used to be) plagued with tendinitis of the Archille's tendon for the past one year and currently limits his run to less than 30 minutes or else suffer the wrath of the inflamed tendon.....went out for his really short run just before I did.
He told me to try and drag Danny Boy for a run (which I did yesterday and again he outran me up that stupid hill!!!!) as he fears Danny Boy might suddenly outgrow his pants due to his excessive sedentary activities (NBA on the flatscreen monitor ain't exercise, y'know).

Of course I failed trying to convince Danny Boy to go run...(I secretly feels that he hates running with me as I'm slowing him down...did I mention it's so unfair that he can outrun me!?)

And as I strapped on my iPod, my uncle runs back (finished run that fast?!)....saying that it's WAY too windy to run.

Really? can it be too windy to run?

Anyway, it wasn't that windy when I came back half an hour ago.

Uncle says it's almost impossible to run as the wind is against you!

I dunno....I've never had that sorta wind conditions back home.
I mean...if you get a windy day....that'll be a good thing in Malaysia....more cooling!!!

Anyway I needed to build up mileage (shit...Energizer Marathon is a month away and I'm not ready!!! I'm never ready.....I know....pathetic) so I went on to run.

He wasn't joking about the wind.
It was STRONG!!!!
Thank goodness that my 65kg worth of muscles and very dense bones (with fatty tissues thrown here and there....actually quite a bit thrown here and there) manage to prevent me from being blown away!!

This is the first time I'm running in such a weather.


It's a bit difficult to run against the wind but it's so much fun!!

I'm hoping tomorrow will be as windy as this!
Maybe tomorrow I'll really do my 10-miler.......(but I'm SO lazy...and I'm suppose to be on holiday!)

Have a great week ahead of y'all!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

The day I got outrun by Short-Dude.....

Today after returning from Boxhill Hospital (obligatory visit to Aunt Agnes), it was already 8.30pm and by the time we returned home, it was already dark.

The thing with these Melbourne suburbs is, that the street lighting SUCKS big time.
In fact, I think Malaysia's street lights are more abundant and a lot brighter.
A whole lot safer for night runners, if you ask me....(and a definite NEED since your chances of getting mug is a lot higher in Malaysia)

Anyway Danny Boy (aka Short Cousin Dude..gosh I hope he never reads this blog!!) says he wants to run and warns me that he runs fast and that I may be too slow to keep up with him.

To this, I stuck up my nose and said....I can run as fast as you can...if not faster!!!

So straight we went for a quick run around the Wheeler's Hill neighbourhood (5-6km in distance) in pitch black darkness.

Started the run with a good pace.......I thought, this would be a piece of cake!!!
Then Danny Boy picked up pace.....I thought, oh's only for a short while...I'm sure he'll slow down.

Then Danny Boy quicken the pace and kept going.....I thought, SHIT....when is he ever gonna slow down.
Danny Boy then races up the slope.....I thought, my quads were gonna give way!!

The distance between me and Danny Boy widens and I'm having more difficulty trying to keep up.

Then Danny Boy turns around and ask if I was alright.....
Sure, I's just I'm slowing down to not trip over!!!

Yea...crap liar!

Danny Boy reaches the last steep slope up....
Turns around and says he's gonna sprint up...
I said, go ahead.....I'll slow down as cool-down.

Frankly, I couldn't go anymore further.....I needed to walk.
But I didn't want to appear like such a crap runner.

How fast were we running?
Let's just say that I've never run this fast for any 10km race!!!!

Finished 5-6km in 28 minutes!!!! (woah.....we really burnt the sidewalk! Fine, for me anyway...)

I know....sore loser and crap liar!!
Oh....and SHIT slow runner!!!

Yea yea yea.....I need to work on my speed training.

And by the way....with something totally unrelated....I've signed up for the Borneo International Marathon on 2nd May 2010 in Kota Kinabalu!
The air tickets were expensive...but what the's my anniversary marathon!!!

Tomorrow is gonna be another eat-fest (everyday IS an eat-fest in Melbourne, honestly) I'm hoping for nice weather in the evening for a 10-miler.


Friday, February 19, 2010

I want I want I want!!!!!

So it's a little sunny outside and I'm not too keen for my skin cells to go malignant or anything...and I kinda hate rubbing in sunscreen on my freshly epilated arms and legs (smooth is GOOD!)......

