Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 days to go......

I am counting down!!!

After another work day tomorrow (Thursday), I'm heading home and then heading South to Singapore on Friday!!!
I'm hoping on a bus heading Singapore for Sundown in less than 36 hours!!! So exciting!!!

And we're running on Saturday!!!

Frankly it leaves a lot of time for sightseeing, camwhoring, eating and shopping!!

Oh I can't wait!!!!!

Anyway just a short update, Red Turban has officially passed my request to run the full marathon in Borneo International Marathon at Kota Kinabalu on 11th october 2009! hospital is officially paying for my registration fee....
(I'm still shelling out my own dough for the flights, mind you)

Gosh I'm so happy things worked out for the better.

I'll worry about whether I have what it takes to finish a full marathon...later!

Let's just focus on the more immediate races in the meantime.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's 5 days and counting!!!!

I seriously cannot wait to get to Singapore for Sundown.

Not so much for the race although I am excited to be racing...(which is why running is addictive)
But more for the "holiday" component of this trip!
I feel like I DESERVE a break from the usual mundane working life...

....actually mundane would be the wrong descriptive word.
With the recent "high profile" murder cases and the high crime rates, we (THE FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY TEAM) have NEVER been this EXCITING!
Maybe it's all these excitements that I can't stand....which translates to, "I NEED A HOLIDAY!"

Anyway as always, like clockwork (I'm getting a wee bit predictable)'s 3 hours and counting until it is officially MONDAY and I'm already wondering where my weekend went and I am starting to reek of depression within a 1 mile sniffing radius!

But seriously....what happened to my weekend?

Let's see.....I started Saturday with a swim instead of the usual run coz the long run of 21km was scheduled on Sunday, and I didn't want to exhaust myself a day in advance.
Then had lunch at Korean restaurant....and I've decided that Bibimbap is my new favourite food!
Went for 3 hour work shift at A&E locum...(I still need to finance my holidays if I wanna keep my sanity intact) and finished just before midnight...(it was MADHOUSE at A&E!!)

Then lo and behold, I could not sleep.
Insomnia always hits when I least expect it to!
I'm not even sure I slept Saturday night.
I remember waking up often to check whether it is time to wake up and go for my run.
Insomnia messes your mind and your short-term memory!!!!

But at least it was a whole lot easier to hop out of bed EARLY and prepare for my run at 4.45am!!!!
(it HAS to have some up points!)

We ran 21km today.....(fine...we ran like 18-19km and walked the remaining distance)
We ran SLOW.....we ran LONG.....(although the running uncles probably do 21km for fun)
And I ran out of gas!!!
I should have fueled up more prior to heading out the door.
Next time, I'll bring along cash to buy isotonic drink along the way.
Sugar always helps!

Then more Bibimbap for lunch....(see the trend yet?!)
I reckon Bibimbap makes for very good carbo-loading meal.
So guess what I'll be having prior to my next race?

I think procrastinating and doing absolutely NOTHING was the bulk of my weekend.
But I like my weekends that way....

I know it is not recommended (rest day?)...but I'm gonna try and run at LEAST 5km tomorrow morning before heading to work.....BECAUSE it is Monday (and I HATE Mondays) and because I need some "naturally-occurring antidepressants" in the form of endorphins (God Bless Endorphins!) to get me through my Monday-Blues.
Then hopefully get to swim after work......(err...for more endorphins...can never get enough!)

Here's hoping no one will bug me when I'm swimming......(I'm starting to think I attract the distractions when swimming)

Still....I can't wait to go Singapore!!!!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

We've Found a Place To Stay!!!

This coming weekend, Lynette and I are gonna be heading down to our Southern neighbouring country, Singapore for the Sundown Marathon....
Ok ok.....we're doing the women's 10k run not the full...
(But good luck to PG on her first full...I still think you're crazy to attempt this after just 1 half in Bidor!!)

I did mention that we did not have a place to stay in Singapore YET coz we're procrastinating to the maximum on the internet booking and this week was a little crazy for both of us...
(Lynette was doing EOD calls and I was......erm....I DID have one on-call this week!!!)

I didn't quite like the idea of bugging my aunt (aunt has moved from Melbourne to Singapore last year) for accomodation and the race would probably end a little too late for me to be barging through the front door in the middle of the night...
Staying somewhere else would be more ideal.

We wanted somewhere cheap.....(we're on tight budget....heck, shopping doesn't pay for itself!!)

