Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here's something "amusing".....

I am now an INJURED runner.

Here's something else even MORE "amusing".....

It's 10 days away from my 42km!!!

Well, I don't know about you...but I think freaking out is too subtle a word to describe how I am feeling right now.

I'm WAY beyond hyperventilating.
I've probably exhaled every single molecule of carbon dioxide out of my system, that it is bloody amazing that my brain is even functioning.....
(and probably once I'm much saner LATER, I might look back on this post and realize that the low carbon dioxide level is making me, literally, NUTS!)

In fact....I'm so WAY out of rational that analgesic cocktail sounds like a pretty darn good idea at this point!!
(and since I'm at it, might as well try to get some morphine out of the palliative-care guys!)

And if you are interested.....YES, IT IS MY LEFT KNEE!

It has been hurting a bit before.....(maybe more than just a bit)
And today while running (I actually planned to run 16km today....bye bye last long run), somewhere between 3-4th km, I suddenly felt a sharp, stabbing pain to the outer edge of my left knee.
I was immediately involuntarily halted to a walking pace.
The pain was immediately relieved and thinking that it was probably nothing, I returned to try and run again.
Within 3 seconds, the pain came back with such vengeance that I thought I would start bawling, like a kid who first fell from her bike on first day of learning to ride.....(yes, some physical traumas are THAT traumatic that it is forever etched at the back of one's mind....oh c'mon, I was like, FOUR!!!)

I had to walk (no limping...pain not present when NOT running) back to my car.

Aim for 16km run shattered.....just like my confidence in crossing the finish line for the 42km WITHOUT crawling!!!

Here's another "amusing" fact.....
I'm now officially a DEJECTED runner.

To all injured runners out there.....I totally understand how YOU feel.
I know the emotional AND psychological pain of knowing your body has somehow failed you.
The ache of knowing that there is a HUGE possibility that your aim cannot be achieved.
The sadness that accompanies the knowledge that you will not be running for the next few days.
The emptiness that befalls you.....since you have so darn much free time from NOT running and you don't know what to do with it!

Suddenly I feel like giving another confidence boost to the economy by going shopping!
(Maybe I should just get one of those compression tights that I've been thinking about......although I'm not sure when my left knee is agreeable enough to test-run those tights...)


Maybe it's ALL in my head!!!
Like...perhaps the conscious (knowing marathon is 10 days away) and the subconscious (knowing that I MIGHT kill myself running a distance I've not sufficiently trained for!!!) are not in agreement and due to such psychological conflict, I'm projecting my subconscious fears onto the BODY, by producing somatic (bodily), LEFT KNEE PAIN!!!
Wow...such enlightenment.
I wonder since i've sort of "became self aware"....if I could still run tomorrow pain-free!

(Note to self: I have to STOP reading Eckhart Tolle's's screwing up my mind)

Yeah.....or perhaps I should really get myself something elusive, called 'A LIFE' other than running.



p/s: Thank you dear blog readers for tolerating such nonsensical banter. You guys are THE best!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Running week in review

Alright.....15 days to go till BIM!!!

Let's review my running week so far.

But before I forget, I would like to thank my group of friends whom I went up north to Penang Island with....
Guys...that was a good 4 day 3 night sorta-short-holiday!!!
Too much eating...too little sleeping....and too little running......yeah, that sort of holiday!!
I gave the trail run with the running uncles last Sunday a miss because...well....I'm on HOLIDAY!!! (which part of that didn't you guys get?!)

Anyway, came back to KL on Monday.....decided I'll just perpetuate the non-running trend.

Got a 5.5km run on Tuesday with Leen and Emmy.....and walked another 5.5km to catch up on the gossip.
That 5.5km was more like a gentle nudge back into the running regime. So will not harp on the low mileage that day.

On Wednesday, first day back at work after a LONG weekend away.....ran 14km on hospital ground after work.
Weather was FANTASTIC!
It was cloudy, windy and there exist the possibility of rain!!! (except that it didn't)
Ran with my hydration belt.....I'm getting pretty used to this darn belt!