So am indoors watching the Vancouver Winter Olympics and thinking to myself...gosh that looks fun but I don't quite like the cold....and surfing through the internet on cousin's extremely fast broadband connection (that makes Celcom and Digi cry in shame).....and somehow went into and....

I found this:

Behold....the Garmin Forerunner 310XT Multisport GPS Watch!!!!!

It cost RM1,850 with 6.50 bucks for postage.


It's almost 2/5 my monthly salary....


It's so what I want....

*heart thumping*

I yearn for a Garmin!!!!

*salivating beyond what is publicly appropriate*

Should I??

Am I ready for such commitment??

Am I ready for such responsibility??

Frankly I don't want to be surviving on cream crackers for the rest of the month to be able to afford this watch!

Well....anyway....I'm gonna be having this fund accumulate funds for the watch!
So please feel donate to this very good get Puisan a brand-spanking-new Garmin watch!!!
(and if you're as crazy as me and really feel the urge to need to help to get Puisan the Garmin, I'll be passing you my bank account ASAP!!!)


Greetings from Melbourne...

Day 6 of CNY!

Day 4 since arrival.

Day 2 since last run.

Terribly missing it!!! (my heart aches for you, running)

Would have run yesterday if the visit to Boxhill Hospital wasn't warranted...(Gosh..not ME, but needed to visit a cancer-stricken relative whose "woe-is-me" attitude was driving me crazy and I suddenly felt that I was back at work!!!!)

Anyway went to the City yesterday for a walk-around and to continue the slew of gluttony...(since arrival, aunt has been on a strict mission to over-feed me since she feels mom is doing a crap job at it! Don't these people know I'm freakin 28 years old now?!!)....saw quite a few runners running through the city blocks and looking...well....pretty HOT!!!

And it got me thinking.....why the hell don't I look like that?!
Yes I'm sure the gluttony contributed to the not-looking-like-those-city-runners, but then again why don't a lot of our runners back home look ANYTHING like that?!
(yes, I am shifting the blame...)

Damn the genetics and the lack of buldging muscles!!!
Oh...and damn the good weather as well...coz I'm currently loving the cool summer evenings that we Malaysians will NEVER (ever, in our whole entire lives living in that bloody hot and humid country) experience!!

But I guess we just have to make do with what we have.
At least we Malaysian runners don't have to experience the shiteous cold winter days when it's just too cold to run and all you feel like doing is hibernating and drinking lots and lots of fat-cells inducing hot chocolate!!!
And our self-esteem don't have to take a nosedive each time you turn up to a road race and EVERYONE around you looked like they just stepped out of Runner's World front cover!!!

Oh well....I do certainly feel better about our country now (and our fellow runners)!!!

Now....if only I can make my aunt understand that I do not need more food than I already am eating!!!!

If I succeed, then perhaps I'll start looking like those city runners....or not.


Monday, February 15, 2010

What are YOU reading?!

I like to read.....(goes up there somewhere between liking to eat and liking to run)

I like to live in my imagination for a while.
To live through someone else's eyes....through someone else's be someone else for a while.

I like what a good book does to me....(focus on the word, GOOD)

Once in a while, you decide to pick up a book.....not because it was on the Bestseller's list....
Or because someone recommended it.
Sometimes you pick it up because the price is right (usually, that is the case for me and secondhand books!).....or the author wrote some spectacular book previously.....or the cover just looks pretty cool (who says you can't judge a book by its cover?!)....or you're bored and you've walked the entire book shop and you really just want to leave WITH a book...ANY book!

Upon recommendation, I went to this particular bookshop at Amcorp Mall (after yonkers of not going there) that my friend swears, sells really CHEAP books!
He had me at C.H.E.A.P.!! (oh c'mon....amuse me!)

And he wasn't kidding about the CHEAP part.
These books that regularly goes at 30-40 bucks are now selling at a fraction of its original price.
I don't know the reason. I don't ask. I like to keep a sense of mystery regarding my cheap books.
That keeps the intrigue going......keeps me going back for more!!

I bought this particular book......"Bright Shiny Morning" by James Frey.
I don't know if you guys have heard of him, but he's the guy that wrote "A Million Little Pieces" and subsequently followed by "My Friend Leonard".

I LOVED "A Million Little Pieces". Talks about addiction. Talks about drugs and alcohol. Talks about rehab...about turning back...about failures...about friendship...about prostitution...about treatment....about compliance.....

Gosh....sounds so much like work...(sometimes it's hard to separate yourself from the thing you dread most!)