And FINALLY.....after weeks of putting this task off, I've finally booked us 2 bunk beds in Footprints Hostel somewhere in Little India, Singapore!!!!

I'm already patting myself on the back for ACTUALLY getting this task done exactly 1 week prior to traveling......

See.....progress in the "I-shall-not-procrastinate-any-more" department.
Yup, we'll be in Little India for 2 nights.....more Indian food for me...although I have to make a point to pack along some medicine for diarrhea since I'm freakin prone to getting it!! (weak stomach cannot stand too spicy food although I LOVE Indian food!)

Ok...since I've already booked the place (the website pictures of the place looked pretty decent) so I don't want to hear negative comments about the place!!!
Save all those horror stories for until AFTER I get back, will ya?!

Oh...and regarding the BIM, if I still get no news from Red Turban by middle of next month, I'll just enter for the full marathon myself.
And since I've booked the tickets heading to Kota Kinabalu for the race already, I'm now planning my trip and searching for cool backpacker's hostel around KK. 
Anyone been to Borneo Beach House before???


Friday, May 22, 2009

TIaRT - What to and NOT to eat

Gosh...if only I KNEW!!!

Anyway it's the end of the week again (thank goodness!!!) and it's TIaRT again!

This week's topic is on GOOD eating habits for runners.....
I know...I feel a little odd to be blogging about this because....
Well....I'm not exactly the healthiest of eaters nor am I even omnivorous to begin with!!!

Ok...maybe I'll do it like this.

"Good" eating habits VS. "ME" eating habits.

GOOD eating habits NO. 1
- Eat light meals often, preferably every 3-4 hours, each light meal as wholesome as possible.
ME eating habits NO. 1
- Eat whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want......

GOOD eating habits NO. 2
- Eat non-processed foods whenever possible
ME eating habits NO. 2
- Cakes, pastries, ice cream are a food group all on its own!

GOOD eating habits NO. 3
- Eat enough protein to aid muscle repair. 
ME eating habits NO. 3
- Yeah protein is good...but my protein comes in shake-form...does it count?

GOOD eating habits NO. 4
- Drink enough water
ME eating habits NO. 4
-Hey...I DO drink enough water!!!!

Good eating habits NO. 5
- "Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince, Dinner like a pauper"
ME eating habits NO. 5
- "Why can't I dine like a king every single meal??"

Jokes aside, I do realize that good nutrition really does help my running performance.

For one, I'm now fueling prior to my morning runs (at least 15 minutes prior) and it makes a whole lot of difference in my performance!
I have more oomph 40 minutes into the run and I feel that I can keep running on and on and on... (until I have to rush back to get ready for work!)

And eating high-carb meal for dinner makes the run the next morning so much easier!!
(proof that carbo-loading works!!!!)

Desserts (cakes, pastries, cookies, ice cream etc) are definitely my weakness.
I LOVE them too much to give it up!
Of course it doesn't help that I tend to gain weight so easily.
But in a very odd way, eating all these high caloric, nutrient deficient stuff makes me more keen to run further and order to burn up all those useless calories!!!!
(does it make sense to you? no?)

I'll definitely bump up my protein intake (more protein shakes?) and be a little more vigilant about taking my iron tablets (I keep forgetting!).
I know.....but I'm not one of those vegetarians who take care of what they put into their mouth to make sure what I'm eating is nutrient dense!!!
(my bad...)

Alright.....If you guys found this blog via runner's lounge, I'm sorry that it didn't provide any pointers in eating healthier and you're probably scratching your head wondering what I'm blabbering about.

As far as I am concern, fuel before and after running, run enough, rest enough and eat whatever you body feels like eating and you'll be fine....
(yeah...this coming from someone bordering on obsessive trait like me...)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Balance Pacesetter's 15km (17th May 2009)

I had my reservations regarding this race prior to running it.

You see, this race is sort-of "famous" for being overtly hilly and pretty "traumatic" to the legs if one did not train for hills.

I did not train for hills......(oh c'mon....I HATE hills!)

But I figured I need to do the whole "mind-over-pain" thing and once I get pass the "OMG-I-can't-believe-this-is-so-freakin-steep" notion, I'd be fine.

*walking to the starting line

For this race, I ran with my friend Jamie. This would be her little prep up for the very first half marathon with me on 7th June 2009...(the Klang half)
I'm just very glad I did not turn up to another race alone!!

