Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Oh for heaven's sake! Why on earth is everyone so bloody fixated on the whole Anwar case!? Does it not seem like a dejavu??!!!!!
I mean i'm so SICK of reading it in the newspapers...listening to it on the radio....watching it on the news every single day!!! (there's only 24 hours in a day....we SHOULD be doing something a bit more productive than tuning in on the latest!)
Honestly....why does anyone find this interesting (besides the fact that ALL our politicians are a bunch of graduates from the university of clown) and why does it have to be such a big deal to begin with?
So yea...the guy sodomise another guy. Big deal. It's about time everyone get on the wagon of other MORE interesting news!!! C'mon.....the world is so much bigger than you'd think and i bet there are more relevent and interesting news to be focusing on. Why not report on the debilitating state of our environment....human rights violation.....GENERAL injustice everywhere!? (Gosh....isn't that a heck lot more palatable?!)
And c'mon....if a guy wants to sodomise....can't we just let him be!? ( think the other party didn't enjoy himself?)
And lets not bring the whole issue of religion into this argument because we might as well just lock up all those who masturbate coz it's "abnormal".......and half the Malaysian population would be in detention by now!
Jeez....can't we just stop making fools and laughing stocks out of ourselves?

Oh yea....definitely....Malaysia Boleh!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Neurotic vs. Psychotic

Which would you prefer?? I've asked a couple of people which would they prefer to be...neurotic or psychotic. The answer was unanimous.....they rather be neurotic (i figured at least half of them were being truthful....they were neurotics!). They rather be sane as everyone else around them and ruminate on their so-called "problems" over and over in their head.....i mean a lot of people do this on a daily basis that it almost seem.....normal.

But what's wrong with being psychotic?
What is wrong is nursing one's own delusion? Why is it wrong to let go of sanity? 
Why is it so important to stay sane in today's world? 
Didn't someone once said that there is a fine line between the sane and the insane??!! (but that is besides the point)

I think it is so much better to be psychotic than to be neurotic!
Ponder is so stressful to be neurotic......I have a friend who goes on and on about her supposed hair loss which by the way is of equivalence in importance as the end of the her anyway. Imagine all those precious neurones wasting away "pondering" at such "important" issues!!!!!
Why not choose to be psychotic? I can be forever eighteen years of age and tomorrow morning when i wake up, i shall be the queen of Brazil, ruling with an iron fist with my imagenary dog named Doji Yamauchi.....(yes i do nurse my own delusion to a certain extent)...and be happy with life. 

That's how i find my patients to be. The crazy ones are always happier (unless the theme of delusion is paranoia) than the neurosis-filled depressed ones. 
Which is why i'd choose psychosis over neurosis any day!!!

On a different end of things.....
Have anyone ever heard of this singer named Sam Sparro??
Anyway you should give his songs a go...they are pretty good. 
Oh and not forgetting this band called Vampire Weekend. Real fun stuff!!!

All Hail!!!!

The extent one will go to leave a piece of oneself on the glorious world wide web! Yes, consider this my 2nd attempt to get my piece of mind be known to every living citizen of the world connected to the internet (nevermind that i've forgotten how to get into my first blog....not that many people were reading it to begin with!). 

But to be fair to my first blog, i doubt many people will be reading this blog anyway, which in a very odd way makes me feel slightly better about having a blog. Now i can write any bullshit i want for the fun of it without any retributions!!!! (not that i'm full of bullshit or anything.....sometimes a girl just need to get certain stuff off her mind)

Oh mind just went blank. Oh well...ALL HAIL PEE-ASS.COM!!!!!!