On Thursday......the scorching heat was overbearing.....but I just NEEDED to test-run the SPI belt (refer to previous post) so quickly went for a 5km run.
The heat has a way of killing whatever joy you have while running.
"Curse you, sweltering hot weather....curse you!!!!"

Friday......really needed to make up the mileage for the week.....I mean after all, I should start 'tapering' next week onwards so this is the last week to pump it up!!!!
Managed 11km (first 4km under unimaginably HOT conditions which are such killjoys, and then the remaining 7km under cloud-sheltered sky!!)
I even ran through the left knee pain......(no...please no more lectures!)

I regressed to being a do-absolutely-nothing sloth on Saturday.......reason being, I needed to rest my left knee.....
And also I had to work in the afternoon.
I know...not a very good excuse exactly....but I really didn't want to go swim or go for a walk, let alone any running!
(I do have my lazy streak......but mainly, I NEEDED TO REST!)

On Sunday, I ran 21km.
Considering this is the last long run I'm gonna do before the "suicidal" attempt in 2 weeks time, I should have gone longer.
I could have gone longer.
I did NOT go longer.
My left knee didn't want to go any longer......*hanging head in shame*

So now a noble aim of just COMPLETING the 42km without any finishing time in mind.
I'll save the more courageous aim of attaining a better timing for the Singapore Marathon in December.
I promise...PROMISE....I will get my long run-ins and be better prepared for THAT race.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go give my annoyingly irritating left knee a rest!!!


Friday, September 25, 2009


Today we shall talk about SPI belt.

SPI stands for SMALL PERSONAL ITEMS...(I think....)

I've been seeing the advertisements in Runner's World magazines for quite a while now.

Couldn't find it in Malaysian stores and I keep forgetting to search for it when in Singapore.

Anyway, according to the tiny advertisements in the magazines, this “amazing” small pouch of a belt “DOES NOT BOUNCE OR RIDE!” (their words, not mine), just perfect for runners to stash their car keys, spare change, gels/gu's, cellular phones, mp3 devices and perhaps a comb or a compact mirror to freshen one up whenever spotted a really hot runner that you may be possibly attracted to running towards you...(well, to each their own fancy....but pulling the last 2 items out mid-run somehow may appear a little....odd)

It had also made special appearances on CNN, TODAY show and The Rachel Ray Show!! (whoopee!)

Right out of the plastic bag that the belt came in!

With NOTHING in it....

Packed with my phone and keys

Honestly, I don't know why I bought the belt.

Call it an impulse buy......(never question a female regarding the impulsivities of shopping. The female brain's “pleasure area” is highly activated whenever thinking or planning about PLEASE thank the female next to YOU for strengthening the economy of our country! By the way, you're welcome!!)

So I got my very own SPI belt from Mr. Choi for click on this link to view his site.

Appearance wise, it is rather inconspicuous looking and for a while there I thought I would be severely disappointed with the product. 

So yesterday evening, I decided that I just HAVE to take this belt out for a test-run to see what the whole fuss was all about.

To test-run the belt, I recruited my cellular phone and my car keys....both I consider essential 'small-personal-items'.

And mind you, my phone is the Nokia E71 (and not those tiny, cute-sy ones that don't take my much space) and together with my car keys are a pretty bulky twosome.

Both items fitted well into the tiny pouch compartment.

I strapped the belt over my waist....just like I did the hydration belt.

(you may try belting it around my hip area at the level of the A.S.I.S. [anterior superior iliac spine] or garjon-less version would be the top tip of your hip bone...I tried that with the hydration belt and it just bounces like a Jell-O no way am gonna do the same with the SPI belt)

It was bloody hot yesterday evening.

Normally too hot to run.

But I'm doing the run for SPI belt's sake....(I can't help but to dramatize things)

So I ran.

And the stayed put.


It did!


I mean, yes, you'd still feel it at your lower back as you run (it's not gonna disappear and become weightless just because it appeared on The Rachel Ray Show!!)....but it's just minimal inconvenience....sorta like the convenience store only having 100-plus and NOT Gatorade!

