Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Running Ground

Gosh it has been a while since I last ran in Polo Ground.....come to think of it I think the last time I did my half hearted 5km run was early last week (had a bad running week...don't ask!).
Since then have been doing my runnings at Hospital Bahagia grounds......did i mention it was a lovely place to run? 

I should really pick up my pace or else I will never make decent time for the Mizuno Wave race next month! Argh!!!! I know I'll be freakin disappointed if I don't make the 10km in less than an hour!
Anyway my Nike Air Structure Triax 11 (which is 12 weeks old and counting) is starting to soften up......cause initially when I started running in it, it was such a stiff and firm shoe! I HAVE FINALLY BROKEN IT IN! (after 3 races and countless miles on it!)
Now I need to break in my Brooks Axiom (4 weeks old and counting).

I think the only downside of running on Bahagia grounds (besides the fact that it is THE Hospital Bahagia) is that I can't run with my iPod! 
Oh i really miss my iPod and my playlist! (kinda need to hear ambulans/motorbikes/cars/weirdos coming up behind you)

I should make one run at Polo ground this weekend......i mean afterall, what is there to do in Ipoh (aka HB2) on weekends (especially Raya monster weekend!) where the roads will be packed and the 2 respectable shopping centres here are crammed full of patrons.

Oh speaking of shopping centres.....i suddenly feel like getting new shoes!!!! yea....should really go back to running in Asics......yup......i think i might just go get myself a pair of Asics GT 2130 for Christmas. Or maybe I'll just pretend Christmas came early and go get 'em when I head back to KL in 2 weeks time......gosh I get so happy just thinking of new shoes (I know....I really am that pathetic at times....and my attention span is bloody short!)

Oh manage to take a few photos with my phone during my run today (not really good quality though....what do you expect...it's still mainly a PHONE):

Hmmm.....I could go google for a picture of the shoe I want and upload it onto the blog...but that would really be pathetic of me.....so will spare myself the self-humiliation!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

change of direction...

Considering it has been quite a while since my last update of this blog with utter nonsense (which was the whole reason why this blog was set up in the first place...so i can share my nonsense with the world), I've decided to re-direct this blog onto something more sensical.

From now onwards, I'll bore everyone out there in cyberspace with postings about my RUNNING!!!!! (my current little obsession) YippEEE!!!!!

Let's go back right to the start of my RUNNING adventure.
Let's see.....I think to be fair, I should start by giving a lot of credit to Ipoh Polo running ground for my new found obsession. (every obsession needs an initiating time and place!!)
Was transfered to, what shall be known on today onwards on this blog as Home Base no. 2 (or HB2) aka Ipoh, in June 2006 ( I can't believe i still remember the date) due to work obligations. Work was busy as hell.....(sometimes i doubt hell was ever as busy as this!) and things only got better (leisure time wise) from June 2007 onwards. 
I made a "pilgramage" to Melbourne, Australia and due to the lack of funds to buy warmer clothings (it was winter in June 2007, you see), yours truly took up running every morning while she was there to generate enough body heat to stay warm! (also really need a darn good reason to jump into the cold shower)
After returning to Home Base no. 1 (HB1) aka PJ, I resolved to continue my running! (to be fair....it was a lot of slow shuffling down the road with plenty of walking intervals!)
So when back at HB2, I took to Polo Ground almost every evening after work (work was a lot better the subsequent year!!!) and eventually was able to make moderate running effort of 4-5 rounds (1 round, i was told, equals to 1.3km).

Somehow along the way, made friends with one of the running uncles (running uncles are an admirable lot....they run a whole lot FASTER than you, look a whole lot FITTER than you and all in all, a whole lot BETTER than you.....definitely a force to be reckon with!).
Anyway...running uncle no. 1 (aka Frank) somehow convinced me to join their little running club which, by the way, i have to pay and then they give you a membership card (which they spelt my name WRONGLY...) and give you a pretty cool yellow technical running t-shirt. 
Oh yea....they also like...organise group runnings and gatherings and stuff which I NEVER join. (i still can't figure out why i joined the club in the first place....i reckon i'm like the phantom member.....)

Anyway...(i always get sidetracked....bad habit of mine)....Frank suggested that I up my running to 8 rounds which is equivalent to 10.4km.....(there was a formula to it but i'm afraid i may get WAY off track...) and one day i find myself running 10k every other day!!!! Woohooo!!!!!

Then comes 7th July 2008....the inaugural Ipoh International Half Marathon where I eagerly signed up for the 1ok race (my official first, but unofficial 2nd 10k run.....long story la..) and manage to persuade a couple of my friends to run with me! 
In a nutshell, race was great, got a medal, have NO idea what my finishing time was but finished within time limit, got my certification of participation....(did i mention i was 35th in my division??!!!).....and somehow started my overly eager participation into road races!

Following the 10k at HB2, chalked up few more 10k's with dates, location and finishing time as follows: 10th August 2008: Shah Alam KOTR: 57min 12sex
               24th August 2008: Shape run KL: no official timing (self timed less than 1 hour)
               31th August 2008: Nike Humanrace Singapore: 1hr 4min (very narrow route, 11 
                                                                                                                       thousand runners..go figure)

My next 10k will be on 19th October 2008: Mizuno Wave Run KL. (don't remind me...regretting signing up for it coz all a sudden i really wanna run the Klang 12k on 12th October 2008...regret regret regret!)

Recently, I have this sudden dislike for the Polo Ground...dunno why.....can't quite explain.....
So i've taken to running in Hospital Bahagia grounds.....lovely place!!
Vast landscape, mountains on the horizon, lonely path......most of the time you're the only idiot running there (makes you ponder upon ur own sanity!)
But I LOVE the solidarity.......
Your legs are moving in rhythm, wind blows through your hair, sun shining down onto your face.....all you hear are the birds, the wind, your own footsteps.....and the occasional motorbike or hospital van zooming past you. Who needs iPod when you run in Bahagia?!
What is NOT to love about running here?! (of course there is the matter of their in-patients...... the reported ghost that haunts the forensic block, couple of stray dogs here and there..... but seriously....let's FOCUS on the good stuff!)

As for the near future.....and besides the Mizuno wave run (regret...regret...regret), there's the matter of the Penang Bridge Marathon which I've signed up for the 25km run (OMG I'm not ready for that sort of long distance).....and the Singapore Marathon (ditto half marathon, looking forward to ogling at cute male runners that I don't mind running slowly and way back!). 
Oh yea......speaking of up and coming road races, just the other day when I was at the polo ground (i'm alternating between running Bahagia and PG), Running Uncle Frank caught up to me (which is really easy for him to do so coz he's like the wind!) and informed me that the club (oh yea...i am a member rite....) is hosting the KRI (www.ipohroadrunners.org) 12.8km race on 30th November 2008. The race site is Sri Botani (i have NO idea where this place is). Tempting. Must jot it on my white board at work and ponder whether to join or not to join (and to pester my couple of friends to run with me on that race as well).

okies....that just as much summarizes my "running" obsession up until present time. 
i SWEAR on my new Brooks Axiom running shoes that I will keep blogging this blog! 

'To Give Anything Less Than Your Best is to Sacrifice The Gift' - Steve Prefontaine (RIP)
(i didn't make the above statement up....it's printed on my 12.8km race entry form!)