Oh...the race starts at Lake Gardens, KL and it is notoriously famous for being almost impossible to find a decent parking spot without causing a traffic backlog which would make the jams on Federal Highway look shameful to be made such a big deal out of!
(of course you can always come before the race officials arrive and score a good parking spot...but I don't like to come early)

So we decided to make use of our brain matter and to park in Padang Merbok which was about 5-10 minutes walk to starting point. Good to warm up by walking!!

*pre-race face

The race started for the men's categories at 7am...and for us womenfolk, at 7.15am.
Already I'm trying to imagine myself passing as many XY-chromosome participants as I can with them having a 15 minutes lead.
That thought made me SO happy and extremely motivated to run faster!
(I'm NOT being sexist.....I'd say that anything that motivates me is a darn good thing!)

The race started off guessed it...HILLS!!!
Tried my darnest to go slow and hold back.
After the first hill obstacle, Jamie sprinted off and I'm left wondering if I should go faster or keep to my pace.

I kept to my pace.....and had a really GOOD time running!
Yeah...I really like to run alone huh...

And the whole "mind-over-pain" thing really works!!!
The hills felt legs felt feet didn't hurt that much....I felt like I have so much more inside of me to get to the finish!!!
(Mr. Marathon-maniac once said that it's 75% mental and 25% physical.....I'm so gonna say that to myself repeatedly when I run my first full marathon!) the last 5km of the run....I passed a whole lot of guys and that made me feel so pumped up!!!
(for crying out loud, let me have my moment, will ya?!)

*post-race face!!

Then I crossed the finish line in........I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY TIMING WAS!!!!
Beat that!
Yes I know I should be wearing a watch and time myself and my races....
But I just don't have a watch and I don't feel like getting one....not yet.
(I don't know when I'd be ready.....stop bugging me!)

*queueing is a big thing in every race

I figured that Pacesetters will post the finishing times of all participants on their website in the next few days...(timing chip!!) we were walking out of Lake Gardens, we were handed the entry form for the 'Siemens Run 2009' 10km race on 19th July 2009.
Good part....this race is apparently for charity. All proceeds goes to charity.....(don't ask me which organization to be specific, the nice gentleman who handed me the form didn't tell. Fine I'll go google it later!!)
Best only cost rm10!!!!

So guess what I'll be doing on 19th July 2009???
(who wants to run with me?)

*my vest, bib and medal!

Now all I want to do is EAT!!!!
( lunch ready yet?!)
And I'm rejoicing coz I don't have to rush back to Ipoh later today.....I took Monday off!!! 
Hopefully this break will eliminate my Monday-blues issue.

By the way....I handed in to the "Red Turban" my entry form for the Borneo International Marathon and ticked the column for 'FULL' instead of 'HALF'.
So far no news but I will keep y'all updated!!!!
If "Red Turban" doesn't approve for me running the full, I'll shell out the dough myself.

Next race......Sundown Singapore Women's 10km with Lynette!!!
(Sigh...we still have not booked our accomodations yet...)


p/s: you guys think I should get a watch??? Like, seriously...???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

TGIT!! (Thank God It's THURSDAY!!!)


You guys are read right.....
I will from now onwards celebrate TGIT (Thank God It's THURSDAY)!!!


Simply put, I've always considered Fridays a partial working day. A sort of transition period to lull you into the weekend celebratory mood before abruptly crashing your daydreams into a well-known hell that everyone calls MONDAY!
On good weeks....I don't even consider Friday a working day!!!
Thus it would make much more sense to give a sigh in relief and praise the good Lord for giving us Thursday! (at least for me it would)

Yes yes yes....I'm thankful it's finally Thursday...and I'm looking forward to a LONG weekend (took Monday off, y'see)

And since it's Thursday, it's TIaRT time again.
Last week I took myself out of participation because the topic of Running Moms was something I could not relate to...(although I have to say, there are a lot of really HOT running mamas out there who run sub-3 marathons and who easily put us nulliparous females to shame!)
Glad I'm finally able to contribute to Runner's Lounge's TIaRT.

This week's topic is "Gearing Up For Summer". Malaysia, it's like SUMMER all year round...(give and take the occasional flood inducing rainfalls)
So I should be a pro at this TIaRT topic!!!

1. Not run when the sun is at it's highest and most scorching!
- Obvious enough rite? But of course there will be some hardcore runners who run in the midday sun and just inviting a heat stroke! Heck..who am I to judge?
Past few weeks/months, it has been pretty hot and sunny in the evenings and running in the heat really slowed me down...not to mention made me feel so freakin uncomfortable.
I suggest running in the early morning before the sun comes up.
Or run indoors on a treadmill!

