Sunday, June 28, 2009

SCKLM......the aftermath

Let me put out some equations..

Puisan + 21km - (initial lagging + toilet break) = 2:14:20

Gun time + (query functioning timing "bib") = 2:16: (something...)

Running skirt + (Bodyglide + lotsa prayers) = no chaffing!

Powergel - (any water at 15th km) = mild tummy upset

Puisan + (bloody annoying leg cramps @ 16th km onwards) + (annoying uphill climbs)  + mild tummy upset = on the brink of being INJURED runner!!!

You know, in retrospect, I'm starting to view the SCKLM as the most "monumental" race on MY first 6 months of 2009's running calender.
And has been exponentially overrated! 
I guess I was thinking that it would be a lot like Singapore......(delusional me!)

By the way, I didn't quite get the timing system on the bib.
It made the bib really stiff and annoying!
Suddenly I miss the good ol' timing chip on the shoe.

Anyway, today has got to be the earliest that I've ever woken up for a race in KL.
There were big plans to snag ourselves a decent parking and we wanted to reach Padang Merbuk by 4.30am.....(gosh we were so ambitious!)
But of course we did (more or less) reach at around 4.30am andPadang Merbuk was almost filled to the brim!
Yea is good to be obsessive (which I am good at as well) about such things (like, parking!) once in a while!

And you know rained again this morning...AND I was caught it in the rain again!!!
It's like each time I'm at Padang Merdeka....there's rain....

It's like, one rain cloud sees me, says to the other rain clouds, "Quick....that girl is here again....let it pour and pour fast!!!"
(No...I'm NOT being paranoid ok!!)

But it only rained when they were flagging off the full marathoners.
By the time the half-ers proceeded to the starting line, it was already rain-free!
I count myself lucky.....

Anyway for this race, I actually brought along ONE Powergel....I'm not a huge fan of powergel.
Don't ask me why......don't really fancy it although I do have to admit that I do feel somewhat better after downing one over 10km into a race.
(yes...feel free to jeer at the doubter)

I only have one regret for this race though....
Not heading to the loo right before the race.
I had to do a quick one in the porta-potties along the race course.....
Not a pleasant sight....or smell for that matter!!! (hold ya breath.....)

Took 2 minutes out of my gun-time!!!!

Anyway....currently am walking with a slight limping gait.
My right hip flexors are SCREAMING for help!!
They have been a bit achy past 2 weeks but nothing tremendously worrisome. 
Oh....until now.
So definitely taking a few days off......(it's like the tapering never stopped...)
And hopefully will feel better SOON!
I HAVE to feel better soon.....

Because I have another half marathon this coming Sunday!!!

Anyway will leave you guys with the pictures from my camera....
Mind you, CS hijacked it for a while (since he completed his half marathon freakin fast, as usual) and all "artsy" shots are his.
....and the candid-crappy-whatever shots are MINE!

* the start and the finish......

* I know this classifies as crappy-whatever shot...but I DID NOT take this!!! 
(but it is darn funny!)

* fueling post-race

* Emmy and I!!! Congrats on your first 10km race and may many more to come!
(and if I have anything to do with it...there WILL be many more to come...)

* "....why the long face, Ian?"

* Me and my marathoning friend, PG!!!
(I don't care if you crawled to the finish at're a true marathoner in MY eyes!)

* Apparently the balloons were a hit!


Alright.....another I come!!!!
(praying for quick recovery.....!)


p/s: ....seriously, no one coming for the Ipoh Half Marathon??!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Look what I received this morning!!!

Jason came over to hand me my NEW running skirt!!! here to view more available running skirts in Malaysia....or click here for the official website!

By the way...I have the exact same skirt (in a different colour, obviously) which I've been training in (.....well, sometimes) but Wendy says it'll make a good photo op if we wore the same skirt so......

Yup....wearing this skirt for the race tomorrow!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Collection day SUCKED Big Time!!!!

Yeah I took leave today.....(Save-my-sanity program in full swing!)

I wanted to collect the race kit today.
I didn't want to go Saturday and jostle with the crowd y'see.
And also I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be stuck with the odd-sized vest again!
(yes I have enough shirts to sleep in already!!)

But I realized one thing.....

Everyone else in KL DID NOT want to jostle with the crowd either and EVERYONE turned up today!

Collection was suppose to start at 12pm Friday (today!) and when we (CS and I.....well,standing in queue with someone else doesn't seem as pathetic as standing in queue ALONE) got there at 12.08pm (yes, I am timing everything these days), there was already a queue formed in front of EVERY race category.....even the fun run!

So we quickly got in line for the half marathon queue (which by the way was nicely marked as family and fun-run until some nice lady informed us that it was actually marked wrongly) when the sky started to appear a tad bit deviously pre-heavy-rain-like!
True enough it started to RAIN....oh, hang on, started to POUR within 15 minutes of being in line and everyone without an umbrella had to run into the tents where the collection actually is!

While under the tents we found out what was holding the queue up.
System down....multiple times!!!!
Apparently DBKL ain't very sufficient in providing adequate electricity thus server cannot function.

In retrospect I had to thank the rain coz it gave me a really good reason to jump queue...(by A LOT!!!)
I got to my turn pretty quickly when under the tent.....
( were in front of me previously? Really?? Nah....I don't think so....I have a common face!)
I'm very sorry to everyone else queueing in front of me before the rain started. 

We were collecting for a bunch of other people...(actually CS was collecting for a lot of other people and I was collecting for Jamie and myself)
So while the nice guy at the computer was trying to find the bib numbers and vests for the people on my collection list, the power goes off AGAIN!
(I also found out that the people at the "front-line" sorting out our numbers and vests were FORCED-volunteers!!)

With the next power outage, it took almost half an hour before the power came back on! (half an hour was a little optimistic....maybe it was more like 45 minutes?!)
....and for your information, just because I was in front of the computer does not make me the jinx causing the power outages!!!

Anyway by the time our collection was had stop raining and the sun was out again with a vengence! (ok maybe not with a vengence...but y'know....)

I've never spent SO long collecting any race kit before.....this HAS got to go into the Malaysian Book of Records as the longest race kit collection EVER!!!!
(Everyone say, "MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!")

Let's just hope the race will not be THIS disorganized!!!

* my number...pretty cool huh?! Say hi to me if you see me running!!!

* ....and I actually got my vest in the size I want!! I have to say that the race bag was pretty lacking.....but I guess it would suffice in the face of economic instability...(although anyone who has gone to any shopping centres around KL would have to disagree on the economic downturn coz Malaysians are really pouring $$ back into the economy!!)