It stayed put (more or less) for the whole 5km......and stayed on put despite the heat causing me to sweat buckets! (totally unrelated but I'm just saying....)

In conclusion...the test-run of the SPI belt was GREAT!

It sorta lived up to it's claim of 'DOES NOT BOUNCE OR RIDE!'

So it's my hard-earned RM70 well spent.

Perhaps next time around, the SPI belt will do an appearance on Oprah!!! Now THAT'S the big gun!!! (I swear, once it's on Oprah.....every Tom, Dick and non-running Harry will be sporting one of these babies!!!)

I TOTALLY recommend the SPI belt......I can foresee it coming in very handy during long runs and races.

And for YOUR information, this is a totally un-bias test-run of a product.

I did NOT generate the aforementioned luminescent glowing review without first hand experiencing the SPI belt's “amazing ability” to 'DOES NOT BOUNCE OR RIDE'....(I'm trying really REALLY hard to rein in the sarcasm but it's not quite working)

And as long as I don't get paid to do this write is categorize as UN-BIAS! (and I don't get paid)

Maybe next time around, I'll write up about RoadID ('BE SEEN WEARING IT').

Or if another impulsiveness arises and I find myself purchasing one of those 2Xu compression tights, I'll do another UN-BIAS write up as well!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About hydration belts......

When I went to Singapore the last time around (for the Safra Army Half Marathon), I acquired to be part of my growing collection of what my mom would like to call pointless-accumulation-of-utter-rubbish......a HYDRATION BELT!

Yup....I figured if I strap one of these babies around my waist while I shuffle along 42km at slower-than-snail pace, it'll provide credibility to me being a...erm...runner.

Alright fine...maybe not exactly that, but I do have a habit of wanting to buy something then NOT using it...(which was why mom considers it pointless accumulation)
I can't remember how much I got it for but I figured (at that point in time), the hydration belt will come in very handy for long runs.

* This is exactly my hydration belt...except mine is black in colour.

Anyway I DID utilize it......I wore it when I ran on hospital ground yesterday.
Initially, I strapped it around my hip area.....
And when I ran, it just felt VERY weird to have it at that area, 2 bottles happily bouncing with every foot strike, on my gluteus maximus.
Yes....very odd feeling indeed.

Then, just as I was gonna discard the hydration belt to be part of the pointless-accumulated-rubbish heap back home, I decided to give it another go.
This time...around the waist....
SNUGLY around the waist.

This was better.
A whole lot better!
It did jiggle a bit but it wasn't as annoying as when I strapped it at hip level and have it bouncing off my perky arse! (again, self-perception is extremely important!)
I managed a whole full 7km with 2 miniscule water bottles strapped to my midsection.

No, it didn't get THAT comfortable that I totally forgot that they were there.
But it wasn't that annoying or weird that I seriously contemplated wanting to take it off every 100 meters or so.

Yes, I'm planning on more training runs WITH the hydration belt.

And now comes the pivotal question.....

Your thoughts?

I've been advised to wear it during the race in view that there IS a possibility that the hydration support along the race course would be of questionable state....(remember Penang Bridge Marathon last year?)
And then there's another school of thought, questioning my mental strength on whether I'd able to put up with the annoyance of a jiggly belt while running the whole 42km.

I've still yet to confirmed on whether or not to wear the freakin belt but I'm at the moment, leaning towards NOT wearing it.
But again, it's still a few weeks before race day....still a lot of time to decide.

Anyway, I've kinda stopped the twice daily running....
I'm still feeling rather tired.
Been popping my iron pills religiously now...(was sorta non-compliant to my supplementation prior)
And since I'm medical staff and I'm entitled to free blood investigations, I willingly subjected myself to be pricked for blood taking......(I'm very highly tolerant towards these kinda painful experiences....helps when you're a regular blood donor)
Did the routine blood investigations and fortunately everything came out within normal ranges.