2. Hydrate, hydrate and then HYDRATE somemore!
- It's humid in this country.
You sweat buckets!!
I'm one of those people who goes out for a half hour run, really sweat it out and come home looking like I've just gone for a swim!
So hydration is important....and since I'm also a "salty-sweater", I retain more water post-run if I consume isotonic drinks. A cheaper and less caloric-filled option is to mix in my water bottle Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) for my fill of electrolytes.

3. Wear sweat-wicking clothings....
- Cotton when drenched in sweat is just plain uncomfortable. It gets soggy and heavy....just awful!!

4. Seek shade
- Running past areas with shading trees are fantastic!!! Wearing a hat helps!!!

5. Sunscreen
- I break this rule most of the time. Thankfully I almost always run before the sun comes up so I feel sort of exempted from this rule!!
But if you insist on running when the sun in high and it's freakin scorching...please wear sunscreen if you don't want to end up with skin cancers or having skin that resembles a vintage leather bag!!

Alrighty....I'll continue to celebrate my Thursday elsewhere!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What?!! It's ONLY Tuesday?!

Yea.....that just dawned on me that for all the trouble I had to go through at work, it is JUST Tuesday and I have another 3 more days of work before hitting the jackpot that is the WEEKEND!!!!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this coming weekend coz I'm heading HOME!!!

And.....I took Monday off!'s another chapter to the 'Save-My-Sanity' campaign that I informally started shortly after I joined forensic psychiatry.
The best part (yeah...there is a BEST part)....I don't have to do clinic next week since Monday I'm not around!!!
(Mondays are my clinic days...)

Anyway.....I'll be running the New Balance 15km this coming Sunday in KL.
Feeling a bit ambivalent about this race.....
Don't really know why.

Still haven't settle the BIM 'half versus full' story yet....(yes yes...I AM pathetic)

Anyhoo....I flipped through the best self-help book there is throughout the history of mankind (ie The Bible) and found this very handy verse:

"We rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope"
Romans 5: 3-4

I know.....kinda sadistic ("Sufferings??!!!") but it really does help in times of ambivalence and uncertainty!!
I'm just not too sure what I'm hoping for.

I'm praying hrad that Friday will roll by ASAP...

Oh yea....I had my very first long run with the running club in Ipoh (the running uncles of KRI) and did 16km....

It was like a tour of Ipoh town in my Brooks running shoes! 
Plus the company of other much cooler can it get?!
I honestly cannot imagine a better way to start a Sunday....

Can't wait to do it again next Sunday.....

.....what's the point of this blog post again??


Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Flight Tickets Are Booked!!!!


I'm done with back and forth pondering if I should even go Kota Kinabalu for the Borneo International Marathon (BIM) on 11th October 2009!!


I've booked the flight tickets and I'm GOING!!!

Right now I'd only have to ponder back and forth whether to run the full or the half....
(yeah....decisions are never easy when it comes to me deciding)

Ok...maybe you guys would have more input regarding my ponderings....
(that is....if someone ACTUALLY reads this!!!)

Initially, I planned to run my very FIRST full marathon in Singapore for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in December.
Then I thought....I'd like to better my time AND run well for a full then.
Which means I'd actually have to run one full BEFORE December.....

Penang Bridge Marathon is just TOO close a date to the Singapore one.....and besides, I've already signed up for the half in Penang!

So BIM is actually a pretty good time to attempt a full...or at least die trying to finish one.
Then try and learn something from whatever failures I might have faced then and try to improve it and run well in Singapore 2 months later...
I don't want to be half dead in Singapore.....(how am I ever gonna go shopping if the race sucked!?)

Sounds like a pretty decent idea to just run the full in BIM right?'s another problem.
My hospital has a sports club (which by the way, after over a year working here, I just found out that it existed) and my hospital director a.k.a. "The Red Turban", wanted more participation into this almost defunct organization and promised to sponsor most of my road races.
Initially, I sent in for approval to get them to sponsor my run in the Half Marathon category....
You know, before I started getting ideas of wanting to run a full before Singapore!!

I then approach "The Red Turban" regarding my plans to run the full.
When he found out that I was gonna be also doing the full in Singapore, he declared that I would not recover in time to run another full within 2 months in Singapore and that I'd be better off sticking to a half.
The club would gladly sponsor the entry fee for the half....NOT the full!
It's not like I'm gonna be running flat-out.....
It's gonna be more, walk, take pictures, check out cute guys, then run somemore!