* And I found this voucher in my bag....(let me go off tangent for a bit...)
It is suppose to be a health screening package that cost RM348 which includes
- physical examination
- chest x-ray with report
- ECG with report
- lung function test with report
- general screening profile which includes FBC, RP, FBS, alpha-fetoprotein (I know....WhoTH does this test routinely anyway?), TSH, RF (another way to scare the aunties and uncles), syphilis screen (they might as well just do HIV screen), CEA (WTH?) dan coronary risk profile (which I'm guessing are the Trop-I/Ts and cardiac enzymes.....yea, lets scare the aunties and uncles more!!)

Let me start by saying....WHAT A WAY TO WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED CASH!!!! (but good way to pump back $$ to Gleneagles Intan!)

Half of the blood investigations are unnecessary and shouldn't you get checked by your doctor first before they order your blood tests?!
And for RM 348??!!!

Suddenly I'm thankful I went to med school and am serving the government.....
(Check yourself and order your own investigations for free!!)

But of course if you're a hypochondriac and you have a lot of $$ to help the economy, please do go ahead!!!!
(if you have more $$, you can always pledge it to the "Save-Puisan's-sanity" fund!!! I'm always up for donations!!)

Happy running SCKLM this Sunday everyone!!!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yea.....a little different this week.

Am gonna celebrate Wednesday (TGIW!!)....because tomorrow is my last working day of the WEEK!!!!
Took Friday off (Save-puisan's-sanity campaign in full swing) and am heading back to the smog and haze that is KL!!!

Anyway tomorrow will attempt my last run of the week before the big day....(SCKLM..duh!)
Of course if it rains again, I'll just scrape that plan and continue my slumber in peace.....
(If tapering has any good bits.....sleeping in has got to be top of the list)

Today....I accompanied my friend to buy a new pair of running shoes....

I LOVE running shoes.....

Nothing puts me in a good mood than being in the vicinity of brand new running shoes!
Going to try them on without any thought of buying is even more fun.....although I try not to do that too often as it pisses off the sales assistant quite a bit....
But going with someone who PLANS to buy them gives me the right to try on as many as I want! 
(If you don't get how this works...don't worry too much about it. It's one of those things that just seems to make sense in my world)

Since being in Ipoh, I realized that a lot of runners around this town fancy wearing Brooks running shoes....which might I add are a rare sight back in KL.
But Brooks running shoes are everywhere in Ipoh!

And did I mention....I LOVE Brooks running shoes?
I'm currently shod in a pair of well-worn Defyance second pair of Brooks.
Even with the snub by some of my KL running friends that my Brooks aren't "cool" enough....(you guys know who you are!!!!), I reckon Brooks are still darn good running shoes.
So I am trying my best to promote them!
(Honestly, I don't get paid at all to say all these niceties about the brand.....although Brooks can send me free shoes anytime if they feel like it!! It would be very much appreciated!) cut the long story short (It's taper week and I need to sleep early), my friend went home with a pair of Brooks racing shoes (they were on sale!)....

....and shamefully....I too went home with a pair of Adrenaline GTS 8, also on discount!

(Yeah I know they were last season's model, but they were going at RM199!!)

Will start wearing them after SCKLM....and then my Asics-2130 can happily retire with all my other retired running shoes in KL!

I always feel sad discarding my old shoes.....I still wear them once in a while when I'm back home in KL for the weekend.....
Any ideas what I should do with my old runners besides throwing them out and contributing to the amount of non-biodegradables in landfills?
(I kinda feel very bad donating them coz they kinda stink.....)

Alrighty....heading to bed!


4 days to go....

Alarm buzzes at 5.30am.....(don't have to get up so early since not running the usual 8-10km)

Rolls out of bed.

Groggily washes up and get dressed.

Today will run 5km.

Am tapering.

5km is sufficient.

Not too much....but enough to restraint myself from going nuts at work.

Walk down to car.

Hears trickling sound.

Looks up.....

Bloody hell it is still raining!!!!

Brain: Guys...turn around....we're going back to sleep!

Legs: Erm.....but SCKLM is just around the corner!

Puisan: It's only a drizzle.....we can take it.

Brain: You're need is don't want to fall sick!

Legs: Oh look who's the whiny now!!

Puisan: ....but I need to run....I haven't decided about wearing the skirt yet....I need to run in it!

Legs: Erm....we're not exactly too keen to wear the skirt. You do realize you have yet to "de-hair" us lately....

Puisan: ......I was tired.....

Brain: For crying out loud, do we need to have this conversation here?! ......Get back up to bed!

Puisan: Oohhh.....pushy. Fine.....heading back up. we're REALLY tapering!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

"I suppose it's another 7 days..."


One more week......


Only working until Thursday this week......

Hang in there Puisan......

Melodramatics aside, I ran the last long run before the "big day" and we (running uncles and I) did 16km and I honestly feel really really bad for uncle PK because (I think...) he felt obliged to run slow with me cause no one else was running behind with the "slow pacers"....(that would be my category)
Yes...attendance this morning was minimal.....and "slow pacers" attendees stood at 1! (yes, that would ALSO be me!)

So like I've discussed few postings earlier, I felt like I should exhibit a bit of 'KRI club spirit' by wearing the club vest (I swear, that outfit glows in the dark!) but because I was a bit (ok...very) cautious of wearing something I've never worn before on race day, I decided to wear it on the long run today....

I ended up with chaffings on the insides of the upper part of both arms.
Yea yea...God blessed me with fuller arms but that is really beside the point!
I seriously need bodyglide or vaseline on that area if I were to wear it for the full 21km distance!
But I'm glad I wore it for the 16km today.
I only felt the sting after 13km. So if I were to wear it on my usual daily 10km runs it would be fine.
See.....always "test-drive" your race outfits on long runs.....just in case!

At least now I can tell the running uncles why I'm not "upholding club tradition" by not wearing the vest! (I now have a proper excuse ok)

I have yet to decide whether to wear the freakin skirt or not (I'm not too worried about the skirt issue coz I've worn it for a half marathon race before)...
I'll probably litter a bunch of running clothings (all tried and tested before) on the floor next to my bed and when I stumble out of it at a God-forsaken time next Sunday morning...I'll just grab the first thing that my blurry eyes see! 

And if it is a be it!'s 'sorta' taper week.
I'm planning to run every single day until Thursday....(but if I can't wake up tomorrow morning, I'll just let it's taper week afterall!)
I guess it's routine for me to run daily.....besides, it really helps me handle work stress (stupid politics!) a whole lot better after my morning runs.
Since I usually do 8-10km every morning with the exception of some Mondays and most Saturdays (if scheduled long runs on Sunday), I'll now run 5-8km every morning until Ipoh Half Marathon (5th July 2009) is done and over with!