Anyway....James Frey wrote it well. Wrote it narratively and I liked it.

I figured this new book would be as good....(plus the cover of the book was cool!)

It was.....

Except the fact that I didn't like one of the endings.
And that sucked....BIG TIME!!

I'm one of those people who likes reading books that have good endings.....
Not all books do...that's why I resort to reading non-fictional it about global warming, economics, probabilities, vintage shopping, women's right....whatever....

Now I'm stuck with a bad aftertaste in my mouth...


Spent the past 24 hours reading and I still haven't finish packing.
Flying off in 6 hours and counting.

Think I'm gonna go run off this bad aftertaste!

Now isn't it nice to blog about something non-running-related once in a while?

Happy Holidays!!! (I'm in the holiday mood until 1st March!!)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Putrajaya Night (half) Marathon

Better late than never.....
I know I'm a week late in posting up regarding this race which took place on 6th February 2010.

This was my first race of the year.
And after my regressive running behaviours in December, I was a bit nervous regarding this race.
Yea...running set backs SUCK!!! (so does weight gain, bad knees and annoying blisters)
I know my timing wasn't gonna be fantastic.
I've not done long runs in quite a while.....and let's not even start talking about speed works.
And I only started back running in mid January.
So I reckon I don't have enough mileage under my belt to do well.

* Quick guys.....hurry up and change into your running shoes! It's gonna be flag off soon!!!

Thank goodness I didn't go out of my mind and sign up for the full!!!

Anyway I was a little worried that no one was gonna show up for this race within my running circle....(let's just say I wasn't the only one having running set-backs!)
CS, Deon, Sany and Foong signed up.
Deon pulled out last minute due to other commitments.
So at least the other three turned up to run!!

* Stop getting into my self-portraits, Sany!!!!  

CS, Foong and I were running the half...and Sany decided to chill and run the 7.7km.

We got there just with half an hour to spare.
It was pretty jam trying to get to Putrajaya from Subang! (why, I have no idea.....)
We got there at 7.50pm. The full marathon flag off was at 8pm.
Ours, at 8.30pm. Thank goodness they didn't close the road to traffic!

* Yup....I think we're ready to run!

Oh...and we were pretty apprehensive about this race because the night run for Shape Run last year, the weather was really warm and humid and we suffered despite it being a 11.5km in distance only.
But luckily it rained in the evening......for a wee bit.

* LeeYing and Chris...FIRST race for 7.7km! Good job, guys!

Once decided where the meeting point will be for post-race meet up, a quick munch on the free power bar and it was time for flag off!

* With the authoritative figure who's doing traffic control....

I now remember why I like doing this!
The adrenaline pumping into your system just before the races start is SO addictive!!!

Decided that since I don't have the mileage under my belt, will try and run as comfortably fast as I can, as long as I can, before needing to walk.
Bump into some folks from Ipoh Roadrunners.....they were easy to spot.
They were wearing the club's neon-yellow running vest (what else!?).
Yea yea yea....I'm suppose to wear it.....they've reminded me many times to wear the club's vest during races....but I so prefer my Nike Human Race T-shirt!

Also bump into quite a few people......PG, Doris, Yen Erl, Jason (dude...thanks for the pic!) and met a very interesting runner called the Singaporean Blade Runner! (go Google him!)

First 10km was smooth sailing.
Comfortable distance at a comfortable pace.
Weather was nice and cool.....despite it still being humid...(but then again this is can't be expecting anything other than humidity!!!)
After 10km or so....started walking all the uphills and run the downhills and flats...
Also found myself running a lot slower....I could feel that it is now becoming quite an effort to keep running.
CS and Foong ran past me.....
Did feel slightly defeated.....but y'know, I've prepped myself mentally so that I'd be alright even if my timing sucks.
So I didn't come down too hard on my self esteem....(but the feeling still sucks!)

Anyway....pass the finish line in 2:29:06.
Not least it was less than 2:30!!!
I found out later on the official website that I came in no. 60 out of 224 in Women's Open!
The boys only ran it about 5 minutes faster than me.
Erm, I hate to admit this, but it did make me feel a whole lot better that they didn't run it that much faster than me!
I know...sore loser, right?!

All in all.....I had fun!
Not bad as first race of the year.....and a good stepping stone to get back into action!
Hopefully I'd still be this optimistic after the Energizer FULL Marathon end of March.


1. Lots of parking space.....
- Well, that's because Putrajaya is EMPTY!!! I find that the whole place can be your parking lot!