Gosh....maybe my tiredness is all in the mind......(that or it's my monthly hormonal fluctuations)

Alright alright.....maybe I'll take the whole of tomorrow off.....MAYBE!!!!!


p/s: Am heading to Penang this Saturday to hang with the Subang peeps (Penang people buzz me ok?)....and then trail run in Ipoh on Sunday morning. Gosh I feel so busy!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Running on grass....

It's been a while since I last ran on hospital grounds.

Well....there was that issue that cropped up earlier this year....
But let's not harp on the past.....(besides, I don't quite like elaborating on it)
Anyway for info, I used to run on hospital grounds while training for my very first half marathon and the subsequent halfie.....(Penang Bridge Half Marathon....then Standard Chartered Singapore Half Marathon)

After that incident....(factor in the crappy/unpredictable weather in the evening) I took up running at Polo Ground in the early mornings.
So that's how it all started.

So today......I finally ran the good 'ol route again.
Because NOW I'm NOT the only loony running in the hospital after work!
I have other loonies with me!
Also I needed a change in routine....
I needed my running to feel different!

Honestly......I did miss running straight after work.....(and I really mean straight after work, right AT work)

I have to feels really REALLY good to run on grass and soil beneath your running shoes.
It feels natural......feels how running should be!!!!
Gosh I miss those vast fields....the grass-lined hilly roads......the "gold-course" on hospital ground......the unfortunate lack of "real" trees (why do we have so many coconut trees in the hospital??)

Today, me and gramps ran through the hospital burial grounds....(yes, we have one)
I've attempted to run through it once before but heavy rainfall made me turn back.
There is actually a trail route (grass/dirt/gravel) that leads right through the burial grounds at the periphery of the hospital behind the forensic block that leads all the way to the old abandoned wards.....which looked eerily haunted even in bright day-light.
Luckily for me.....I don't quite believe in ghost.
(And if you see a should really try and get a 4 digit number out of 'em, win billions and quit the government shit service! You have been advised!!)

The trail gently slopes uphill and the scenery at the surrounding area is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I didn't know the hospital had that sort of view!!
It wasn't that long though, the trail...only about a kilometer in distance.
It SHOULD be longer!!!!

It was refreshing running in the hospital again.
I guess I needed a change in scenery....
And frankly, perhaps the Polo Ground is growing a bit dreary for me!

Anyway...kudos to gramps for making it 8km on a hilly route.
I know you HATE hills even more than I do!!!

Tomorrow.......let's run past the burial grounds again!!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Facing Reality...

Alright....just a short note here.

So I'm just got back from my first long run in quite a while.
(I think the last time I did anything more than 10km in a stretch was back in Safra Army Half Marathon...)

I did a 16km.
(I have to work at 9am)

OMG why didn't I start running long runs earlier?!!!?
(whack self at back of head)
I felt like a flat tire.
Make that shredded flat tires that you see coming off lorries and trucks on the highway sort.
Legs....what on earth happened to you guys?!

I actually walked the last few kilometers back to the car.

It also dawned on me while walking that the 42km is less than 30 days away.
This is FINALLY the time to face reality.
No more hyperventilating.....coz I don't think removing more carbon dioxide is gonna help much at this point in time.

So hear me out.
This is the NEW plan....(sort of a plan anyway)

I've decided that I'm gonna be OK with walking most of the 42 km

I've decided that finishing time is not gonna matter.
So what if I finish it in 7 hours or more....(I really did wanna beat PG's first marathon time initially)
In fact, I'm gonna be a pretty strong contender to Hazel's Milo from last year's BIM.

Wow.....after stating all that, I do feel a whole lot lighter and less stressful about the 42km.

I'm just gonna go......have fun.....take LOADS of people.......did I mention HAVE FUN?!

Oh yes....and I wanna go diving after!!!

Not bad....I face reality pretty well!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I was getting really tired lately....past few weeks actually.
Don't get me wrong. I'm still extremely motivated to run.
It's just that my runs these days lack the quality it use to have.
I mean.....I used to feel strong during my I'm lucky if I run past 8km and I STILL want to continue.
There used to be days that after completing a 10km run, I'd STILL want to keep running....I miss those kinda days!
I used to feel semi-fast (with moderate effort).
Now wanting to run fast requires so much more focus and self-butt-kicking.
I used to feel refreshed. I now feel exhausted.