There you go...I'm actually tapering 2 weeks!!!!

So....anyone coming for the Ipoh Half Marathon?
I'm running because.....well, it's my anniversary run......!!!
Yup.....7th July 2008 was my first official 10km race and I've been an 'endorphin addict' ever since!
Besides, the starting point of the Ipoh race is 5 minutes from my apartment here in Ipoh and it will really be weird for me to NOT run in Ipoh but everywhere else!!!

Besides.....I think the fact that it is 1 week after SCKLM, the number of runners running this race would be considerably reduced compared to the year before...thus you'd actually have a higher chance of getting a better placing!!! (top 20 anyone?!)
Also.....Ipoh is FAMOUS for its good food!!! What's not to love about eating, running and then eating some more?

What....?! Still no takers?! 
Oh c'mon.....what happened to all the hard-core, obsessive runners out there!???!!!!

My strategy for tapering less but as obsessively (ie daily) as before, eat more (love LOVE food) and sleep more....(no one bug me after 8pm....ok, maybe 9pm)
Good plan?
Oh yea...and swim more...(insufficient endorphin from the reduced running...besides, I don't wanna get fat from the extra eating!!!)

Some parting words......Ipoh Half Marathon registration is STILL open and it's only (probably) closing it's registration end of next week! ( STILL have time to register)
If you can't hit your PB at SCKLM (not that I'm hoping you guys won't...that would be really mean of me) can always try it out again at Ipoh the following week!!! (time to redeem yourself!)

I'm thinking the MB of the state should honour my "promoting Ipoh tourism" or whatever.....but then again I'm not too sure who the current MB is! (they're oscillating between themselves every other week!)....
Oh well!

Alright.....happy tapering everyone!!!
(God be with you and your state of mental health)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturdays are.....

Happy it is to enjoy a Saturday.....doing absolutely NOTHING!

Yeah....I don't run on Saturdays.
I figured that I should take a break from my "boyfriend" RUNNING to not stale the relationship!
Y'know.....I'm trying not to be too clingy....

Anyway....Saturdays are usually days I go swimming....but unfortunately this morning it was unfortunate enough that I'm still menstruating thus today I'll declare as my TRULY LAZY day!!!
(by the is NOT weird to mention the word is a NORMAL human physiology that is perpetuating the human species.....which is over-populating this planet and putting unnecessary strain on it's limited natural resources......I'm sorry, I went off tangent again!)

I'm actually running long and slow with the running uncles tomorrow morning (I promise I WILL be there on time!!!) as our last long run prior to SCKLM.
Then again I just realized how nonsensical my last sentence sounded because IT HAS TO BE THE LAST LONG RUN......SCKLM is already next week!!!

Again.....I stress on the fact that tapering is (slightly) overrated for half-marathoners (like yours truly) and thus sticking to my guns to run long again this Sunday!
I'm still (slightly) undecided regarding wanting (needing) to taper next week.
I'm NOT looking forward to it.
You have no idea how crappy my days are without running.....especially on MONDAYS! (officially the shiteous day of the week!!!)

Can't I just eat more and sleep more instead?
That way I can still run every morning my usual distance until Thursday!!!!
(Quick...someone agree with me and I'll scrape the tapering plan!!!)

Why Thursday? another attempt to initiate and promote "Save-Puisan's-mental-health" program (my boss wasn't that overly receptive to this program previously), I've decided to take Friday prior to SCKLM weekend off!
I'd take Monday off as well except I can't quite push my 8 clinic cases to another day. Double sigh.

I figured by taking Friday off, I'd go swimming in the morning (I kinda miss the Kelana Jaya public pool....getting nostalgic just thinking about it) and then go collect the race kit after!
I didn't want to jostle with everyone else on Saturday to collect the stuff.
(But why do I get this unsettling feeling that everyone else in KL is thinking the same thing as me and there will be jostling on Friday anyway!?)

Anyway.....will spend my Saturday ( with my feet prop up and attempt to finish reading the books that I coerced myself into buying!
And also try to persuade someone (anyone) into eating bibimbap with me for lunch!
(it's my current food obsession and I'm thankful Lynette doesn't quite mind it...yet)

Hmm......speaking of food obsession, I suddenly have this craving to rush out and buy carrot cake. 
(which was a previous obsession of mine...probably making a comeback!)

Darn...suddenly I feel my Saturday is becoming a little busy.....


p/s: tomorrow will decide what to wear for race wear the bright yellow club vest with running skirt or not.....

p/p/s: .....and yes....I shall taper......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



SCKLM is 2 weeks away!!
Ah....can you smell the excitement in the air?!
('s not all smog and haze that you're smelling.....)

I've decided that I shall taper.......(really)
5 days prior to race day.
I figured I'm only running the half and 5 days would be
(please no more lectures on the importance of mental health is at stake here!!)

I'm still running for more long term goals which is to build up mileage for my very first full marathon in Kota Kinabalu (BIM) in October.
I figured that would be better at this point.
Anyway these days, my regular 9-10km early morning runs before work are done with the running uncles (Big thanks to PK and Teng!)
And while we run....they are dishing out running and racing tips on how to slash my race times!
Yup....learning something new everyday!!

Anyway I've renewed my membership with the Ipoh Road Runners club (you guys are stuck with me for another 2 years......poor you guys!)...
....and took the plunge and bought the club vest as well!
Nope...haven't tried running in it yet.
I was told that they have it in Male versions only.....
(sensing some superiority male complex here?)


I had to sew up the top part or else it would be a little "inappropriate" to wear in public....(but then again I don't feel like I have anything to show.....but nevermind..)


Was told by Uncle PK that it would be great for me to wear the club vest on race day during SCKLM.

Honestly...I have NOTHING against the club vest.
After sewing up the "exposed" parts, I actually thought the vest looked pretty cool.
Plus in its bright yellow colour, you could actually spot me in the midst of bright lights in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar on a Saturday night....(not that I would be there coz I sleep WAY too early!!!)

I just have my reservations regarding running in some clothing articles that I'm not accustomed to during races.
(And....I've kinda planned out what I wanted to wear for race day already...)

That is exactly why I've ALMOST NEVER raced in the race vest/shirt given out...
Only 2 occasions that I wore the race clothing provided.....Nike Human Race 2008 (because it was compulsory) and Sundown 10km 2009 (because I underpacked and I don't have enough clothes with me then!)

But I think uncle PK was trying to conjure up some club-spirit-togetherness-whatever with all of the club members wearing the club vest....(I was told that EVERYONE in the club running the race will be wearing it.....I know I'm used to being the weird girl out, but.....)