2. Hydration sufficient....
- I'm not sure if the full marathon runners had enough to drink but the halfers could literally drown themselves in fluid!

3. Pretty much organized!
- I didn't expect much from this race but let's just say I'm kinda impress...

4. Race kit came by post.....
- I'm glad to pay for this service. It really takes the headache away from the problem of collection logistics. Saved me a lot of time!


1. Technical vest sucks!
- I wish they had a sporting label as one of their major least then the vest would be better...(at least from a fashion pointview....). And at least the sizes would be gender specific!

2. Not enough porta-potties.....
- Luckily the race wasn't as HUGE as say.....KL Marathon. If not I'd be spending FOREVER in line to take a leak!

3. No goodie bag....
- Alright...I'm spoilt! This isn't exactly Shape and Men's Health Run.....I was really expecting a bit too much!

4. Traffic control? What traffic control!!??
- Knowing how notorious Malaysian drivers are.....I had several near misses of life-flashing-in-front-of-my-eyes situations!!! Thank goodness Putrajaya ain't that populated....or else I'd be road kill by now and you'll be reading my orbituary and wondering why my parents pick such an awful picture for print!

Anyway......I'll be Down Under (starting form Tuesday) until end of February....
Will keep running, of course.
And before I forget....HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everyone out there celebrating.
Today's the eve of CNY and my "official" last day of my absurd one month birthday celebration!
So I'm gonna go have my last piece of birthday cake and call it a day until next January rolls around again!!!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Year Resolution for 2010

So what if it's ALREADY February.

Doesn't mean that I still can't create and state my resolutions of the year!
I'm a little late with the list of "to-do's" this year with my regressive state in December and my recent "awakening" don't mind me being late of sort.

Here we RESOLUTIONS (coz everybody has to have some at the start of each year) for 2010 are:

1) To decipher this SHIT that is my so-called life!
- I've given this the upmost importance this year because I've came to realized that my life is as screwed up as the person next to me...(and I'm sure THAT person is freakin screwed up, which in comparison makes me appear perfectly normal to the naked eye!).
Having been in recovery from depression (I finally accept that I'm ill and I need help) and having a re-look at the state of my current situation....I'd say a total internal makeover is long overdue! 
This year, I'm dedicating it to finding out what the hell I should do with the course of my life and figure out what I really want to do, to be, and to become one day. 
I think this resolution is fair......and I hope I'd be happier and more content by my self-discoveries and changing attitudes and outlooks in life.

2) To stop having crushes on gay dudes!
- I told you....I'm screwed up!!! I need to polish my gay-dar so to stop falling into this trap just because they like shopping and gossiping like every other female out there. From now onwards, I'm focusing on having crushes on STRAIGHT men!!!! 
I know....SHIT, I'm so screwed up! ( like gay porn huh? Hmm..maybe I'm normal afterall!)
But to be totally fair...I only had ONE crush on ONE gay dude....and I had a crush on him BEFORE I found out he ain't straight! 

3) To be med-free by next year!
- Being on medication helps with my mood and my outlook. But like all my patients, I don't quite like being on medication. Neither do I like the groggy feeling I get every morning when I wake up, a sedative effect from the medicine I'm taking. It's difficult to conjure up any motivation to run in the morning when all you feel like doing is head back to sleep!!!
But running does help with the mood as well....if only I could wake up.

4) To out-run the boys (you know who you guys are) in Singapore Marathon this year!
- I'm gonna beat all their timings this coming December in Singapore. I just hope they don't read this and start some secret training routine to outrun me instead!!! I know, I can't be quite a sore loser!!!

5) To take more holidays while still in limbo!
- I need to chill more. I need to NOT be so controlling of things and let go. I NEED to go on more holidays and do absolutely nothing! That's why I'm heading to Melbourne this CNY holidays!! I'd like to thank my colleagues who's gonna cover me at work in advance....because of YOU, my holidays can be made real!!! And if anyone ask, I'm depress....I need a lot of holidays so that I could function at work!

6) To make use of my bikinis more so to justify online shopping!
- I have another problem. I LOVE online shopping. I've bought running skirts, swim suits, t-shirts, bags, iPods, other-non-useful-but-spur-of-the-moment-stuff, all online!! I just need to use them more often to justify more online shopping!