I don't know.....maybe the running twice a day is really getting to me.
That or the idea of 42km is more daunting than I give it credit for.
Whatever it is, I'm gonna NOT worry about mileage for now.
I just want to how I USED to feel.....about RUNNING.

Running used to be like a exciting running feels like a nagging husband that you try to avoid by working late!!!
(not a great metaphor but it's the best that I can come up with at the moment)

And get ready for work!


Friday, September 11, 2009


I survived another 32 hours of work!!!
I'm post-call and still kicking.....the wonders of youth and excessive praying during work! (Thank you GOD!)

Anyway Friday was a little frustrating at work.
I don't understand why my "champion-patients" are taking turns to relapse....and why aren't those medications working like how the drug company says it would!?!

Because of the combination of mild sleep deprivation and unresolved frustrations, I decided last minute to go for a run on the 7km loop that Keon, Wendy and I usually run.

I was a bit ambivalent about wanting to run.
Taking a nap was a whole lot more appealing at that time.
But I needed to vent whatever upsetting and unsaid feelings I may be suppressing unconsciously....(females are well-known to do this!)
I needed an outlet.....and RUNNING IS MY OUTLET!

I ran it alone.....(ok, you may say it's dangerous, but being young is the ONLY time you get to be brave and stupid, both at the same time!)

I started off faster than usual.
I wanted to hold the pace.
I needed to hold the pace.
My freakin subconscious ego says to hold the bloody pace and suck it up!!!
I was running half-marathon pace.....a pace that would let me complete the 21km distance in 2:10 sort.

Honestly I was kicking myself for dragging my sorry arse out of the apartment to run..

Puisan: What were you thinking?!!! I'm TIRED!!!!
Brain: A run would do you good. Keeps you in high spirit....
Puisan: To hell with the high spirit.....I want to sleep!!!
Brain: ......yeah, I know you want to sleep....but let us not discount the 3 doughnuts you ate AFTER lunch. Did you not remember the McFlurry that you said you NEEDED to have after the doughnuts?!
Puisan: Did I eat THAT much for lunch?
Brain: should be thankful I keep tab!
Legs: Oh shut the hell up......WE'RE the ones doing the hard labour around here!!!

Anyway, I completed the 7km in 42 minutes.
It was good timing......but still.......I could have done better.
I could have made it less than 41 minutes...except that I kinda slowed down after 4th kilometer.
Oh was still a 6 minute per km effort.
Faster than usual anyway!

Oh yes....
I'm through with the second iPod for the year. shuffle quit on me.
First the nano drowns in the shuffle decides for a premature demise!
Just my luck.

I actually got the shuffle just before SCKLM (like the night BEFORE) because I've never run a halfie without music and I wasn't gonna find out whether I could endure without audio distraction during that race!

But after 4 half marathons (which one involves being soaked in rain water for half the race) and countless hours running while shuffle has gone back to Mac Heaven....(R.I.P.)
You shall be sorely missed.

Anyway, random information, I'm currently chilling out to Paolo Nutini's new album (Sunny Side Up......go google it) which appeals to the geriatric part of me.....(y'know...the one that goes, "OMG, kids these days.....they don't know how easy they have it...")
You guys really have to check it out!
I actually like his current album better than the first one.
I also LOVE James Morrison's album 'Songs For You, Truths For Me'.
Again, totally unrelated.....I liken James Morrison to Tiramisu while Paolo Nutini is carrot walnut!!!
Intermittently between "mature listening music selections", I'm also loving everything by Pitbull....yes, I'm still THAT young!