Alright alright.....
I'm doing my last long run this Sunday (only 16km and doing it SUPER-slow)....
And I WILL wear the club vest and see how it least I've trained in it albeit just one time!
If it doesn't feel odd wearing that after 16km of running......
I....will......wear the vest for SCKLM!!!
(If club spirit is what they want....I will give them club spirit!!!!! Who says I can't conform?!)

Anyway, next week onwards (oh the suffering of having to spend less time with my RUNNING), I planned to supplement the lack of distance run with more swimming days!!!!
Well, I need an outlet for my nervous energy y'know!!!!

Now everyone take a deep breath in........hold exhale.....
Smelt it?'s called EXCITEMENT!!!!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I AM thankful for.....

I realized that lately (like since I entered Forensic Psychiatry) I've done nothing much but complain about......a LOT of things!

And unfortunately these complaints end up being on the blog and being read by everyone, (although come to think of it...mostly my friends read this blog and I've ALREADY complaint to them in person, thus having to endure another round of complaints via cyberspace.....I'm sorry, guys!)

.....and I realized I've been nothing but NEGATIVE energy!

This is so NOT me....

I can't help it that the counter transference I've encountered (suffering from!!!) made me the way I am right now.
I don't like how I am at the moment but it is something I am learning (not a very fast learner on this aspect, unfortunately) to overcome or at least PUT UP WITH!!!!

Since I'm nothing but negativeness, I'm gonna try my darnest to state the things that I'm actually grateful and very thankful for.....
Am hoping by focusing on the positive side of things, I can go back to being the way I am....
(oh y'know....being carefree, extremely cheerful borderlining on hypomania, air-head like, and to-hell-with-the-world attitude in general)


1. ......that majority of my patients are in remission and are stable. Despite a handful (outpatient and inpatient) who are relapsing or having behavioural conduct that is driving me to the edge of tolerance, I am extremely thankful that most of them are showing improvements and are being rehabilitated well!

2. ......the new found appreciation of running in the stillness of the early morning. I do still miss my iPod and extremely bum that it died but at least I HAVE something to be thankful for!!!

3. ......the "re-enforcement" for the next three months! Yup...I'm grateful for the Masters in Psychiatry students coming for their Forensic rotation and helping ease the stress load!! (Misery REALLY loves company....)

4. knees aren't buckling just yet despite my current craze in running. I know I complain a lot about not meeting my target of 60km week but at least I can still run pain-free!
(and this is WITHOUT glucosamine)

5. ......for kooky colleagues and friends!!! Guys, without you I'd really be on Prozac by now!!! I LOVE you guys!!!
(also to thank my "boyfriend" running, for the prevention of the initiation anti-depressant)

6. ......for the running uncles and the running people in Ipoh. You have no idea how much I look forward to the weekly long runs (plus the company during the daily 10km)...that I zone out and think about 'em when patients annoy me too much!!! You guys rock!!!

7. ......that "red-turban" did approve my running the full marathon in Borneo International Marathon (BIM) in October....which reminds me I better remind the finance and sports club people to pay me back my moolah!!!

8. ......that our hospital now stock the chewable Vitamins C!!!! I love those orange pills!!!!

You know....there are a whole lot more things that I am thankful for but I can't come up with it right now. I'm sure after my crappy mood lifts (yea...crisis at work...AGAIN), I'd remember more!

By the way....I have registered for the Ipoh Half Marathon..(yea yea...doing the half) and I WILL run it slow!
Not gonna kill myself to gun a PB one week after SCKLM!!! 
(I'm not that off the edge YET!)
Am still trying to get more people to run the half!!! (persuasion works in process.....)

Anyway am considering taking time off from work in August (after Shah Alam KOTR)....and am looking for someone (ANYONE) to go diving with!!
(I kinda want to get my license.....if there's any good time to do something new, NOW is the time!!!)

And.....I know it is a little in advance.....but anyone crazy enough to want to go Hong Kong next February for a "run-a-marathon-then-go-shopping" holiday with me?! Anyone???!!!!! guys think about it and get back to me ya?!

I can't wait for the weekends.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Running is my LOVER!!!

I was chatting with my dear high school friend over Facebook chat....( don't have Facebook!? Under which rock did you crawl out from..?!)

And she was telling me about the brutalities of dating these days and that people (I think it was men in general.....not that I'm generalizing) focus too much on physical appearances as oppose to good old personality....(what ever happened to beauty is skin deep? It can't be all Urban Legend, y'know)

I honestly reckon that people (men in discussion) in our current age group (you know....Men's Open Division but below Men's Junior Veteran age group) don't give two hoots about "personality" as long as you don't look quite like Megan Fox....(the local equivalent would be Hannah Tan)
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder......but the beholder can be pretty shallow....

Speaking of dating.....was also relating to her that I've been NOT dating for quite a while...(no I'm NOT weird...I was on sabbatical....really!!!)...

Been "pre-occupied" with so many things in life in the past few years...(I'm easily distracted...)

Starting out in a new town.....(I now LOVE Ipoh)
Getting to know new colleague......(I LOVE my friends here)
Learning the ropes of this stupid job.....(I LOVE my friends who made my housemanship enjoyable)
And then upon completion of the 1 and half years, getting transfered to my current hospital......(I DON'T love my job unfortunately....I however do tolerate it)

We both agreed that it is time to get back into the game.....*cringe
I think I mentioned to her that I was not quite looking forward to it.
But I did comment that dating must not interfere with my running time.....because you know, running IS important.
Then she mentioned something along the lines of me not having any left over time to date....

Then it dawned on me.....that I HAVE been dating all this while!

I have been dating RUNNING!!!
( is NOT pathetic to date running ok....yes, you can stop laughing now!!!)

And I have to say.....RUNNING has been a great partner and a fantastic boyfriend!!!
Running keeps his dates with me every single morning without RELIABLE and DEPENDABLE!!
Also whenever I'm feeling down and a tad stressed out due to work....running will take time to cheer me up! After spending a minimum of half hour with running, I am a whole lot more cheerful...
When I'm upset or lonely, running will take my mind off things and reminds me that life is beautiful and exuberant....
Plus....running has promised to be monogamous and does not mind me cheating on him occasionally with swimming and cycling!! 

C'mon...what more can a girl ask for?! I think I've got myself a pretty good deal here...

What is NOT to love about running?!

So now I'm happily dating running which never fails to give me a boost in mood elation....
And I can foresee that running and I will be spending our forever together!!! least I have stopped proclaiming that I will marry myself....(now that is a phase)

To all narrow-minded and non-running-loving people who absolutely cannot grasp into your realm of reality of such can go eat dirt!!!! (well figuratively...but if taken literally....sure.....!)