I should have just told him that I was gonna be running the Penang Bridge Half 2 weeks prior to the Singapore's full to emphasize I wasn't big on recoveries....

I kinda want to run the whole 42.2km in BIM....
I also want to make my application fee into the hospital's sports club will be worth the buck by getting them to sponsor the entry fee for the race....eventhough it's just 21.1km!!!
(I don't really want to pay for my own entry fee for the race.....)

I know.....I'm pathetic!!
Sometimes I feel like I actually ENJOY being in a "dilemma" all the time!

Must be some personality trait.....(Introspection of self sucks!)

Anyway......on a lighter note, I'm planning to take a few days off to be in KK after the race to just bum around on the beach.
It is suppose to help my mental state before heading back to the madhouse!
Why do I get a feeling that I'll soon start pondering on whether or not I need new swimsuit?!
Of course I'll be packing TONS of sunscreen along....
Am trying to make sure the mole on the midsection doesn't become something more sinister!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ambivalence is Suffocating ME!!!!!

I know it's Thursday and it's TIaRT on Runner's Lounge but the topic for this week is 'Running Moms'......
Enough said!
My mom doesn't run....doesn't understand why should anyone of such an evolved species should run and will probably NEVER ever run.
And my nulliparity state leaves me unqualified to comment on this I'm sitting out of it.

Anyway this week has turned out to be pretty "maddening" for me.
I feel like I'm once again at one of those annoying crossroads in life.
I feel like I'm stuck and that I'm not moving forward.
I don't know what the future holds for me and I don't know if I should get out of this mental institution before I start molding!
After many conversations with fellow "crazies"and those of the "non-insane" group, I feel more confused than ever before!!!
I HATE being ambivalent.
I HATE being neither here nor there....
I HATE feeling lost and without direction....and being of the double-x chromosome, I DID stop and ask for directions but everyone has been giving very vague instructions!!!!

Anyhoo....on a better note, all these ambivalence re-enforced my belief that exercise will solve almost every problem!
So I'm running EVERY morning....and swimming almost EVERY evening.
.....who says I'm over-doing it?!

Which leads me to my next frustration.
My apartment in Ipoh has its very own swimming pool.
Y' of those tiny 10m by 5m pools...(it's good enough for me)

Anyway, I've been witnessing these really inconsiderate (and most probably anencephalic) "other pool" users who jump in fully clothed.....and doesn't give two hoots about you!
They will nicely waddle right into your lane and disrupt your swim!
I've tried negotiating the rights of one side of the pool and they'd agree but within 10 minutes re-decided to waddle around all 4 corners of the pool!

People....give Darwin some props....and go EVOLVE into a higher level life form!!!!

Sigh...fine...I can handle the sharing of pool space...
But frolicking and caressing in the pool?
Oh c'mon!!!
I know I'm of legal age but I really don't care much to see public display of "supposedly private" affections when I'm trying to get my second workout of the day!
Can't they just get back to their room and get "jiggy with it" or whatever?!

I know....I'm really antsy at the moment and extremely irritable.
Did I mention that I'm not sleeping well these days?
I automatically awaken at 2 in the morning, then again at 3....then 4 and finally when it's time to wake up at 5am for my run....I can barely lift my finger to hit the snooze button!

My appetite is returning....but it's a little erratic.
Sometimes the early satiety really does catch me off guard...especially when I start thinking that the appetite has gone back to the usual state of functioning.

I'm also starting to wonder if a month of Prozac might help......not a good sign!!!

Also....did I mention I found a suspicious looking mole of irregular border 10 minutes ago while I was changing?!
And  for all places, I found it on my abdomen!!
It's like one of those places that the sun never shines on!!!!
I swear it was not there a month ago.....
Will keep an eye on it and SO gonna check it out if it gets any bigger.....

Sigh......yea.....Prozac sounds pretty good at this moment.
Maybe I'll upgrade to Lexapro instead.....(no...I don't get commission for mentioning these drugs!)

Alright.....will see if the Bible offers any other words of supreme wisdom, then hopefully will sleep well tonight!


Monday, May 4, 2009

I HATE Mondays!!!

*Alarm goes off on my phone at 5am....Snoozed it until 5.15am.

Brain: Oh for crying out loud, Puisan, get outta bed!!!!

Puisan: 5 more minutes....

Brain: C'mon....don't be lazy. You didn't run yesterday!!! Don't make me use the guilt trip on you! Get up right NOW!!!!