7) To survive running 84km!
- I totally regret signing up for the ultramarathon in Sundown, Singapore, end of May 2010, but since I've already signed up for it....I'm gonna run it (walk, crawl.....whatever) and get that finisher's T-shirt! I don't care about the medal....I don't care about the timing....I don't care if I have to crawl to the end with an IV-drip hanging off my arm because I'm severely dehydrated. I WANT THAT FINISHER'S T-SHIRT!!!!

8) To constantly remind myself that I'm not obsessed, I'm just very dedicated!
- I'm very dedicated to achieving all the goals I've set for myself this year. Who says I'm obsessed!?

9) To lose weight!
- I'm not obsessed with how I look and how much I weigh (shit...I don't even know how much I weigh). I'm just very dedicated in taking care of my overall health...which means to lose some weight!

10) To not care if I don't achieve any of my goals for 2010!
- See....I told you I'm not obsessed!!!

Now YOU tell ME your resolutions instead!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Talk About Depression...

Remember my "issue" in December after the Singapore Marathon (SCSM) and running suddenly took a sharp nosedive in interest?

Well, to be honest.....December was a pretty bad month for me. 
I felt like suddenly my whole life was unravelling right in front of my eyes and there was nothing I could do to keep it together.
I guess it all started slightly before my Borneo Marathon in October 2009.

I've been complaining on the blog that I've been tired constantly and feeling rather sleep deprived.
I've also been craving meat which ultimately led to the cessation of my vegetarian lifestyle that I've upheld since 17 years of age.
I assumed that I was training a bit too hard with my twice daily runs to gather enough mileage under my belt prior to the big race.
I thought I was stressed out and was excessively worried and anxious about the unknown that is the FULL marathon.
I mean, I figured feeling a healthy dose of anxiety before the marathon was normal....and with me, everything seemed to be slightly over-exaggerated, and therefore thought it was just me reacting "normally" to the stressor that was the marathon.
I didn't suspect a thing.

Life went on after the marathon.
Worked seemed a bit tedious but I figured I was just tired.

I just filled the coming months with races, one after another to occupy my mind and kept myself focused on them despite work being a constant annoyance and perpetual burden.
Sure....I felt that something was off......but I contributed that to me racing a bit too much.
(for your information, I had a total of 20 road races of various distances the whole of 2009. I reached my aim of 10 per year and THEN another 10 more!)

In my mind.....I was keeping it focus on the Singapore Marathon in early December 2009.
Last race of the year.
Second marathon in my entire life.
Must do better than the first.
I built the event up in my head to be the racing climax of the year.

The race came.....I ran.....and then it was over.

I returned home feeling very empty all a sudden.
The vacancy I felt was deafening.
I couldn't decipher why I felt like that.
I knew instinctively something is wrong with me......something isn't right.
I didn't know what...but something isn't connecting.
Didn't seek help.....figured it'll go away......I mean, it must go away, right?!

Probably like a bad week of work or whatever.

Then started bursting into tears with the slightest of trigger.....ANY trigger.
I cried at work....I cried at home.....I cried while driving......
I don't know WHY I am crying!!!

And I didn't want to run.
I just don't want to run.
I want to sleep in......if I could sleep forever, I would!
I don't see the need to run......I don't see the point in running.....
Who cares if running used to be my lover....
I am tired.....I don't want to run!!!

Then I realized that I'm not quite as hungry as before.
Heck....if I forgot about dinner, it'll be alright.
Hunger doesn't quite happen to me anymore.
Don't need to eat......body doesn't need it......I'm not running anymore.....don't need to eat....

One Friday evening and I'm driving back KL as always......a flicker of thought passed through my head.
If my car crashed....and I wouldn't be such a bad thing.
I don't have to face work or my patients ever again.....I don't have to put up a happy face all the time anymore.....I don't have to worry about anything......I don't have to run anymore!
Dying didn't seem like such a crappy idea after all!!
Just  flicker of a thought......momentarily it lingers in my head before I consciously suppress it.

I told some friends at work.
They said I needed help.

I don't, I retorted.
I need a break from this shit hole. I need to take a holiday. I need more sleep. I just need to run again.....that is ALL I need....I don't need help!

I don't!
I really don't!
I don't have a problem and I don't need help.

They persisted...I relented.

I spoke to my boss.
I needed medication, I was told.
Yes....I promise to take them as prescribed.....
And yes....I'll take 2 weeks off and stay at home in KL....far, far away from work.
Yes, I understand that I am not fit to be caring of patients at the moment....thus I will take my hazard mental health was in a hazardous situation.