SO you guys feel free to send over "wedding gifts" to me and my running.......please, we would like running shoes!!!! (we are accustomed to Asics and Brooks....please no Nikes...)

Yea...yea....feel free to gag!!!

Besides my "happily-ever-after" with my running.....I'd like to take time to mention regarding my *ahem* taper *ahem*

I've decided.....I shall taper.....but I'll do it next week.
I'd still run like usual this week.....(I'm sorry....I'm very attached to running, y'see)
Today's long run of 17km was a little disappointing but I guess it will have to do since I was kinda rushing to get to work.
I was THIS close to achieving another 60km week...drats!!!'s 2 weeks to SCKLM!!!!
I have 100% full unadulterated respect for all those doing the 42km......I hope to join you all next year!
To my gungho running buddies gunning for the half marathon PB and trying to out-run each other (it stinks of competitiveness at the moment) of luck.....
Run fast....and take great photos of me at the finishing line (since you'll be WAY ahead of me), will ya?!

Gotta sleep early.
Running and I have a date tomorrow at 5.30am!
(oh don't be jealous!!!!)


p/s: I HATE Mondays....but running always makes the "impact" a lot softer!!! I LOVE you, Running!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One more day.....

Happy TGIT (Thank God it's Thursday) everyone!!!

Can't believe it's almost end of the week...again! (happy happy happy)

I'm glad to report that tomorrow is my last day of "slogging-it" at Forensic Psychiatry.
No...I'm not leaving the team or getting de-institutionalized just yet.

On Monday....the team is getting "re-enforcement" in the form of Masters students!!!
Yup we're getting an influx of 6 people!!!
I can now take leave in peace knowing that my allocation for new case is a long way to go...
You have no idea what a RELIEVE this actually is...any idea how TORTURING it is mentally while you're on leave and in the back of your mind, you know the cases will be stacking up for you when you return to work?!

The current team only consist of 3 medical officers and we're going through the season of drug addicts with "psychosis"...(yes yes I know we should give the patients a benefit of a doubt....but OMG, the counter-transference with druggies is nauseatingly overwhelming!!!)

But at least I'm thankful the season of murder cases has waned.

The influx also means I can take leave the Friday BEFORE SCKLM and the Monday AFTER it without the guilt...(I always feel bad for my other team mates because I feel that my long stay patients always relapse when I'm not around)

So it will be HAPPY days starting next Monday!!! Oh I can't wait!!!

Anyway I will be staying put in Ipoh until the SCKLM weekend.....and will be hitting the long runs the next 2 Sundays with the running club people! (I swear I'll get to know them by name before the end of the year!!!)

One of the running uncles suggested that I taper the week before the race....(erm...)
I dunno.....tapering sounds like such mental torture.
And I'm a wee bit (fine...a whole bit) obsessive about getting my morning run-ins and tapering would mean.......*gulp* less run-ins!!! (OMG...I just felt my heart dropped!)

Maybe I'll just continue my running every morning but sleep more.....
You think that'll help??
(Ignore me if you think the above statement is a little ignorant and plain dumb)
Or maybe I'll quit the evening swims every other day on top of my morning runs.
Yeah....been doing that coz work has been a little stressful lately.....and I've probably interviewed one annoying drug addict too many.....sigh.

Anyway (trying to sweep bad thoughts and feelings aside), speaking of's also TIaRT at Runner's Lounge!
You know...this week's topic is 'Salute To Running Dads'.
I do SALUTE every one of you runners out there who have pro-created and  are juggling family, work AND running! You guys ROCK!!!

And I wish my dad ran.....
My dad.....(God bless him) the poster child of Metabolic Syndrome and honestly thinks that my running is a PHASE!!! 
(for crying out loud dad, not everything I do is a freakin phase!! I'm STILL vegetarian!!!)
But thankfully he is supportive of this little obsession of he was of every other phases I went through growing up!
(I love you daddy!!)

Anyway, sentiments aside, I am really looking forward to SCKLM!!!
(So what I'm only running a half?!)
I know I say that for every other race I run....but seriously....I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED to run the SCKLM!!!
(I'm also excited to people watch...but that's another story)

So to every other runner out there training HARD for the SCKLM....good luck and have fun!
And.....should I really taper?


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NB Klang Half Marathon

Held on 7th June 2009.
One week after Sundown weekend in Singapore.
Running in Setia Alam......
Don't ask if that is actually in Klang or Shah limited geographical knowledge tells me that we're running in Shah Alam.....but some beg to differ saying Setia Alam is a newer part of Klang....(whatever)

Frankly I'm just thankful I don't live in the middle of nowhere....(I live in PJ!!!! Everyone knows where THAT is!)

Anyway...I'd like to think of this race as an accomplishment....BECAUSE I manage to drag 3 other people along for the race....and one of them dragged a bandit!!

Well.....I think any race would be thankful to have someone bandit it....(it means someone actually REALLY wants to run it....desperately, even if it means unofficially!!!)

But minus the "middle-of-nowhere" venue.....this race was pretty cool! being flagged off at a site that borders new housing areas and a freakin highway in the middle, finding parking was really my concern before the race.
Where on earth am I gonna park?
By the side of the road/highway???
Is that even legal? (answer: NO!)

*the finish line....I was SO glad to see this!

But on morning of race, as we approach the flag-off site, all cars were re-directed to take a long loop around to an empty land (probably site of future gated community filled with million ringgit bungalows) that has now been converted into a temporary parking spot!

Parking problem....SOLVED!

It was pretty obvious by the look of things that the size of total runners was not huge.
And you can actually count the total numbers of female runners running....(ok maybe not count them literally...but the total number was small)
But of course that also means shorter potty lines for females!!! (this HAS got to be the first ever....coz usually female potty lines are twice as long as our male counterparts)
And did I mention CLEAN toilets?

I actually slept over at Chinyin's hotel room at Le Meridien (thanks again for the sleep-over and for dinner) so I didn't have my usual pre-race meal of oats.
I actually arrived at starting line feeling a little depleted.
Luckily they were serving to runners Powerbar (more like 1/3 of a Powerbar).
Breakfast pre-race....settled!
(yes I know it is sweetened re-constituted meal/bar filled with chemically enhanced flavours and nutrients but I was hungry!)

The race started on time.....and I eventually got into my "slow" half marathon pace...(gosh I wonder at what crawling pace will I get into when I finally run my full)
I WAS slow....Jamie got tired of my pace and sped off....then came CS and Bandit happily trotting along at their "easy" pace and finally sped off as well.....