Back to running-related topics, I'm in Ipoh for the weekend (due to work) and was planning to do long runs with the running-uncle peeps.
Unfortunately, my usual LSD sub-group are busy training for Powerman and are opting to ride instead of run, I'm a little antsy about wanting to run with the group.
Because these veteran are SUPER fast....I've not even began to start exaggerating about their superhuman-uncle-ability to run superfast!!!
I mean the majority of them are my dad's age and can STILL easily outrun me when I'm SPRINTING! Did I mention that THAT was their usual pace?!
But I really NEED to do this long run.
I know I'm gonna show up at BIM totally UNDERTRAIN but I really wanna enjoy my holiday in Kota Kinabalu (I am already planning my diving post-race) and not limping around town!


Ok ok.....stupid subconscious ego just said to SUCK IT UP, STOP WHINING!!!!!
(stupid, inconsiderate, non-existent subconscious ego....)

Oh....TGIF y'all.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woohoo....I'm IN for Nike+ Human Race!!


The website was up and functioning since yesterday and I'm registered to run it!
Yes it is the SAME day as the Northface100 but since Bernard is not confirmed about the trail race, why not just sign up for the Human Race first.....

I mean worst case scenario (although I won't exactly address it as so), Bernard and I are IN for least I have this year's Nike+ Human Race's T-shirt....(coz I LOVED last year's tee!)

I actually thought the 10km run would be in the afternoon like last year.
Which was why I initially thought I could squeeze it in as a 10km WALK post Northface100.
But unfortunately it's at 9am on 24th October 2009.

Oh well.....

What else.....

* Don't you guys wanna walk this charity event? I heard the GOODIE bag is pretty good!!!

Oh yes......I'm IN for the Walk For World Pink scheduled on the Saturday, 3rd October 2009.
It's actually the weekend BEFORE the Borneo International Marathon.
I figured I needed to get out for a WALK (3.8km) with the girls....take loads of photos for Facebook (yes...THAT website again!) and just enjoy myself before my maiden suicidal attempt of a 42km at Kota Kinabalu!

Good idea, right?

Anyway.....will be in Ipoh this weekend, so will have to beg one of the running uncles to run slow with me for the long run....(coz they DON'T run slow)
This weekend MUST at least run a half marathon worth of distance.
I'm thinking if I have a 30km long run in the bag, then I can still view the 42km attempt on 11th October 2009 as a para-suicide effort (y' "attract" attention around myself since I'm histrionic I'm NOT over that yet!) rather than full-blown "out-of-my-mind" suicide shit!

Ok.....I'm gonna go and allow myself to wallow in self-pity right now because I'm ON-CALL tomorrow.
So in advance....TGIT everyone!!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

SO Annoyed!!!!


Is anyone else having problem trying to log on to to REGISTER (or at least find out MORE) for the Nike+ Human Race in Singapore on 24th October 2009?!

Coz I've been trying to for the whole weekend (besides doing OTHER stuff....I do HAVE a LIFE!), and I've been gradually getting more and more frustrated with each click of the optical mouse!

Maybe the internet is trying to tell me something....(don't go Singapore!!!)

Or maybe somebody should just stop bumming around and go fix up the website so it will function like it should!!! 
(I'm projecting my inner self onto everyone/everything...can't be a good sign! NOTE TO SELF, stop psychoanalyzing yourself!!! It's not good for your mental health!)


Oh I did run at Metropolitan Park in Kepong this morning.
Went ALONE.......because apparently, Kepong is now the 'Other-Side-Of-The-World'!!! (that was how I viewed Subang before...)

"You want to run where? What the.....!! But it's like....the other side of the freakin world!!!!" that quite a bit when approach some usual running peeps about trying out a new running route.

I was told it would be a 5km route.
It didn't feel like it.
Felt so....cheated!

Anyway I found out later that the rubberized running track was actually 3.7km in distance.
It was the cycling track that measured 5km in circumference.

So next time will run on the cycling track.
Who cares if I'm in some cyclist's way!?
Joking....I'm usually rather considerate about these kinda things.

Anyway if ANYONE out there figures out how to get into the registration page for Nike+ Human Race.....could you please, PLEASE let me know!!!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Look what I spotted......

I'm still doing the twice daily run thingy.
No one to do LSDs with me while back home in KL....(I need someone who is willing to run SLOW!!!!)
Did 16km in total today....
Yes...still trying to garner more mileage before 11th October 2009.