Legs: Do we really HAVE to run today?? We're still a little sore....

Puisan: Agree with legs!

Brain: Don't you want to achieve your 60km week this week!? Do you want to feel like shit for the whole day? Don't you know today is Monday and you have a crappy clinic the afternoon ahead? Do you think YOU can face the shitty day ahead without running in the morning??!!!

Puisan: Fine!!! Rolling out of bed right now.....sheesh!

*Washed up...changed into running feet into running the car keys and sulkily walked to the car park to get car (I live in an apartment).....and as I was getting into the car, it started to rain lightly.

Puisan:'s raining....

Brain: Don't you even think about it. You can always run in the rain. You ENJOY running in the rain....remember?

Puisan:'s raining and it's 5.30am!!!!

Legs: Exactly! She'll probably get a flu and everyone will say she got infected with A(H1N1) and she'll be quarantined for a week!!!

Puisan: ....actually that sounds like a pretty good idea to get 1 week off work!!!

Brain: That is not a good enough reason to not run, guys!!! And Puisan, you don't get sick easily!!

Puisan: But due to the recent lack of sleep and stress at work, I MIGHT!!!!

Legs: Frankly, I'm still sore.....oh c'mon, it's raining and heading back to bed sounds like a darn good idea!!!

Brain: You guys are such whinies!!!

Legs: You're NOT the one doing the work ok....I don't see you getting muscle cramps and getting fatigue!!

Puisan: ....let's not argue. We're at the carpark, it's 5.30am and it's raining.....

Legs: But we really need rest! We can always run in the afternoon when we feel better. Or we can swim and take some load off us!

Puisan: Hmmm......swimming sounds good as well....

Brain: FINE!!!! Head back to bed!!!! Go get another hour of sleep!!!! Don't say I did not try to get you guys to run this morning!!!! You two are impossible!!!!

Puisan & Legs: YAY!!!!!

*Turns around and head back up to bed for another hour of precious sleep.
Then it started to really pour!!!! Gosh I LOVE the rain!

Luckily this Monday wasn't that bad....and I got to swim after work.
......but I still HATE Mondays!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

TIaRT - Time & Balance

Yes I know it's already Saturday and it's a wee bit late to post up my TIaRT but I figured I'd do it anyway since I didn't post it last week (I blame the crappy content) and will not be posting up next week (next week's topic is running moms....figures, rite)

The topic for this week is TIME and BALANCE.....
To be honest, I think I'm not one that is qualified to comment on this topic.


Because I ALWAYS make TIME to run.
It is important to me.....makes me feel a tad more "normal" after running.
I drag myself out of bed at ungodly hours every morning to make sure I have at least 40 minutes to run (at LEAST!!!)....non of my friends understand why I "deprive" myself of sleep to do something as "un-fun" as running especially at that time of the day!
But all I know is that it's my little escape from the trudges of "every-day" and prepares me mentally for the shiteous things that I'd be facing at work.

And I really recommend running first thing in the morning (no matter how tempting staying under the blanky feels at that moment) because (for me) it takes the "burden" of needing to run after work away.....of course running after work is also plausible (if the weather is running-friendly) but it's not necessary, since I've already run AM, thus I don't feel obligated to get my run-ins PM......especially if there are other pressing matters to do right after work...(you never know!!! Life alway throws a curveball from time to time)

I'm the type of person who likes to do things a bit...err....extreme.
When I like doing something, I'd do it everyday and for as long as I can....(it's the same with food for me....went through the tofu phase, edamame phase, cornflake phase etc)
I want to run everyday.
I want to run at least 6km....preferably a minimum of 10km per run.
I want to get my high.
I want to not have a lapse in my running.
I want it...I crave it...I NEED it!!!
So what if my feet what I just raced the day before.....SO WHAT??!!

And because at this stage of my life, I'm without any commitments holding me down....I'm living away from home (not that it matters, mom and dad don't really care about my running even if I'm at home) work doesn't take up as much extra time like it did 2 years ago.....I can put in as much energy and time into my running as I want! (jealous?)

Yea yea...I know I can't keep this up in years to come when my responsibilities in life increases and I have a 101 more pressing matters to see to and running will take a back seat....sigh.
But at this moment I do enjoy the luxury of having the time and given priority to run.

I can be a very self-motivating person!!!!
(who says I'm obsessed!?)


p/s: why do I get this nagging feeling that I went off tangent on the topic AGAIN!??