Then it was back to me and my iPod.

I was very surprised that they served Powergel before the 10km mark....
(I'm also thankful I didn't stock up on it prior to the race....unlike somebody!)
But I regretted not taking 2 with me though....honestly, the caffeine helped!

*exhausted and relieved!

I would prefer some isotonic drinks at the hydration station instead of the usual plain water. I really like isotonics  to fuel my run.

Anyway.....we ran through housing area after housing area and I've lost count of the numbers of gated community styled housing areas that we've run past.
But some of the houses looked really cool!
Someone mentioned prior to the race that the "view" should be good as it is away from the city and it would be easier to run due to less traffic.
I say....give me the crowd...the traffic....and SOMETHING to look at!!!
Distractions really help time pass....and take your mind off the spasm in your calves!

I distinctively remember telling myself, "Little bit more, girl!!"
"You're almost there!!"

*6th and 9th placing.....(no jokes about the numbers please!)

I said this to myself from halfway point until about the last 3-4km.....then I started telling myself, "WTF....why am I NOT there yet?!"
It is amazing how the mind can suddenly betray you like that!

I kept on staring at the watch towards the end....
I really wanna make it pass the finish line before 2:20 (which was more or less my last half marathon timing in Bidor)

And as we ran towards the finish (the glass building was the aim) I was honestly distraught to find that there would be an UPHILL portion to take before the u-turn back to the other side of the road.
That is when I started telling myself, "I can live with a 2:20 and need PB!"
(I know... defeatist attitude doesn't help)

Anyway....I manage to come in 2:15!!!
Amazing right....considering I actually gave up on the goal when I saw the uphill section!

You know what is more amazing.....
I actually got a placing of 9th place in Women's Open for this race!!!!
(I was as speechless as YOU are now!)

So...I got a trophy for this race!!! parents had a good laugh at the trophy...(so did everyone at work)

But I'm just happy I had a PB!!

*the REALLY fast runners!!!

Oh did I mention I met Mr. Marathon Maniac in Klang Half as well?
Unfortunately this time around I didn't have a picture WITH him...
Oh well...Mohan, next time in SCKLM.....I WILL take your picture, and not the other way around.

I guess I'm feeling a little down (post-race previous post) because for the next 2 weeks I've no races (I really like lining up at the starting line) until Standard Chartered KL Marathon (am doing the half) on 28th June 2009.
Oh....and also because the iPod died....

Hopefully will snap out of this shiteous feeling soon.
Maybe more running (more mileage?) will help!

*half marathon again next year, guys?

R.I.P. iPod!!!

I've been a bit despondent post Klang Half Marathon.
So what they say about post-race depression is true after all!
.....and that is the reason why I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front.

Anyway before I bring on the Klang Half Marathon report (from MY point of view), I'll bring to light a more depressing issue (other than my unexplainable post-race dysthymia) currently that is plaguing me.....


*iPod R.I.P........note the sweat-salt residue still stuck to the surface?

Like "officially went to Mac-heaven" sort of DIED!!!
(I know it has "died" on me many many times before but it always manage to be resuscitated one way or another)

Ok....this was what happened.

I took my dearly departed iPod for the Klang Half Marathon coz I planned to run "slow"and I thought music would be great company for this run.
And considering that I sweat buckets (not the usual 3L buckets but those industrial size water tanks!) my iPod is usually drench in sweat after most (ALL) runs.
But after the race, I took it off and chuck in into the back of the car without making sure that it is dry exteriorly.
( is my fault that brought it to its demise)

And when I went back home several hours later (we were waiting for the prize giving ceremony which took forever!) I couldn't even turn it on!!!

I tried charging it...thinking that it ran out of battery....but it just made a weird solitary 'beep' and then....NOTHING!!!!!

Also I can see fluid (sweat) stain under the screen....(too much info??)

Official cause of death (COD) : Drowning by excessive sweating

I know!!! Weirdest COD I've ever given!!!

Anyway.....bear with me as I go through my eulogy:

Oh dear've served me well.....
You've put up with the poor care I've given to you...I've put up with your temperamental behaviors and mishaps....
We trained for our very first 10km race together....
We ran our very first half marathon together......
We had a dream of running our very first full marathon and achieving our personal glory together....
But you had to return to the almighty Mac-God....your rightful creator.......
And leave me to run those long runs quietly and alone.....

I shall miss you....I already miss you dearly.
Today's morning run was strangely quiet without you...(obviously)
I almost cried as I listen to the stillness of 5.30am morning air when I ran....I so miss your company.

I hope you're doing well in Mac-heaven with all the other defunct iPod models and K.O.-ed iPods of other sweaty runners.....
Rest assured that I shall work hard at achieving the full marathon dream that we both had!
I shall do'll see!
And you'll be extremely proud of me!!!

Rest assured that you'll forever be etched in my mind.

But I have to move on.
I cannot live in the past forever.....I shall forever cherish our minimal time in my "running career" together.
I don't want to ruin your memory so fast....but I really need to start training for increasing my mileage.....

so....I'm getting myself an iPod Shuffle!!!!

Thank you for reading this eulogy....(don't comment)


Thursday, June 4, 2009


YAY! Happy 'Thank-God-It's-Thursday' (TGIT) everyone!

Did you all know that yesterday (Wednesday) is apparently the National Running Day??
I stumble upon this obscure "special day" on one of the running blogs hosted by an American (who else?) runner.
I'm not too sure what this day suppose to represent.
You don't even get a public holiday for it...(which is the only reason why most Malaysians celebrate "special days" get more days OFF)
Perhaps promoting the wonders and benefits of running to non-runners around us...

Which was exactly what I've been doing since my return from Singapore!

Remember the SHAPE run that I was grumbling about regarding the F.T.A.A.A. problem?
Well, I've been actively promoting this run to most of my non-running, klang-valley bound friends.....and using the goodie bag as the dangling carrot!!!

I wouldn't say that I have the most polished persuasive skills.....I'm still working on that....
But I would like to think that I stirred some interest or whatever in some people....

Anyway...I've officially signed up for the full marathon for Borneo International Marathon.
I've got the green light from the 'Red Turban'.
I actually registered online (because I support the advancement in technology) and paid via credit card.
I'm just wondering how long before I'd see the reimbursement from the hospital.....
(considering how things are at the moment in the government in general....I'd probably see my RM70  back in my bank account long after I've de-institutionalized!!)
And I can't believe it.....but I've also signed up for the Pasta Party.....(there you go KD, you won't be eating pasta alone...happy?! BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

And as long as I've yet to leave for Kota Kinabalu for the race and the registration is still open, I'm ACTIVELY searching for someone (ANYONE?) to go along with me for the run!