I'm starting to self-doubt......that CANNOT be good for for my mental health!
Doubt is like the KILLER to all good achievements....sigh.

* In a nutshell...the IDEAL husband DOESN'T exist!!!

Well, self-doubt and twice daily running aside, I spotted the FUNNIEST car "sticker-plate" as I was walking to have dinner after my second run Subang.
(yeah.....did the Subang Lake again, this time with the Subang running peeps)

Anyway....I finally found out where Metropolitan Park is......and apparently the loop around the park is 5km.
Pretty good distance per loop and pretty good place to want to do LSDs....ALONE!
Will definitely check it out on Monday.

Happy weekend everyone.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

KRI Bukit Kinding Trail Run 2009

The "running-uncle club" ('s not ALL running uncles but it has a very good ring to it!) is having their annual end of the year race again and this time around, it will be a trail race (11km) scheduled on 15th November 2009 at Bukit Kinding Resort.

You don't know where Bukit Kinding Resort is?
No worries.....
Before I started work at the "Happiest Place In Perak", I didn't know where it was either.'s in Tanjung Rambutan...   *stop laughing*

Anyway, click HERE for more information....(apparently you can register online.....I'm just gonna give my registration form to Uncle PK)

The "running uncles" (because not all of them are in the veteran's category...I just like calling them that) ran the race route last Sunday (I was back home so gave it a miss). Frankly I'm not too sure if I want to know how "punishing" the route is. Better to just find out on race day.

By the way....didn't manage to wake up to go run this morning.
I'm just gonna treat it like it's post-long run.......
Perhaps if it rains in the evening, I'll go for a short 5km SLOW run.
If weather is too good, then I'll hit the pool.....y'know, to ensure my abdominal region is the same skin colour as my overly tanned arms and legs.

Still no news regarding Bernard's flying schedule...thus no updates on the Northface100.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marathon-training Mode

Erm....or rather my pathetic attempt of a marathon training.

I only have THIS month to sorta build whatever endurance my body can produce before 11th October 2009.....which come to think of it, is like a month and NINE days more!!!

And it doesn't quite help that I've not been doing my long runs as planned.

September has just way too MANY public holidays that fall on a MONDAY....
And long weekends HOME are just too tempting to pass up on!!

So I'm compensating....well, sort of.
I'm doing longer twice daily runs these days......
I've been doing twice daily runs sometimes to bump up the weekly mileage...(I'm NOT obsessive!!!)
And currently I think the twice daily runs few days per week can SORT OF take the place of long runs (yes yes, I know the importance of long runs for marathon preparation...but keep in mind I'm compensating!!) and help make up for overall mileage.

I SHOULD be able to make over 60km this week if all things go well.

Anyway, today did the twice daily run thing with Keon (who says he's preparing for a FULL Ironman...way to go!!) and Wendy (who's training for Powerman, which I've decided I ain't ready for).
I did my 9k run in the morning (I swear, I felt like I left my quads back in KL) and barely survived it.
Then in the evening decided that I NEEDED to run more....
We did another 9km (more or less) in the evening.....

I was wiped!!!!

Those two wiped my perky (self-perception is ALWAYS better than reality) arse at the last stretch of the run.
I was SO out of gas!
Yup...definitely running through fatigue...(although I do remember reading somewhere in Runner's World that running through fatigue helps in training for a long distance race)

I'm just hoping I still have SOMETHING to pull from for tomorrow's morning run.
Don't think will do the twice-daily run tomorrow.

Perhaps it's time to hit the pool.....can't quite remember the last time I swam since coming back from my beach-bumming holiday at Perhentian Islands!

Anyway, whatever it is.......THEY SAY (I don't really know who....just the elusive THEY) that it is better to turn up at a race undertrained than overtrained.
(heck....thats ME!!!)

I'm honestly taking THAT to heart.
Let's hope it will not fail me.

Perhaps it is time to find someone to do long runs with me in KL!
Any takers?