I now realized that I sound exactly like all my insight-less patients refusing treatment.
It's not easy to accept when someone tells you that you have depression and that you need help.

I didn't think I was depress. Sure, I was a little down, tired, cranky and very irritable.
So what if I was becoming a first-class bitch?
Everyone deserves to be one once in a while...
So yeah, I was a bitch on a daily basis....but to need treatment?

Returning to the level of "ME" that I was at before the unravelling had been a wax and wane sorta thing.
Initial first 2 weeks, I felt like a walking zombie. I don't think it has anything to do with the medication....more of the illness and it's presentation.
I didn't want to eat.....I couldn't sleep.....I was perpetually tired......and I didn't feel like doing anything fun.
I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING at all!

Once the mood picked did my interest in going out and doing things with other people.
Thank a life of a hermit in SO NOT me.

Sleeping patterns were still a little haywired but recently it's bearable.

Returning to running has been a rough trip back....but I am getting back.
I am running in the morning.
When I run.....I start the day good......and when the day starts off well, I'm more positive it will stay good....
When I run in the morning....I feel like I'm getting back to pre-illness state.
I feel almost normal.
I feel like how I was before.
I feel energetic.
And because I force myself to wake up early to run, I also head to bed earlier and fall asleep longer at each stretch of a period of time. Not that many intermittent awakenings.
However, with a month of total absence in running, the return to it has come with its own package of aches and pains as I build back up my weekly mileage!

I'm more tolerant of work these days.
Less irritable.
Definitely....the bitch has left the building!!!
Rejoice people, rejoice!!!

Yes.....I have DEPRESSION.
Yes.....I am on MEDICATION.
Yes.....I am flawed.
But I am willing to embrace this flaw and hopefully be someone more wholesome, more fulfilled and calm as an outcome.
Shit happens all the time...and it happens to good people....and for a reason.
I'm hoping for the Big Guy up there to reveal His plans for me, to me.....eventually!

There you explanation on why I went missing from cyberspace after SCSM.

Gotta go sleep now.
Running early tomorrow morning.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

I survived!

Ignore me for a wee bit...I just need to be dramatic once in a while.

Yes...completed the Putrajaya Night (half) Marathon in 2:29 (self-timed)
Well self-timed timing is a little off considering I actually forgot to stop timing myself after passing the timing mat due to overjoyed relief that the 21km run was FINALLY done and over with.
So more or less 2:29 give and take about 30 seconds......

Anyway I'm glad my first half marathon of the year went more or less well.
And it completed it less than 2 and a half hours!
To think that I predicted that I'd do a 3 hour half in view that I was just fresh back into training after my brief absence in running while being depressed.....(will do a write up on that later)

Promise to do a proper write up for this race once I get some photos to post up!!

Next race....the Energizer Night (Freakin FULL) Marathon end of March.

Oh...and the registration for the Bidor Half Marathon will be open tomorrow!!
Highly recommended race by yours truly!!! Will brief you guys about it...another day.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010's THIS Saturday?!


Oh my goodness......Putrajaya Half Marathon is THIS SATURDAY!!!!

*hyperventilate somemore*

I know....thank goodness I had the almost-extinct common sense to NOT sign up for the full marathon!!!!


I'm no where near prepared to run a 21km! I can't remember the last time I did any long run!
I'm not joking.

*starts to hyperventilate again*

I know...once upon a time I'd just brush it off and say, "It's ONLY a half!!!" but when you take a raincheck on running and don't train well, you're not gonna do well and possibly incur some injuries.

I know I'm not gonna do some fantastic, OMG-are-you-Kara-Goucher's-twin sort of timing, that's for sure.
But all I'm hoping for it that I'd finish this race with the most incredible grin across my face and NO INJURIES!!!

Repeat to self: timing is not of importance!


Anyway the race kit for the Putrajaya Night Run appeared miraculously on my work desk yesterday!

* For ME!!!!

I was starting to get worried that it wouldn't come in time.
Especially since seeing several runners posting up their package and it's content on Facebook, and I was still sorely waiting the arrival of mine!

* Content of the package.....I'm G6174!!!

*double phew*

Alright.....gonna sleep well and wake up extra early (like, 10 minutes earlier) to run in the morning. Just some minor confidence booster prior to the race.



p/s: The technical vest is rather crappy. Am not gonna wear it during the race despite being stated in the race pack that we HAVE to wear it for the race. Oh y'know me.....I don't race new garments without training in it first!!