Speaking of searching for other runners.....did I mention that Ipoh is gonna have its annual Ipoh International Half Marathon on 5th July 2009? IS one week after the Standard Chartered KL Marathon....
I'm very aware of that fact....
Yes....I know one should rest for a long enough duration (duration is question varies) before attempting another long distance race....
But I cannot NOT run this race!!
It was the beginning of all this running craze for me!
The Ipoh Run 10km distance was my very first OFFICIAL road race for me...(the PJ 10km back in Med school doesn't count....was disqualified before even starting it!)
The Ipoh run has been one of those pivotal moments in my life (not that I'm trying to be dramatic)....I HAVE to run it this year...and every subsequent year after that as long as I am residing in this town!

Well....I did the 10km last year.
I'd LOVE to do the half marathon this year.
And since it is one week after KL....I'd LOVE to run Ipoh half slow AND with someone.
However everyone I know (of course I don't know everyone...) is running the 10km category...sorta a recovery run/race thing....that leaves me as the ODD one out...(again?!)

What do you guys think...?
I'm not crazy for wanting to race another half within 1 week of another I?!

Anyway if anyone wants to run another half after KL Marathon, don't mind traveling up to Ipoh and eat lots of good food, and wants to run it slow...please buzz me!!
Check out the website for more information, BTW.

Oh yea....Klang Half Marathon is this Sunday!!!
Yes I am excited....
I actually like running the half-marathon distance before I don't put that much pressure on myself to run very fast.
I don't feel like my self-esteem plummeting if I come in over 2:30 (unlike my 10km-1hr thing)
Of course this doesn't mean that I'm AIMING to run slow...I'm still hoping to do better at each halfie race to come.
One day....I'll clinch my sub-2 hour half marathon....ONE DAY!!!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

F.T.A.A.A. Sucks!

The Shape Run 2009 is back!!!

I went for last year's run which started at the Lake Garden area which means for a very hilly 10km run...
But the goodie bag was GOOD!!!!

So I think I was also motivated to run this race again since the earlier months of 2009......(not because of the GOOD goodie bag...but y'know....because!)

This year's Shape Run, however is gonna be a little different.
It will be flagged off from Putrajaya will be held at evening/night!
Yup...big change from the year before....(and I'm hoping NO hills!)

Anyway I was anticipating the opening of the registration for this race (as it filled up rather quickly the year before) and I really want to participate in this run.....(but then again, I want to participate in EVERY race there is...I LOVE standing at the starting line...really!!)

So on the Monday after the Sundown weekend in Singapore, I got myself a copy of Shape magazine....found out that with the purchase of the mag, I was entitled to 5 bucks off the registration fee if I were to register at F.T.A.A.A.....which by the way, registration OPENS that Monday itself (1st June 2009)!!!!

And since I really love a good drive around KL, polluting our delicate environment, burning precious non-renewable fuel and contributing to the haze particles that is probably causing an influx of acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma patients into the yellow zone of A&E's around the city....I gladly drove down to F.T.A.A.A. office to register......and dragging along with me, a very miserable and short-fused Lynette!! (on the brink of falling ill brings out the...erm....un-pretty side of everyone)

I figured since I'm back in KL (before heading back to reality that is Ipoh), I could try and get all the "must-do" done and over with.....
But of course ideal is as ideal does.....and nothing in this freakin country is EVER ideal!!!

When I got to F.T.A.A.A. office, I was kindly told by the nice lady behind the counter that the registration there "officially" starts Wednesday (3rd June 2009).....what a way to burst my "ideal" bubble!!!

And you know what the reason behind the postponement??!!!

The receipt ticket booklet has not reach the office yet......

I KNOW!!!!

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry or strangle someone at that point in time!!!!

You know....if the reason behind the postponement was a bit more "legitimate" (or at least reasonable) I don't the head of F.T.A.A.A. choked on breakfast and died, thus the whole office is closing all registrations for ALL races until Wednesday.....then MAYBE I'll feel a whole lot better about driving all the way down and not get anything done!
(I don't like not achieving my purpose of the day.....)

So I went and registered online...and I didn't get my 5 bucks waiver...(not to mention an extra RM2 for wanting to support the advancement of technology!)
I felt so duped.
(but I'm finally joining the ranks of Perakians who felt this way about their local government!)

Anyway.....Monday was my off day but I've already received a few phone calls from the hospital despite telling my wards in advance that I'll be in absence that day.....
(yes I did pick up the phone....I NEED to know what the urgency was!!!)

So on Tuesday, I was expecting the worst!!
It was like...."Alright guys....just throw the bad news at me! Who died...who relapse...who hit who....who tried to hang himself again....I'm READY for the bad news!"

So imagine what sort of shit aura I was emanating when I step into my cubicle this morning!
Not even my 10km run at 5.30am helped much...(ok DID slightly)

*from my messy table to my messy shelf.......

But what I surprise I got when I got to my cubicle and lying on my extremely messy, "hurricane-katrina-just-came-to-visit" table, was 2 HUGE packages!!!! very belated-birthday-present and the running skirt I ordered online came!!!!

I literally clapped my hands and jumped for joy right there!!!
(it's actually quite acceptable considering I was jumping for joy in a mental institution!)
That totally MADE my day!!!

*my belated b-day present!!! I LOVE green! cousin (God bless Amanda) bought me the Crumpler bag that I wanted online and post it to me via mail.
(should have seen how many A$10 bucks stamps they plastered on the package)
I LOVE you Amanda...and I LOVE you even more for choosing the bag in my favourite colour....and not that blue/red colour that YOU liked!!!!

The other package was my running skirt that I ordered from guys better not be snickering there!!!)
My 3rd running skirt and counting.....gosh I really love running in a skirt!
It's the only frivolous part of running that doesn't focus on PB's and performance......
It's silly.....and it's freakin cute!!!!

I'm gonna take it for a run one of these days...but don't think it's ready for Klang Half just yet!

Ooohh....can't wait for another half marathon this Sunday!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Wassup.....I'm BACK!!!

I am finally back in ever so polluted Malaysian soil....(not to mention the air quality)

I had a GREAT time in Singapore....
We (me and partner-in-crime, Lynette) took the bus down on Friday morning (to make full use of the limited time we had), reached Novena Square about lunch time....and then the eating fest did not stop until we waved goodbye to the cleaner version of Malaysia at the border!
Yes....I ate THAT much....
Nope....don't regret a slight bit....well, maybe during the run because I was obviously bloated to the brim and maybe that slowed me down a bit...but more on that un-fun bit, later!

*On the bus...I highly recommend FirstCoach that departs from One World Hotel....

Like I've posted up before, we will be staying at Footprints Hostel in 25A Perak Road, Little India.

*our hostel...Footprints @ Perak Road, Little India

Well...the website for this hostel claimed that it was a stone throw away from Little India MRT station....
Fair was a near distance to walk....except no one quite mention how mentally challenging and skin-cancer inducing walking to the hostel from the MRT station in the scorching hot sun....and the heat that emanates from the very ground we were walking on was!!!

We found the hostel easily enough.
And I didn't think that almost all the hostels that I googled up from tripadvisor was located within Little India....

*our station...Little India..(duh)

*"ok..u take left upper bunk...I take right upper"

*Pretty neat and cool place! highly recommend it!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the place...
It is cheap though...cost us S$15 per night for an 8-bedded dorm.
Clean enough (but then again it was rather new so don't blame me if you guys choose to stay there next Sundown and the place is starting to look a little run down!!!)....and pretty cool too!

Anyhoo.....I didn't manage to collect the race kits for us both (because obviously we weren't IN Singapore at that time) coz the collection was actually a week before the race......!
So BIG SHOUT OUT to Mr. Marathon-Maniac (we love you, Mohan!!) for collecting the race kit for us before we got there!!! You're the MAN!!!!

*look who we met up with?! more runners!

*our race kits

*you reckon should have bought 4D?!

Oh yea...met him up for more EATING (like we didn't stuff ourselves enough on our own) and meet more runners.....(Gosh we felt like such "joggers"...not that it's a bad thing...but y'know....Oh NEVERMIND!)

*yup...tourists do these stuff!

We also got a little click-happy with our cameras and doing the tourist-y thing.

*Bernard...Lynette...Sherine....yours truly!

*my brunch! Good carrot cake....still searching for the ultimate carrot cake!!

Oh yea...met up with Sherine and Bernard for brunch on Saturday.
And eat more, we did!!
I felt like I was eating like there was no tomorrow!!!

* guys should try the Mr. Bean's green tea ice cream!!! Superb...and still has its beany taste!!! YUM!!!

On the "sweet-food" front, Singapore was like HEAVEN!!!
Oh you know me.....dessert should be a whole food group on its own just like carbohydrate and protein!!!
And I....erm...*cough* went a little crazy *cough*....(ok ok....I went MAJORLY psychotic at the sight of all those cool ice cream/cakes/dessert establishments that seemed to be EVERYWHERE in Singapore!)
It was like Pavlov's Dog scenario for Classical Conditioning (I hate psychology btw).....Puisan sees dessert.....Puisan starts salivating....Lynette starts rolling her eyes....repeat.

*delicious ice cream dessert from Ajiten @ Takashimaya

In fact, right before the race, I over-estimated my gastronomical abilities and did the unthinkable......*cough* I overate *cough*
Yes yes....I know!!!!!
I felt bloated even though that meal was a good 3 hours before the start of the 10km division of Sundown. I felt fat (which to be fair, I am according to the stupid asian BMI standards) and that's not a good feeling to feel right before a race!
We actually packed all our running gears before leaving the hostel that morning itself to save time on the road.
So when we got to Pasir Ris MRT station (to catch the bus to the starting site), we changed in the public toilets in the mall right next to the Singaporean we are becoming!
(it felt weird to do so for my Nike Human Race last year at City Hall MRT station's toilet...but this time around, it felt more "normal"....classical conditioning at its best!)

The bus trip to the starting line took FOREVER!!
Everyone around us looked hyper-pumped up...
Lynette felt tired....I felt heavy.....

The route that the 10km-ers did was flat through and through.
I was rather determined to complete the race in 58 minutes or less.
Die die will have to or at least die trying....(not literally obviously)
I edged as much to the front as I could get at the starting line crowd and set my watch to time myself (which I almost never did before...don't ask) as we set off!
Tried to gain as much distance as I could to set myself from the back of the pack and the route was marked at every kilometer which was a good thing!! ("a little further...a little further")
At the 5km turnaround, my watch says 28 minutes which was good....coz I had another 30 minutes to run the next 5km until the finish line!
The run back was on the pedestrian lane and we weren't permitted to run on the main road as there were still runners running towards the turnaround and they have started to let the traffic ease through.
It was a little tougher (for me!) to run on the pedestrian lane.
It was darker (not as well lit as the main road) and the path was uneven.....(someone actually trip and fell infront of me)
And it was freakin narrow!!! It was very difficult to want to over take someone infront of me.
Around 7-8km, I was starting to really feel nauseated from the overeating.
I remember thinking, "C'mon Puisan, few more km to go.....don't freakin throw up! Run faster!!! Over take that guy infront of you!!! Run the time you want and you can eat more tomorrow!"

Anyway I came in (according to my self-timed watch) 1 hour 45 seconds.....
Then I was thinking,"%@$#%&#!!!!!!"
Oh well....hopefully the official timing proves to be slightly better.

I don't have many photos of race day acting up again!!
But I did bump into PG after I was done and waited around for Lynette...
PG was attempting her VERY first full 42km....(I feel like such a wimp next to her!) and was waiting around for her run to start.
( are a ROCKSTAR....btw, can you text me coz I STILL don't have your number, even though we go WAY back....)

*PS post-race...PG pre-race!!!

Anyway....finally found my partner in crime and MANAGE to head back to town on public transport....
Nope...we didn't get let down by the curfew set by the Singaporean government for the last trains....(it would seem rather unnecessary to spend extra $$ on taxi cab to get back to the hostel considering that $$ can buy me a whole lot more yummy desserts!)

We slept like we were corpses in the morgue that night!

Sunday, I manage to attend church mass with Auntie Kit on Sunday that came fully equipped with performance standard choir (no joke...they even produce the choir songs on CD that sells the same price as the current chart toppers!!!)
No worries if you can't go for the choir performances during this season of the Singaporean Arts can always hop by Good Shepherd's Cathedral near Raffle's City Mall for their masses.
Come to think of's a pretty good bargain.....come for free performance, go away with the Body of Christ in your stomach! Praise the Lord, Amen!

So sum up this trip in a nutshell....
I came, I ate....however I didn't conquer the 10km!!

But to be ever-so optimistic, I have Klang half marathon next Sunday....another chance to run another race and to run it well!
This time I'll try to NOT overeat before the race!!!


p/s: If I'm not "de-institutionalized" by this time next year (decisions...decisions), I'm coming back for the FULL!!!! (aiyah...even if de-institutionalized will try to make it for the full anyway!)